Pedigree of Champion Drakesleat Voo Lay Voo

Born 20/04/2005
Sex Bitch
Colour Wild Boar
Breeder Mrs Z Thorn Andrews
Owned By  Mr J Horswell

Notable Wins

Bitch CC from Junior Dachs C of Wales 07

Reserve CC South Wales KA 07

Reserve CC Leeds 07

Reserve CC Wire Club 07

Reserve CC Great Joint Dachshund Club 07

Reserve CC LKA 07

Bitch CC 3 Counties 2008

Reserve CC Dachshund Club 2008

Reserve CC Birmingham City 2008

CC Great Joint Dachshund Club 2008

Ch Drakesleat Ris Otto Ch Drakesleat Fred Bare at Rabymere Ch /Am Ch Drakesleat Hobs Tickle
Hudgemoor Free Coins Drakesleat
Ch Free Degrees of Drakesleat Foxearth Freemason of Drakesleat
Ch Hudgemoor Mrs Tittlemouse of Drakesleat
Drakesleat See Voo Play Ch Drakesleat Simon Parsnip Ch / Am Ch Drakesleat Hobs Tickle
Drakesleat Feff Wintafield
Ch Drakesleat Toot Sweet Ch / Am Ch Drakesleat Tennis 'Ealey
Ch Drakesleat 'Ere Say