Pedigree of  Champion Alncroft Over the Moon Drakesleat

Born 01/07/2016
Sex Dog
Colour Brindle
Breeder Mrs K Smith
Owned By

Mrs Z Thorn Andrews


CH Drakesleat JP Once in a Blue Moon (Imp Jpn) CH Drakesleat JP Jest Dis Once (Imp JPN) CH Drakesleat Surely You Jest
JAP CH Drakesleat JP Simon Holly
Laughable Rock Jp Trier Minimi CH Drakesleat Jp Baro Trier (Imp JPN)
Drakesleat Jp Win Sheer Magic
Drakesleat Round N'Round CH Bassodon Bilbie Ch Drakesleat Otto Bahn
Bassodon Beato Te
Drakesleat Russia Round Ch Drakesleat Humprey Gocart
Drakesleat Sue She