Pedigree of Champion Drakesleat Fred Bare at Rabymere

Born 12/07/1996
Sex Dog
Colour Brindle
Breeder Mrs Z Thorn Andrews
Owned By Mrs J Mueller


CH & AM CH Drakesleat Hobs Tickle CH & AM CH Drakesleat Tennis Ealey CH & AM CH Drakesleat Talk Over
CH Drakesleat Ere Ere
CH Drakesleat Mandy Pumps CH & AUS CH Drakesleat Gadzooks
CH Drakesleat Ai See
Hudgemoor Free Coins Drakesleat Foxearth Freemason of Drakesleat Foxearth Bysen Rovarson
Foxearth Flibbertigibbet
CH Hudgemoor Mrs Tittlemouse of  Drakesleat


CH Foxearth Fusileer of Drakesleat
Hudgemoor Stuff n Nonsense