Northern Dachshund Ass Championship Dog Show 2019

Dachshund (Smooth-haired)

Judge: Lesley Patton


BEST OF BREED : ARMSTRONG Ch Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby
Dog CC : ARMSTRONG Ch Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby 
Res Dog CC : PAGET & CARROLL Lauralee Oscar Wild at Marvale 
Bitch CC : CHAUHAN Adnerbs Take A Chance On Me 
Res Bitch CC : ARMSTRONG Ch Lauralee to The Manor Born 
Best Puppy : CHAUHAN Adnerbs Take A Chance On Me 
Best Veteran : STARKEY Ch Carpaccio Jasper from Hamoura ShCM VW

Puppy Dog


Junior Dog


Post Graduate Dog (1 Entry) Abs:1


Limit Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: TITE Phaeland Secret Delivery To Rijobeau NAF TAF 

Open Dog (6 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: ARMSTRONG Ch Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby
2nd: PAGET & CARROLL Lauralee Oscar Wild at Marvale
3rd: MCNAUGHTON Ch Carper AG Von Nordor (Imp FCA)
Res: CHAUHAN Wanderhund Viva Las Vegas 
VHC: HUNT Ch Lauralee Huckleberry Finn at Carpaccio JW

Veteran Bitch


Puppy Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: CHAUHAN Adnerbs Take A Chance On Me 
2nd: STARK Adnerbs Won Vision Of Gobannium 
3rd: BORRELLI Philabar the Original

Junior Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch Urbane 
2nd: HUNT Carpaccio Faberge

Post Graduate Bitch (1 Entry) Abs: 1 
1st: Absent 

Limit Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch Windstorm 
2nd:JONES Adnerbs Lexi Get Fizzical JW Sh.CM 

Open Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: ARMSTRONG Ch Lauralee to The Manor Born
2nd: MCNAUGHTON Ch Cedavoch Rainstorm
3rd: JONES Hampdach In These Arms Of Adnerb JW Sh.CM 
Res: MACDONALD Bensarka I Like Twucks 


Many thanks to Northern Counties for inviting me, to Margaret Turner for stewarding and to exhibitors for braving the weather. A disappointing entry numerically, but plenty of quality with some tough decisions in the Open classes and a lovely puppy bitch class.  I think that the long and damp grass affected movement and this played a large part in my placings. I was rather surprised to find flat feet.

VD (1,0)

1.       Starkey’s Ch Carpaccio Jasper from Hamoura ShCM VW,  elegant black & tan in good condition, little long in loin but otherwise well balanced holding good outline and moving very soundly, correct angulation both ends, would have preferred stronger jaw and bigger teeth.

PGD (1,1)

LD (2,1)

1.       Tite’s Phaeland Secret Delivery to Rijobeau NAF TAF, shaded red, good head with strong jaw and big clean teeth, correct eye, good ear set, carrying too much weight over shoulder and a little short in upper arm, too long in loin, free active mover but not extending behind, rather apprehensive.

OD (6,1)  Super class, any one of the 5 could have won and today’s movement played a large part.

1.       Armstrong’s Ch Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby, CC, BOB and RBIS, Black & tan, very masculine, sound and well balanced, well angulated both ends, moved with real reach and drive, and looked as if he could have gone on all day, in excellent condition, lovely head with strong jaw and intelligent eye, always stood four square, a little bit overdone in front for me but although I would prefer less depth in ribbing his overall length to height ratio was good with strong short loin, excellent topline and tail carriage

2.       Paget & Carroll’s Lauralee Oscar Wild at Marvale, b/t of v similar type to winner, preferred his front but was longer in loin, and not as strong behind yet, moved really well holding his shape in profile,  

3.       McNaughton’s Ch Carper Ag Von Nordor (imp FCA), red dog who I loved last time I judged, for me his proportions are ideal and I love his size and shape but he was not putting all in and failed in front movement to the two above today

PB (3,0)

1.       Manish Chauhan’s Adnerbs Take A Chance On Me, CC, BPIB, lovely sized b/t with a super temperament, good feet, lovely head and expression, excellent proportions and well angulated front and rear, moves very soundly with good reach and drive, holding an excellent outline and looking as if she enjoys every minute.

2.       Stark’s Adnerbs Won Vision of Gobannum, longer lower shaded red with very good head, a little heavier over the shoulder at present and not the rear extension of the winner  

3.       Borrell’s Philabar The Original, b/t, lost out in strength of jaw, and length of ribbing to the others but shown in good condition and good height to length ratio.

JB (3,1)  These two bitches were in lovely condition with good feet

1.       McNaughton’s Cedavoch Urbane, shaded red, lovely size, shape and proportions but not handling today’s ground well

2.       Hunt’s Carpaccio Faberge, lovely headed b/t who has too much spring of rib for me and not appreciating the long grass

PGB (1,1)

LB (3,1)

1.       McNaughton’s Cedavoch Windstorm, red, good head, neck and shoulder, held lovely shape on the move but in the challenge did not kook happy

2.       Jones’ Adnerbs Lexi Get Fizzical  JW ShCM, finer in head and not as strong in jaw, moved very well in profile but pinning in both coming and going.

OB (5,1) Again, a very good class, four red bitches very similar in size

1.       Armstrong’s Ch Lauralee To The Manor Born,  RCC, a little heavy over the shoulder but free active positive mover with reach and drive, strong jaw with well balanced head, kind eye, good length of ribbing and in excellent condition with good temperament

2.       McNaughton’s Ch Cedavoch Rainstorm, loved her shape when stacked, correct front and hind angulation and excellent proportions, very sound to and fro but lacking in reach and drive to winner today and not enjoying herself

3.       Jones’ Hampdach In These Arms of Adnerb JW ShCM, another who impressed when stood but lost her front on the move today. 


Two really sound very promising wire males, thanks for staying, the winner is slightly shorter and so sound, both are well angulated with correct proportions, loved the winner’s hind movement, while the second has the better coat at this stage but not quite as strong behind

1.       Matthews’ Stanegate Billy The Kid

2.       Graham’s Stanegate Shot In The Dark


1.       Binks’ Tannahill Oslo, w/h, excellent coat, legs and feet, good proportions, sound active free movement with level topline and shown at correct weight, very masculine head with excellent jaw.

2.       Strange’s Cazdachs Ziva David, ms, longer in loin and not moving so well behind but a lovely shape


1.    Armstrong’s Ch L Nicholas Nickleby, s/h, powered around the ring again to win from

2.   McNaughton’s Ch Cedavoch Circe, l/h, shaded red, so feminine, well made with correct proportions, excellent front, lovely head and eye, holding a lovely shape on the move, but just not putting as much in as the dog after a long day.

Lesley Patton (Judge)