The Ladies Kennel Association 2019

Dachshund (Smooth-haired)

Judge: Mrs Judith I Armstrong (Lauralee)


BEST OF BREED : 1585 CHAUHAN Dr M Adnerbs Take A Chance On Me At Raajput
Dog CC : 1598 KERRY Mrs T & Miss R Kireton Beau Diddley
Res Dog CC : 1589 CUNNINGHAM Mrs J Clentry Back To Black For Celandine
Bitch CC : 1585 CHAUHAN Dr M Adnerbs Take A Chance On Me At Raajput
Res Bitch CC : 1582 BORRELLI Miss M Carpaccio Black Pearl
Best Puppy : 1601 MACDONALD Miss L K & Mrs J C Bensarka Limerick
Best Veteran : 1582 BORRELLI Miss M Carpaccio Black Pearl

Class 607 PD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1601 MACDONALD Miss L K & Mrs J C Bensarka Limerick
2nd: 1594 HEELS Mrs C J Daxanory Menacing Dennis
3rd: 1577 ANDISON, Mr J & PEEL Ms K Clentry Tainted Love
Res: 1608 ROBERTSON Mr T & Mrs G Rijobeau Jack the Lad at Ravenwood

Class 608 JD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1583 BURKE, S & MANSTON, R Mesdames Bonavoir Murdoch
2nd: 1586 COX Mr G & Mrs J Dovestream Black Russian At Dachshinbull

Class 609 PGD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1578 ANDISON, Mr J & PEEL Ms K Tramardachs Into Infinity
2nd: 1615 WILLIAMS, Mr P & JACKSON Mr P Almida Mythos At Wherrypoint

Class 610 LD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1589 CUNNINGHAM Mrs J Clentry Back To Black For Celandine
2nd: 1580 BORRELLI Miss M Carpaccio Trouble In Store
3rd: 1606 PATERSON, Mr P & PATERSON Mr B Phaeland Second Delivery To Ambiesque

Class 611 OD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1598 KERRY Mrs T & Miss R Kireton Beau Diddley
2nd: 1602 MCNAUGHTON Ms L Ch Carper A G Von Nordor (Imp)

Class 612 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 1610 STARKEY Mrs W G M Ch Carpaccio Jasper From Hamoura Sh.CM VW

Class 613 GCD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1598 KERRY Mrs T & Miss R Kireton Beau Diddley
2nd: 1610 STARKEY Mrs W G M Ch Carpaccio Jasper From Hamoura Sh.CM VW

Class 614 PB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1595 HEELS Mrs C J Daxanory Ravishing Minx
2nd: 1590 CUNNINGHAM Mrs J Hacienda Midas Touch For Celandine (Imp Mys)
3rd: 1611 TOMLINSON Mrs S Bensarka Emerald Isle
Res: 1579 ARMSTRONG, Mrs K & ARMSTRONG Miss E Owlander First Edition

Class 615 JB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1581 BORRELLI Miss M Philabar The Original
2nd: 1613 VAITEKUNAITE Ms J Majestic Poppy Ringo Letenele
3rd: 1609 STARK Mr & Mrs M D & T A Adnerbs Won Vision Of Gobannium
Res: 1587 COX Mr G & Mrs J Dovestream Skip The Favour
VHC: 1596 HEELS Mrs C J Daxanory Ravishing Meg

Class 616 PGB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1591 CUNNINGHAM Mrs J Clentry Ruby Tuesday For Celandine
2nd: 1584 CHAPMAN-REITH Mrs H A Wanderhund Lets Celebrate For Hayvenhund Jw
3rd: 1588 COX Mr G & Mrs J Dovestream Nutella At Dachshinbull

Class 617 LB (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 9832 Mrs & Miss C JONES Adnerbs Lexi Get Fizzical
2nd: 1603 MCNAUGHTON Ms L Cedavoch Windstorm
3rd: 1597 HINWOOD Mrs F M Longmel Special Truffle NAF

Class 618 OB (7 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 1585 CHAUHAN Dr M Adnerbs Take A Chance On Me At Raajput
2nd: 1600 MACDONALD Miss L K & Mrs J C Ch Bensarka Sarabi
3rd: 1605 MITCHELL Mrs F Ch Cedavoch Solar Storm At Bronia
Res: 1592 CUNNINGHAM Mrs J Ir Ch Sontag Say The Word For Celandine
VHC: 1604 MCNAUGHTON Ms L Ch Cedavoch Rainstorm

Class 619 VB (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1582 BORRELLI Miss M Carpaccio Black Pearl


Thank you L.K.A. for the invitation to judge Standard Smooth Dachshunds.


Thank you Smooth exhibitors for your entry.. Take away the Lauralee’s and the politics of the breed and I was more than pleased with my entry.. It is quite difficult to judge to a type as with the influence of overseas blood in particular places like Russia where the type is finer and taller  this made it somewhat challenging . Having said that I was pleased with my main winners.

PD. 4. All these puppies were at different stages of development ,physically and mentally .

1st Macdonald’s Bensarka Limerick.  Handsome red with well made skull ,showing a correct eye shape, good strong mouth and jaw ..Correct dentition  no narrow underjaw here. Flowed from his neck into his shoulder ,stood on good feet ,enough bone for size..Top line maybe a little soft at this stage but only a baby, enough rear angulation ,handled well on the table ,moved out smartly .Shall watch his development with interest, was pleased to award him BPIB.

2nd Heels Daxanory Menacing Dennis . Another promising puppy ,well off for bone with pleasing head .Just needs ring training to make the most of himself and show off his attributes.

JD2.  1st Burke and Manston Bonavoir Murdoch ..If i’m being picky I would like more size about him for a male.. Having said that what was there of him was well presented.. Decent enough head piece with good mouth ..Moved out with purpose.

2ndCox Dovestream Black Russian at Dachshinbull.Black and Tan from a larger mould than winner . Not as balanced as my winner.

PG. 2. 1ST Andison and Peel Tramardachs into Infinity ..Red with good skull shape ,correct mouth no lack of underjaw . Eye’s of good dark colour, well made rear which he used on the move . would have liked to have seen him carry a little more body to complete the picture . Seeemed quite unsettled at first but got his act together in the end.

Williams and Jackson Almida mythos atWherrypoint.. Longer cast right through , not the finish of above .

Limit 3. 1st   Cunningham Clentry back to black for celandine.. Smart black and tan.. You have to go over this hound to appreciate his many qualities. Very masculine head piece ,good strong jaw with good strong bite , stood on well padded feet , enough length of ribbing , well sprung , moved out with ease around the ring was pleased to award him the res cc.

2nd Borrelli Carpaccio trouble in store ..This owner has worked well with hound. Houndy looking headpiece , good mouth ,topline good held on the move .. just appreciated the make of rear of above.

Open 2 1st Mrs and Miss Kerry  Kireton Beau Diddley . I have often seen this hound carry to much condition but today he was on the money. Strong masculine head ,correct mouth , good lay of shoulder with enough upper arm . Topline maintained at all times ,enough ribbing ,strong sound movement , at one with his handler ,stood four square and presented a clean outline..Pleased to award him dog cc.

2nd Mcnaughton Ch Carper A G Von Nordor. Imp . Red , smaller type than above , front ok , correct mouth , not as well made behind as 1.

Veteran 2 1abs. 1st Starkey Ch Carpaccio Jasper from Hamoura .A black and done who has done his owner proud since becoming a veteran.  Would like more of him , always gives a good account of himself.. Enough bone for size ,Head ok sound front , good outline on the move .

Good Citizen 2abs.

PB 4 1ST Heels Daxanory Ravishing Minx..Lovely red baby . Needs ring training , having said that she has plenty of time to get it together..

The most beautiful head piece with good eye .Correct mouth plenty of bone ,well laid shoulder ,correct top line , correct amount of rear angulation , hope her owner gets to grips with her ,shall watch with interest.BPB

2ND Cunninham  Hacienda Midas touch for Celandine.. Not as mature as above . Another with a most beautiful head piece ..handled well on the table , ok for bone , good mouth . top line held well on stack and move. Should finish well .

JB. 5 1ST Borrelli Philabar the Original .Black and tan .have often admired from the ringside . Very honest bitch , pleasing head and eye ,well balanced ,sound front neat feet ,stood four square at all times ..Moved out with drive and purose.

2nd Vaitekunaite Majestic poppy ringo letenele. Smaller mould than above .. Head ok ,but would prefer better eye shape ,, handled ok .

PG. 4 1ST Cunningham Clentry Ruby Tuesday for Celandine .Red bitch , by far the best mover in this class.  Feminine head , correct eye giving good expression , mouth good strong jaw. Held her self well on the move .

Chapman –Reith Wanderhund  lets celebrate for haveyhound . Black and tan . Neat well made bitch sound enough but not as positive as above  coming towards me .

LB.4. 1ABS. 1ST Jones Adnerbs Lexi Get Fizzical . Soundest in this class . Appealing type very feminine . Elegant in every way. Enough bone for her ,as not the biggest of girls , but what is there is well made ..Maybe a touch  narrow in front , held a good top line  moved with drive behind , handled well .

2nd Mcnaughton Cedavoch  Windstorm . Red girl not the front assembly of one .Pleasing sort in head , correct mouth , well off for bone .Good bred type.

OB.7 2 ABS. 1ST Chauhan Take a chance on me at Raajput .. Beautiful black and tan girl .. Presented in fabulous condition ,with right amount of condition , so well put together , sound as they come , no goose stepping around the ring with this girl. Its easy to pull a good shape but so often because of the lack of upper arm they then fall to pieces on the move and end up treading water . Very pleased to say this is not the case here, enough bone . Neat feet enough ribbing,  so well balanced , well made rear with out being over done . Good ground clearance , Showed her self off on the move and stack was delighted to award her cc and bob .

2nd Macdonalds Ch Bensarka Sarabi. Red with good head piece . Correct eye . clean elegant type ,  correct mouth , preffered the front construction of above .

VB 1 Borrelli Carpaccio Black Pearl .Well put together bitch , very sound back and front.   Correct mouth gave a good account of her self at all times .. hands just flowed over her.. maintained her good outline at all times .. not overdone .  Looked as if she could have moved all day .pleased to award her res cc.

Judge Judith I Armstrong .