Dog & Breed Record Holder

Ch Ridanflight Ricardo


Bitch Record Holder

Ch Drakesleat Scent Sybil




Alncroft Over the Moon Drakesleat

Andyc Copper Topper

Andyc Dolly Rocker

Andyc Honeypot

Andyc Kind A Smart

Andyc Miss Topper

Andyc Tansy

Andyc Topper

Annsford Just Joey

Arf n Arf Drakesleat

Axters Bindaree Von Kotch




Bankonit from Andyc

Barkesvale Digger

Barkesvale Zebedee

Barratini Bumble at Ashridge

Barratini Hot Gossip

Barratini Teddy Boy at Lokmadi

Bassodon Bilbie

Bassodon Dita Von Teese

Bassodon Westwood

Beckel Blueprint

Beckel Bountiful for Ridgegrove

Beckel Penthouse Babe

Bimini Blue Moon

Bimini Starstruck

Black Magic of Wirehall

Black Zander of Stargang

Bluefelt Honeysuckle of Darleston

Bothlyn Black Rose

Bothlyn Blue Grass

Bothlyn Blue Print

Bothlyn Bookmaster

Bothlyn Brigadoon

Bothlyn Master Craftsman

Bothlyn Penny Black

Brackenacre Sebastion

Brenkhill Honeyboy

Bretarah Tuesday

Brindeckel Ballykay

Brown Sugar of Sillwood

Bryn of Paxford




Cannobio Teddy Bear

Cannobio Wednesdays Child of Wimoway

Cannobio Windfall

Cannobio Winnie Womble

Chater Celebrity

Chater Copyright

Coobeg Ballyteckel Walt Weevil

Coobeg Punch

Cotherstone Chipmonk

Cotherstone Kings Ransom

Cratloe Double Topping

Culdees Empress Eugene

Cumtru Harvest Moon

Curtisey Boogy Woogy




Dalegarth Briar

Dalegarth Buzby

Dalegarth Jus William

Dalegarth Maybee

Dalegarth Rag Doll

Dalegarth Ragamuffin

Dalegarth Ruff n Tumble

Dalegarth Ruffian

Daxene Black Unity

Daxene Red Arkle

Daxene Silver Dawn

Daxene Yewenda

Deavlin Double Take

Dee Dee with Dunns Pitts

Deepdax Credit Crunch

Deepdax Overdraft Too Far Emem

Deerdax Bumble Bee

Definitely Drakesleat

Dekobras Holly Drakesleat

Dianamo Doughnut

Dianamo Paddina

Dianamo the Chief

Dixies Bunting of Dalegarth

Doctrinair of Cumtru

Dowrich Durnit

Drakesleat Ai Jail

Drakesleat Ai Jinks

Drakesleat Ai Say

Drakesleat Ai See

Drakesleat Alo Alo

Drakesleat Art Frob

Drakesleat Black Marks

Drakesleat Caseys Court

Drakesleat Cheez Doff

Drakesleat Chit Chat

Drakesleat Dire Straits of Shallmoor

Drakesleat Easy Come

Drakesleat Ere Ere

Drakesleat Ere Say

Drakesleat Ethics Girl

Drakesleat Evan Sent

Drakesleat Eve Ningall

Drakesleat Fairy Nuff

Drakesleat Fifty Scents

Drakesleat Fingers Xrossed

Drakesleat Frankly My Dear

Drakesleat Fred Bare at Rabymere

Drakesleat Free Fer All

Drakesleat Gadzooks

Drakesleat Good Grief

Drakesleat Guilty Me Lud

Drakesleat Hobs Tickle

Drakesleat Honour Roll

Drakesleat Hostile Takeova

Drakesleat Hups n Downs

Drakesleat Hussy

Drakesleat If Looks Cud Kill

Drakesleat Ivor Notion

Drakesleat I Rest My Case Rabymere

Drakesleat Joint Effort

Drakesleat JP Baro Trier Imp

Drakesleat JP Jest Dis Once Imp

Drakesleat JP Once in a Blue Moon Imp

Drakesleat JP Trier Winshoten Imp

Drakesleat Jus As Easy

Drakesleat Jus Dis Wun

Drakesleat Kalamity Kate

Drakesleat Klose Encounter

Drakesleat Klunk Klick of Andyc

Drakesleat Knot Likely

Drakesleat Knot on Your Nelly

Drakesleat Komma

Drakesleat Lissen Ere

Drakesleat Lucy Fer

Drakesleat Lettuce Inn

Drakesleat Lettuce Owt

Drakesleat Lettuce Pray

Drakesleat Maggot Fatcher

Drakesleat Mandy Pumps

Drakesleat Mass Wisteria

Drakesleat May Contain Nuts

Drakesleat Miss Alliance of Brackenacre

Drakesleat Miss Suebishey

Drakesleat Molly Flour

Drakesleat Mrs Shilling at Jiljac

Drakesleat Nip Pon Tuck

Drakesleat Noddy Doff

Drakesleat No Stone Unturn'd

Drakeselat Ober Jean at Bronia

Drakesleat Odds Against

Drakesleat Okey Dokey

Drakesleat On the Nod

Drakesleat Ott Favourite

Drakesleat Otto Bahn

Drakesleat Ottoff the Press

Drakesleat Otton the Scent

Drakesleat Prim N Proper for Alncroft

Drakesleat Prints Fillup

Drakesleat Rags T Riches

Drakesleat Riff Raff

Drakesleat Ris Otto

Drakesleat Rolling Stone

Drakesleat Rough Stuff

Drakesleat Rupee Wax

Drakesleat Russell Sprout

Drakesleat Sally Forf

Drakesleat Sat Sumo

Drakesleat Scandel Monger

Drakesleat Scarlet Woman

Drakesleat Scent Sybil

Drakesleat Simon Parsnip

Drakesleat Spaghetti Junct

Drakesleat Speak Easy

Drakesleat Stitch in Time

Drakesleat Surely You Jest

Drakesleat Take the Rap

Drakesleat Talk Over

Drakesleat Tea Leaf

Drakesleat Tear Away at Rabymere

Drakesleat Ten to One

Drakesleat Tennis Ealey

Drakesleat Too Gud to be True

Drakesleat Toot Sweet

Drakesleat Trial N Error for Siouxline

Drakesleat Trix of the Trade

Drakesleat Vince Sogan

Drakesleat Vincent Van Goff

Drakesleat Von Der Full

Drakesleat Voo Lay Voo

Drakesleat Why Knot

Drakesleat Win A Lot

Drakesleat Win Da Mere

Drakesleat Win'er Takes All to Swansford

Drakesleat Winsum Losesum

Drakesleat Win Tin Tin

Drakesleat Yer I Be

Drakesleat Yogie Bear

Dunnspitts Kwite Kute Drakesleat




Elnside Ladykiller

Emem Candy Sunshine

Emem Constance Sunshine

Emem Gloria Sunshine

Emem Summer Sunshine

Emem Milkshake for Afterglow

Emem Mindyer Manners

Emem Mindyer Own Bizniz

Emem Mumbo Jumbo

Emem Nipper in the Air

Emem Stormin Norman

Emem Wind in the Willows




Fallowmill Back and Fetch

Fieldhill Martie

Fighting Chance at Bothlyn

Flaunden My Whippy

Flaunden the Whitehouse

Flaunden Wentworth

Flaunden What Not

Flaunden Wimpole Street

Foxearth Fat Chance

Foxearth Fatma Salkan

Foxearth Fennel Flower

Foxearth Fiddler on the Roof

Foxearth Foto Copy

Foxearth Fresh as a Daisy

Foxearth Fusileer of Drakesleat

Freckle-Face Kind of Blue

Freecloud Mums the Word

Free Degrees of Drakesleat

Full Stop at Drakesleat




Gisbourne Little Lotus

Gisbourne Lotus Blossom

Gisbourne Petite Point

Gisbourne Polka Dot

Glenjay Sidge of Wirehall

Gold Bracken of Granta

Gold Ilex of Granta

Grunwald Guyler

Guinness of Drakesleat

Gwyn of Paxford




Hansel of Tornquist

Helydon Fabulous Freya

Helydon Laird Loki

Hilmar Abracadabra of Bronia

Hudgemoor Mrs Tittlemouse of Drakesleat


Jack the Ripper of Drakesleat

Jane of Sillwood

Jarthley Secret Weapon

Jenways Appy Nu Year

Jenways Lucky Dip




Kanix Audrey

Kanix Duncan

Kanix Hilda at Stargang

Kanix Hugo at Stargang

Kanix Kalinka

Kanix Keith

Kanix Mary

Kanix Oscar

Kelvindeugh Lauder Likely

Kiss Me Kate at Bothlyn




Larklinns Leading Lady

Longbraes Danny Boy af Andyc

Lordscairnie Love Life

Loretto April Luv

Loretto Daniels Dram

Loretto Fred Flintstone

Loretto Its My Bizniz

Loretto Marching Orders

Loretto Not to Knight

Loretto Touch n go

Lovells Lancelot of Andyc

Lovells Larkabout at Andyc

Ludworth Easter Snow

Ludworth Easter Topping




Marthels Silver Fir Stargang

Marthels Thistle Do Stargang

Menwinnion Golden Rod

Minibeeze Moonlight Flit

Molloney and Verrami

MolloneyJustoldme Close

Molloney Kiss Me Quick

Molloney Zena Ghost JW ShCM

Monteagle Ha Porth

Moonshe Close Contact

Mouricia Beat the Rap

Mouricia Monte Python




Okay of Seale

Omah of Seale

Oneva Argy Bargy

Orkneyinga Nerrina

Orkneyinga Nutshell

Orkneyinga Red Gaunlet

Orkneyinga Vottr

Oysterville Cosy Rosie





Queenlord Skinny Love


Pamplona Top Gun at Nordach

Pellismer Deal to Win Drakesleat

Percy Vere of Drakesleat

Peredur Pimento

Peredur Sam Gamgee

Peredur Sinful Skinful

Peredur Springtime

Peredur Wee Taffy of Paxford

Peredur Wicked Wangler

Petite Poupee of Kavmar

Porthurst Billie Jean




Rabymere Could Be Lucky

Rabymere Pooh Bear

Rabymere Francs A Lot

Rag Doll of Ridgegrove

Ragged Robin of Dalegarth

Redenhall Black Clasp

Rednehall Silver Mint

Redenhall Yewberry

Ridanflight Ricardo

Ridgegrove Bertie Wooster to Loretto

Ridgegrove Crystal Doll

Ridgegrove Cut n Deal

Ridgegrove Diamond Doll

Ridgegrove Drummer Boy

Ridgegrove Kew Pie Doll

Ridgegrove Satin Doll

Rigol Phantom Phoebe

Rigol Willy Dhu

Rioban Felt Finnish for Kmai

Rosara Black Knight at Bothlyn

Russteck Fillibeg

Russteck I Dreamed a Dream

Russteck So Fair a Dream

Russteck the Bruce




Samlane Ariadne

Samlane Zingaro for Metcroft

Scotmariner Sea Trader

Selwood Dittany

Selwood Marguerite

Selwood Poinsettia

Shardagang Blue Genes

Shardagang Diamonique

Shadagang Ebony Tears

Shardagang Masterplan at Bothlyn

Shardagang Oasis

Shardagang Prismatic

Shardagang Silver Bells

Shardagang Water Wings

Sharmit Moonlisa

Sharmit Moonraker

Sidelock Do I Look Bovvered

Sidelock Formula One

Silvae Adams Apple

Silvae Bulmer

Silvae Cider

Silvae Crackermouse

Silvae Crazymouse

Silvae Enormouse

Silvae Handymouse

Silvae Idared

Silvae Notamouse

Silvae Rubbermouse

Silvae Scrumpy

Silvae the Mouse

Silvae Tuftymouse

Soletrader Dennis the Menance

Stargang Badger

Stargang Beaver

Stargang Beau Belle

Stargang Black Mink

Stargang Black Narcissus

Stargang Bramble

Stargang Catch the Rainbow

Stargang Coffee Renoir

Stargang Crusoe

Stargang Compania Faberge

Stargang Czarina

Stargang Diamond Star

Stargang Haywire

Stargang Karaoke Queen

Stargang Kasino Kween

Stargang Koala

Stargang Lady Gaga

Stargang Madam Butterfly

Stargang Magical Finnish at Kanix

Stargang Malachite

Stargang Mickey Finn

Stargang Moll Flanders

Stargang Moonshine

Stargang Mystical Finnish

Stargang One n Only

Stargang Picket Line at Kanix

Stargang Pick Pocket

Stargang Teaze and Tickle

Stargang Vixen of Sutina

Stargang Walking on Sunshine

Stargang Water Buck

Stargang Water Chrystal

Stargang Xcaliber at Kanix

Stargang Xquisite

Starhill Lady of the Lake at Drakesleat

Stormerbanks Bandal

Sutina Barclay Charm

Sutina Jasper at Jarthley

Sutina Laura Lapis

Sutina Solitaire

Sutina Trinket




Tanglewood This Is Me

Tarchul Trivial Pursuit

Taree Monserrat

Teak of Granta

Terripixa Drakesleat




Verrami Brown Doff

Verrami Burn Toffring Drakesleat

Verrami Domestic Goddess

Verrami En Trac

Verrami Evan Elpus

Verrami Guess What

Verrami Vera Right

Vienda Live Wire

Vienda Queen Bee

Vienda Shining Star




Waldmeister Aldo JW

Waldmeister Henry JW

Waldmeister Johnson JW

Waldmeister Meadow JW

Waldmeister Mischka JW

Waldmeister Steffi JW

Wandleston Lulu

Welcumen Jeremy

Welcumen Topspin

Wentwood Free n Easy at Dunnspitt

Wentwood Mr Twist

Wildstar Wedgewood

Wimoway Why I Man

Wirehall Hurricane Holly

Wirehall Oaksey Lady

Witch Doctor of Cumtru

Wroxley Arjo


Yankee Doodle of Cumtru