Midland Dachshund Club 2017

Dachshund (Miniature Wire-haired)

Judge: Judith Armstrong (Lauralee)

BEST OF BREED : BLACKBURN-BENNETT Stargang Walking on Sunshine
Dog CC : THORN ANDREWS Alncroft Over The Moon Drakesleat 
Res Dog CC : HOWELLS Fallowmill Sydney JW
Bitch CC : BLACKBURN-BENNETT Stargang Walking on Sunshine
Res Bitch CC : JONES Bimini Blue Moon
Best Puppy : JONES Bimini Blue Moon

Minor Puppy Dog (3 Entries)
1st: RUSSELL Russteck The Bruce 
2nd: KAY Kaytian Tempest Over Haiti
3rd: CADMORE & GREENSLADE  Ridanflight Reginald

Puppy Dog (2 Entries)
1st: RUSSELL Russteck The Bruce
2nd: KAY Kaytian Tempest Over Haiti

Junior Dog (2 Entries)
1st: THORN ANDREWS Alncroft Over The Moon Drakesleat
2nd: HUNT Earthsea Wolf's Bane

Post Graduate Dog (5 Entries)
1st: MORRISON Benzden Luna Rosa
2nd: CLARE Lordscairnie Love God
3rd: HARMER Bardrestan Sea Tiger
Res: HEATHER Ravensbeech Rossini With Whiteorchard
Limit Dog (5 Entries)
1st: HOWELLS Fallowmill Sydney JW
2nd: RUSSELL Russteck Wyre In The Blood
3rd: CROSSMAN Tythe Black Bee
Res: STEPHENSON Ohotnichyi Azart Fahrenheit Von Wistex (Imp)
VHC: GRANT Granhoward Edward

Open Dog (4 Entries) 
1st: ROSE Ridanflight Ricardo
2nd: FEETHAM Kimbleholme Jackpot
3rd: THORN ANDREWS Ch Drakesleat Hostile Takeova
Res: JONES Ch Bimini Starstruck

Minor Puppy Bitch (6 Entries)
1st: JONES Bimini Wish Upon A Star
2nd: GRANT Granhoward Ownly  
3rd: PAIN Ridanflight Recherche For Ravensbeech
Res: ROSE & HUNT Cagebrook Tickle And Treat At Kavacanne
VHC: HUNT Earthsea Miss Givings

Puppy Bitch (5 Entries)
1st: JONES Bimini Blue Moon
2nd: LANCASTER Drakesleat Midas Touch Over Pellismer
3rd: FULTON Bothlyn Half A Sixpence
Res: GRANT Granhoward Ethel
VHC: CROW Martinks Drives You Dotty

Junior Bitch (6 Entries) 
1st: CLEMENTS Springdac Red Siren
2nd: PAIN Russteck Nicely Nicely For Ravensbeech
3rd: BLACK Bassodon Dodecahedron
Res: HUNT Earthseas Miss Esme 
VHC: FEETHAM Kimbleholme Black Queen

Post Graduate Bitch (7 Entries)
1st: PAIN Russteck Nicely Nicely For Ravensbeech 
2nd: KIRKWOOD-EMERY Helydon Jinglebells
3rd: MEREDITH Deepdax Perrie
Res: MAXWELL Bardrestan African Queen
VHC: SELLEY Ubu Frida Kahlo To Heleanne

Limit Bitch (7 Entries)
1st: BILLINGHURST Drakesleat Mrs Shilling For Jiljac JW
2nd: HOWELLS Fallowmill Top Of The Class
3rd: MEREDITH  Deepdax Let's Dance
Res: FULTON Bothlyn Dancing Queen
VHC: SELLEY Ubu Belarus Nahla to Heleanne

Open Bitch (9 Entries)
1st: BLACKBURN-BENNETT Stargang Walking on Sunshine
2nd: PRICE Samlane Belleza JW
3rd: HAYWARD Ch Foxearth Fatma Salkan
Res: KIRKWOOD-EMERY & KIRKWOOD-EMERY  Helydon Fabulous Freya
VHC: THORN ANDREWS Ch Drakesleat Stitch in Time


Thank you to the committee for the invitation , Min Wires ,as most people will know is one of my favourite variety of Dachshund. The weather was kind to us ,as I was judging at 9, the grass even though it had been cut four times bothered a lot of the exhibits . All mouths were good with correct bite, temperaments were sound as you would expect in this variety. I was really spoilt for choice with my top awards which must bode well for the future of the breed . My decisions were received in a sporting fashion and there was applause to be heard around the ringside ..Thank you to everyone who took the time to spend money and enter their dogs under me , I was more than pleased with my entry on the day .


M.P.D. 3. All puppies as you would expect in this class at different stages of development .

1st Russell ,Russteck the Bruce. Dark brindle baby ,as yet very much a baby but held the best shape in this class. Masculine enough for his age, enough bone for his size. Handled well enough on the table ,should finish well .

2nd Kay Kaytian Tempest Over Hiati. Found it difficult to assess his movement as he along with a lot of others found the grass a challenge. Not as forward as one , but has bags of time on his side .

PD.2 1ST Russell Russteck the Bruce .

2ND Kay Kaytian Tempest Over Hiati.


JD 2 1ST Thorn Andrews Alncroft Over the Moon Drakesleat. Very good specimen of the breed.

Strong masculine head ,with correct mouth strong jaw , lovely almond shape eye , even front, stood on strong well padded feet with plenty of bone. Well defined and flowing neckline ,good lay of shoulder with correct upper arm which enabled him to motor around the ring, no problem here at all with the grass, topline maintained both on the stack and the move , enough rear angulation without being overdone which contributed to his correct rear movement ..I find that those that are too over angulated may make a pretty picture on the stack but lack the correct movement behind , none of that here , showed me a clean pair of heals going away with correct distance between back legs . delighted to award him Dog CC.

2ND Hunt Earthsea Wolfs Bane. Red Boy who was rather unsettled gave a lot away to 1.


PGD. 5 1ST Morrisons Benzden Luna Rosa. Very well put together , enough ground clearance no problem on the move at all. Good head piece,with correct pigmentation . even in front well coated of good texture,enough rear angulation, one for the future.

2nd Clare Lordscairnie Love God. Head and eye shape as they should be ,mouth correct , coat of correct texture , just did not cope with the conditions as well as one.


LD.5. 1ST Howells Fallowmill Sydney ,One I have admired , well presented in tip top condition, Godd head piece with strong bite. Well filled front ,good topline , well made rear which he used to clear the grass with ease. Handled well on the table , thought at first he was going to my cc winner ,but just didnít give his all in the challenge ,but well deserved the res cc.

2nd Russell Russteck Wyre in The Blood. Another good male, Looked the ticket on the stack ,Pleasing head and eye, sound enough in front , top line kept at all times , just could not cope with the going as well as one .


OD.4 1st Rose CH. Ridanflight Ricardo , very well known Champion and deservedly so . Super boy who never lets his handler down. Well made from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail . Absolute delight to go over. Always shown in first class order.

2nd Feetham Kimbleholme Jackpot, another very good dog with the very best of attitudes . Masculin head .correct eye shape strong jaw with good bite. Just preferred topline of one.


MPB.6 1ABS 1ST Jones Bimini Wish Upon a Star. Very promising baby , just 6 months, well put together with good balance. Correct mouth ,almond eye, well boned ,keeping good outline at all times ..

2nd Grants Granhoward Ownly, Dark brindle in good coat . Mouth correct ,lovely dark eye. Moved out well , should have a bright future.


PB 5.1ST Jones Bimini Blue Moon . Noticed her as soon as she entered the ring. Fabulous type, so elegant .Correct head , good mouth ,even well filled front, standing on well padded feet. Graceful neck ,maintained her top line at all times. Correct amount of angulation showing me a clean pair of heels going away. Delighted to award her BP and Res Bitch CC.

2ND Lancasters Drakesleat Midas Touch over Pellismer .Brindle, many of the above remarks apply. Not as mature as one , and found the going a little testing.


JB7. 1ST Clements Springdac Red Siren . Red in beautiful coat , one who coped with the conditions with ease.. Really good pigmentation , beautiful melting expression with black eyes , well made all through . Very sound both ends , enough ground clearance , handled well.

challenging as did the majority. Sound enough .handled well on the table ,pleasing top line and underline .Correct tail set.


PGB .7 1st Pains Russteck Nicely Nicely for Ravensbeech. Second in previous class.

2nd Kirkwood-Emery. Helydon Jinglebells, Another very well made brindle . Correct dentition , enough bone for size, just preferred out line of one.


LB.7 1ST Billinghurst Drakesleat Mrs Shilling for Jilljac JW. Dark brindle who excels in movement, very pleasing type to go over . Nicely balanced ,with good bone ,well padded

Feet , maintained a good outline at all times , sympathetically handled to get the most out of her .

2nd Howells, Fallowmill Top of the Class. Light Brindle with good pigment. Correct mouth enough bone, handled the ground well . Just prefered ribbing of one . These 2 could change places on another day.


OB 9 1ST Blackbutn-Bennett Stargang Walkin on Sunshine. Fabulous type. Ultra feminine type. Very sound , well made all through , Darkest of eyes ,correct mouth . Well boned ,nicely angulated rear which she used to drive around the ring .The most beautiful of outlines . This bitch owned the ring and I was delighted to award her the cc and best of breed ,congratulations as I believe this gave her ,her crown well deserved.

2nd Price Samlane Belleza jw. Another beautiful bitch unlucky to meet above in such sparkling form . Handled well moved out with purpose and drive.