The Ladies Kennel Association 2019

Dachshund (Wire-haired)

Judge: Miss Lauren Armstrong (Lauralee)


BEST OF BREED : 1772 MCCALMONT Mr & Mrs D & K Ch Silvae Trademark & Hound Group 1
Dog CC : 1738 ADAMS Mrs L Ch Wyldetarn Shoot From The Hip JW
Res Dog CC : 1770 MCCALMONT Mr & Mrs D & K Ch Silvae Trader
Bitch CC : 1772 MCCALMONT Mr & Mrs D & K Ch Silvae Trademark
Res Bitch CC : 1780 PHILLIPS Mrs V Tendrow Turns The Right Page
Best Puppy : 1740 BINKS Miss A Tannahill Day Dreamer
Best Veteran :

Class 637 MPD (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 1797 VINE Mrs R M Seton Hacking Jacket at Cishelvine NAF TAF
2nd: 1763 HOWE Miss E Bramalodge Blue Monday
3rd: 1742 BROOKES, Mrs J & BROOKES Miss V Elderkine Simply Red At Tenbrooksher

Class 638 PD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1768 MATTHEWS Mrs A D Stanegate Billy The Kid
2nd: 1799 WEATHERER Miss A D Salixian Baccarat To Itsuitzuz
3rd: 1760 GRAHAM Mrs J A & Mr A Stanegate Shot In The Dark
Res: 1763 HOWE Miss E Bramalodge Blue Monday

Class 639 JD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1781 PHIPPS Mrs J M Grande Raven At Tufterslodge
2nd: 1768 MATTHEWS Mrs A D Stanegate Billy The Kid
3rd: 1785 ROWE Mrs J Boloria's Aramis
Res: 1778 OSBOURNE Mr P W Derochaise Vincenzo Di Braego

Class 640 PGD (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1779 PHILLIPS Mrs V Royal Pepper's Vice Versa (Fin Imp)
2nd: 1773 MCPHERSON, Mr S A & PATERSON Mr P C Brumberhill Mr Wilks JW
3rd: 1783 PILE Mrs L Brynovation Prinz At Moleschamber
Res: 1790 SWEENEY Mrs G A Sunsong Almond Biscotti
VHC: 1756 FRAMPTON Mrs J V Weinacht Larch At Drakkina

Class 641 LD (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 1737 ADAMS Mrs L Tecklegarth Gatling JW
2nd: 1748 CHAMBERS Miss C J Cishelvine Just A Kiss With Hototo
3rd: 1775 MOORE Mr W I Cloudside Picasso
Res: 1776 NORMAN Miss C Silvae Trade Name
VHC: 1739 BINKS Miss A Tannahill Oslo

Class 642 OD (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 1738 ADAMS Mrs L Ch Wyldetarn Shoot From The Hip JW
2nd: 1770 MCCALMONT Mr & Mrs D & K Ch Silvae Trader
3rd: 1791 VIG Mr B Q-rrens-dax Enzo Topazo
Res: 1794 VINE Mrs R M Derochaise Justified for Cishelvine
VHC: 1777 NORMAN Miss C Silvae Klansman



Class 645 MPB (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 1740 BINKS Miss A Tannahill Day Dreamer
2nd: 1749 ARTHURS Mr & Mrs A Elderkine Rumours
3rd: 1769 MATTHEWS Mrs A D Wyenot Come Fly With Me
Res: 1757 FRAMPTON Mrs J V Bramalodge Babooshka

Class 646 PB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1746 CARRUTHERS Mrs J Stanegate Calamity Jane
2nd: 1774 MCPHERSON, Mr S A & PATERSON Mr P C Brumberhill Biscotti (A.i.)
3rd: 1745 BYE Mr A Tendrow More Magic
Res: 1769 MATTHEWS Mrs A D Wyenot Come Fly With Me
VHC: 1754 ELDRED Miss S A E Derdledash Moon Beam

Class 647 JB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1780 PHILLIPS Mrs V Tendrow Turns The Right Page
2nd: 1787 ROWE, Mrs J & ROWE Miss R Boloria's Miss Dior
3rd: 1755 FITZGERALD Mr S & Mrs N Fowlerheight Moonshine at Harlilsun
Res: 1758 GIBSON Miss C P Allfreys Matilda

Class 648 PGB (6 Entries) Abs: 4
1st: 1751 CLAYTON-SMITH Mrs S J Cairparavel Lilac Wine
2nd: 1792 VINE Mrs R Cishelvine Kiss Me Quick

Class 649 LB (7 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 1747 CARRUTHERS Mrs J Stanegate Catherine Wheel
2nd: 1784 PRIOR COOPER Mrs A J Silvae Keynote
3rd: 1750 ARTHURS Mr & Mrs A Tendrow I Am Legend With Elderkine
Res: 1752 CLAYTON-SMITH Mrs S J Cairparavel Kiss From A Rose Jw

Class 650 OB (8 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 1772 MCCALMONT Mr & Mrs D & K Ch Silvae Trademark
2nd: 1788 SEATH Mrs S Ch Sunsong Keep A Promise
3rd: 1767 HOWLETT , Miss R & PROWTING Mr M Boloria's Arabella
Res: 1786 ROWE Miss R Boloria's Trick Or Treat JW
VHC: 1759 GIBSON Miss C P Allfreys Helena


Class 652 GCB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

Enjoyed my first time awarding CC’s in this charming breed, super temperaments through all the classes, and I thought the quality of my principle winners was top drawer! Delighted to see my BOB   topping the Hound Group on the day. 

MPD (3, 1) 1 Vine’s Seton Hacking Jacket At Cishelvine NAF TAF. A young red male with dark pigment,  good topline and ribs, his sound movement and rear angulation won him the class. 2 Howe’s Bramalodge Blue Monday. Nice head and length of muzzle, dark eyes, good harsh coat, needs time to mature, still very raw. 3 Brookes & Brookes’ Elderkine Simply Red At Tenbrooksher. 

PD (4) 1 Matthews’ Stanegate Billy The Kid. Won this class on the move, nicely balanced dog and pleasing head, strong topline that he held on the move. 2 Weatherer’s Salixian Baccarat To Itsuitzuz. When examined on the table this puppy is so well put together with good layback of shoulder and length of upper arm super ribcage, level topline and well angulated rear angulation, not the head of my winner  stop a little too prominent for my liking. 3 Graham’s Stanegate Shot In The Dark. 

JD (4) 1 Phipps’ Grande Raven At Tufterslodge. Very smart masculine hound with a strong level topline that he held on the move, correct skull shape with dark eyes and strong jaw, good layback of shoulder prominent sternum, moved true. 2 Matthews’ Stanegate Billy The Kid. 3 Rowe’s Boloria’s Aramis. 

PGD (7) 1 Phillips’ Royal Pepper’s Vice Versa (Fin Imp). A very balanced dog, good head, dark eyes of correct shape, nice length of muzzle, shoulders well set back and prominent sternum, strong level topline well bent stifles, very sound mover. 2 McPherson & Paterson’s Brumberhill Mr Wilks JW. Lovely outline on this male when stacked, correct shape of skull and dark eyes powerful jaw, level topline nicely angulated rear moves well just a little narrow all through the body for my taste. 3 Pile’s Brynovation Prinz At Moleschamber. 

LD (6, 1) Two really nice males. 1 Adams’ Tecklegarth Gatling JW. Super outline on this male, harsh coat, correct head with dark eyes, good length of muzzle, strong neck leading to well set shoulders. Prominent sternum ribs of good length well angulated rear, moved soundly. 2 Chambers’ Cishelvine Just A Kiss With Hototo. Another very nice balanced sound moving male with a good head and body, a close decision between first and second, just felt the winner had that little extra sparkle on the day. 3 Moore’s Cloudside Picasso. 

OD (7, 1) 1 Adams’ Ch Wyldetarn Shoot From The Hip JW. What an impressive masculine male, just loved his head and arrogant expression, dark almond shaped eyes, correct slightly sloping arched muzzle of good length strong powerful jaw, neck muscular and of good length leading to well set shoulders, prominent sternum and even keel, good bone tight feet excellent ribs of good depth and carried well back, level topline.  Hindquarters broad and full of muscle with super angulation and correct upper and lower thigh ratio, standing parallel when viewed from behind, movement full of drive and power, shown in harsh coat. CC. 2 McCalmont’s Ch Silvae Trader. Another quality male, in super condition, correct conical shaped skull with muzzle of same length, eyes dark. Long neck leading to super shoulder placement with upper arm of equal length to shoulder blades enabling him the reach required when moving, prominent breastbone, good bone and tight feet, ribcage long and of good depth, strong topline held on the move. Res CC. 3 Vig’s Q-rrens-dax Enzo Topazo. 

MPB (6, 2) 1 Binks’ Tannahill Day Dreamer. What a super sound mover this youngster is, very balanced outline both when stood and on the move, good pigment, well boned with tight feet. BP. 2 Arthur’s Elderkine Rumours. Lovely head and eye, nice topline when stacked preferred the movement of winner. 3 Matthews’ Wyenot Come Fly With Me. 

PB (5) 1 Carruthers’ Stanegate Calamity Jane. Correct head shape, dark eye of nice shape strong jaw. Well set shoulder good outline just needs to strengthen in hind movement. 2 McPherson & Paterson’s Brumberhill Biscotti (Ai). Loved the head on this youngster, nice length of neck and level topline preferred the balanced rear angulation of winner. 3 Bye’s Tendrow More Magic. 

JB (5) 1 Phillips’ Tendrow Turns The Right Page. Loved this young bitch when she entered the ring, in super harsh coat and so well balanced. Didn’t disappoint once I got my hands on her so lovely to go over and so feminine. Correct head shape and length of muzzle dark almond shaped eyes melting expression, strong jaw, muscled neck of good length leading to correct shoulders good length of upper arm prominent sternum and front sitting evenly. Well boned, tight feet, elbows smooth against a lovely ribcage powerful body with good topline and underline, muscled and nicely angulated  rear that she used well on the move. Res CC/ 2 Rowe & Rowe’s Boloria’s Miss Dior. Nice head and dark eye, well balanced outline, super sound on the move shame she was out of coat on the day. 3 Fitzgerald’s Fowlerheight Moonshine At Harlilsun. 

PGB (6, 4) 1 Clayton-Smith’s  Cairparavel Lilac Wine. Good head and strong jaw, well placed shoulders, level topline, moved soundly front and back. 2 Vine’s Cishelvine Kiss Me Quick. Lovely outline on this bitch unfortunately impossible to assess movement as a little erratic hopefully she will settle in the future to show off all her attributes. 

LB (7, 3) 1 Carruthers’ Stanegate Catherine Wheel. Nice head and dark eyes, good length of neck, level topline, moved with drive, just tends to turn out front feet when stood. 2 Prior Cooper’s Silvae Keynote. Balanced outline, good harsh coat, well angulated hindquarters, preferred head of my winner. 3 Arthur’s Tendrow I Am Legend With Elderkine. 

OB (8, 2) 1 McCalmont’s Ch Silvae Trademark. Can’t help but smile watching this bitch. I just loved everything about her, everything in the right place without any exaggeration. Correct skull shape, dark almond shaped eyes, strong jaw. Neck long and strong, super shoulder placement with upper arm of equal length as shoulder blade, prominent sternum and correct depth of keel, front legs correctly underneath the deepest part of the keel. Strong bone tight feet, excellent length and depth of ribcage, level topline and correct underline with enough ground clearance, powerful hindquarters correctly angulated with upper thigh set at right angle to pelvis, this super construction is what gives her the forward reach and rear drive I love to watch, super free and easy balanced movement. CC & BOB. 2 Seath’s Ch Sunsong Keep A Promise. Very feminine bitch, lovely head with a dark eye of correct shape, shown in harsh coat, good length of neck well placed shoulder’s with prominent sternum, level topline good length of ribcage, well muscled hindquarters that she used to power round the ring. Moved soundly. 3 Howlett & Prowting’s Boloria’s Arabella.