Pedigree of Champion Drakesleat Prints Fillup

Born 07/01/1997
Sex Dog
Colour Grey Brindle
Breeder Mrs Z Thorn Andrews
Owned By Mr J Horswell


Foxearth Freemason of Drakesleat Foxearth Bysen Rovarson (Imp. Sweden) Framnasgardens CD Latjo
Giss Snurran (Imp. Sweden)
Foxearth Flibberigibbet CH Guinness of Drakesleat
Foxearth Free Speech
CH Drakesleat Fairy Nuff CH & AM CH Drakesleat Tennis Ealey CH & AM CH Drakesleat Talk Over
CH Drakesleat Ere Ere
CH Drakesleat Ere Say CH Foxearth Fusileer of Drakesleat
CH Drakesleat Lissen Ere