Miniature Dachshund Club February 2011

Miniature Wires

Judge: Mrs Daphne Graham


Dog CC : MOORE Danvichar Euphrasia
Res Dog CC :  HASSALL & MCCLEOD Ch Sidelock Formula One
Bitch CC : THORN ANDREWS Drakesleat Sally Forf
Res Bitch CC :JONES Bimini Rhapsody in Blue
Best Puppy : POXON Kapodach Cup Cake

Minor Puppy Dog (6)
1st: THORN ANDREWS Drakesleat Noddy Doff
2nd: MCCLEOD & HASSALL Janjac Not Worth the Hassall
3rd: HARDY Kushwin Incognito
Res: KUGOW & HOLT Waldmeister Johnson
VHC: PHILLIPS Curtisey Boogy Woogy

Puppy Dog (5)
1st: HARDY Kushwin Incognito
2nd: YOUNG Portalutra Mr Thomas of Tarkus
3rd: PHILLIPS Curtisey Boogy Woogy
Res: WHITEHOUSE Rioban Ottokar

Junior Dog (1)
1st: PUNTER Welcumen Jeremy
2nd: HASSALL Stargang Vegas Strip

Beginners Dog
1st: No Entries

Post Graduate Dog (4)
1st: BAXTER Hotwire Didja Ever
2nd: HOWELLS Fallowmill Back and Fetch JW ShCM
3rd: YOUNG Tarkus Harvest Gold
Res: ADAMS Angleholm's Figaro

Limit Dog (6)
1st: MOORE Danvichar Euphrasia
2nd: DANCE Ir J Ch Deepdax Overdraft Too Far Emem
3rd: BAXTER Kapodach Love Me Tender at Hotwire
Res: SHAW Clinant Happy Harry at Mustdach
VHC: WARD-BLOWER Whitewebbs Painted Black by Willowmist

Open Dog (5)
1st: HASSALL & MCCLEOD Ch Sidelock Formula One
2nd: THORN ANDREWS Ch Drakesleat Win Alot
3rd: WHITEHOUSE Drakesleat Ottoff the Press
Res: WARD-BLOWER Whitewebbs Painted Black by Willowmist

Minor Puppy Bitch (11)
1st: POXON Kapodach Cup Cake
2nd: THORN ANDREWS Drakesleat Ott Favourite
3rd: HUNT Earthsea Chocolate Tear
Res: MCCLEOD & HASSALL Janjac Mac Zeen
VHC: DUNN Ashridge Dun Dustine

Puppy Bitch (10)
1st: DUNN Ashridge Dun Danzin
2nd: STANCLIFFE Standach Reasons Unknown
3rd: PRICE Samlane Zaffiro
Res: HUNT Earthsea Peace Lily
VHC: YOUNG Amyandas Fascinating Rhythm of Tarkus

Junior Bitch (7)
1st: HORSWELL Drakesleat No Stone Unturn'd
2nd: Withheld
3rd: Withheld
Res: Withheld
VHC: Withheld

Beginners Bitch (1)
1st: Absent

Post Graduate Bitch (9)
1st: JONES Bimini Starlight Express
2nd: POXON Kapodach Izzi Miyaki
3rd:  WALKER Deepdax in the Red at Roselle
Res: LANCASTER & MILLER Pellismer Sno Big Deal
VHC: HARDY Kushwin Firefly

Limit Bitch (8)
1st: JONES Bimini Rhapsody in Blue
2nd: MEREDITH Deepdax Credit Crunch
3rd:  PRICE Samlane Touch of Gin
Res: RIGBY Waldmeister Maud for Rigadac
VHC: HARDY Kushwin Firefly

Open Bitch (8)
1st: THORN ANDREWS Drakesleat Sally Forf
2nd: BILLINGHURST Drakesleat Russia Bout To Jiljac JW Sh.CM
3rd:  LANCASTER & MILLER Drakesleat Stone Me with Pellismer
Res: HARDY Kushwin Enigma
VHC: KEMP Metcroft Diamonds and Dust at Vossmead



 Sadly, I felt the overall quality has not improved since I last judged this variety. I still found many upright shoulders, shortness of upper arm and only a few had spring of rib. There were many flat feet, some moved close in front and many moved erratically when viewed from the rear. Temperaments were fine, but where are the happy Mini Wires that continually wagged their tails? However, I was happy with my final line-ups and would like to thank the exhibitors for their sporting acceptance of my decisions. Vet (1) 1 Kemp's Metcroft Some Like It Hot At Vossmead. 8 year old brindle bitch, sweet head, well angulated both ends, moved soundly. Sorry she was unable to stay to challenge for Best Veteran in Show. MPD (6, 1) 1 Thorn-Andrews' Drakesleat Noddy Doff. Brindle, good head and sufficient reach of neck, moved truly fore and aft, maintaining topline. Best PD. 2 McLeod & Hassall's Janjac Not Worth The Hassall. Lovely outline stacked and maintained on the move but hind action erratic at present. 3 Hardy's Kushwin Incognito. PD (5, 1) 1 Hardy's Kushwin Incognito. Brindle, a little upright in shoulder, however, today he was the best mover in this class. 2 Young's Portalutra Mr Thomas Of Tarkus. Loved his head and outline but tended to move close in front. 3 Phillips' Curtisey Boogy Woogy. JD (3, 1) 1 Punter's Welcumen Jeremy. Dark Brindle. Good head and reach of neck, correct shoulder angulation, good length of rib, lovely harsh coat, moved soundly. 2 Hassall's Stargang Vegas Strip. Compact little dog but did not move as soundly as winner today. PGD (4) 1 Baxter's Hotwire Didja Ever. Good head, well angulated both ends, sound mover, but tended to fly his tail, which detracts a little. 2 Howell's Fallowmill Back & Fetch. Good length of rib, tight elbows, moved soundly, unfortunately he was overweight. 3 Young's Tarkus Harvest Gold. LD (6) 1 Moore's Danchivar Euphrasia. 2 year old, small compact brindle boy, masculine head, good length of ribbing, correct shoulder placement, good hindquarters, strode out well. CC. 2 Dance's Ir J Ch Deepdax Overdraft Too Far Emem. Dark brindle, taller than first. I liked him a lot but he lacked the hind thrust of the winner today. 3 Baxter's Kapodach Love Me Tender At Hotwire. OD (6, 2) 1 Hassall & McLeod's Ch Sidelock Formular One. Compact brindle, all of a piece, good shoulder angulation, tight elbows, well angulated behind, moved soundly (apparently last time I gave him BP), this time he won the Res CC. 2 Thorn-Andrews' Ch Drakesleat Win A Lot. Strong, masculine head, good hind angulation, moved out soundly. 3 Whitehouse's Drakesleat Ottoff The Press. MPB (11, 3) 1 Poxon's Kapodach Cup Cake. Brindle, good shoulder placement, tight elbows, good length of rib, well angulated behind, moved out soundly and confidently, loved her. Best PB and BPIB. 2 Thorn-Andrews' Drakesleat Off Favourite. Dark brindle, well angulated both ends, another I liked. 3 Hunt's Earthsea Chocolate Treat. PB (10, 5) 1 Dunn's Ashridge Dun Danzin. Dark brindle, good shoulder angulation, tight elbows, good length of rib, moved out soundly in her class but played her handler up in the challenge. 2 Stancliffe's Standach Reasons Unknown. Compact girl, well angulated behind. 3 Price's Samlane Zaffiro. JB (7, 2) 1 Horswell's Drakesleat No Stone Unturn'd. Good shoulder angulation, good length of rib, well angulated behind, strode out well. Sadly I withheld all other awards in this class. PGB (10, 2) 1 Jones' Bimini Starlight Express. Neat brindle, feminine head, good shoulder angulation, good length of rib, moved out positively. 2 Poxon's Kapodach Izzi Miyaki. Dark brindle, good shoulders, sufficient length of rib, but not as well angulated behind as winner. 3 Walker's Deepdax In The Red At Roselle. LB (8, 2) 1 Jones' Bimini Rhapsody In Blue. Loved this compact 2 year old, she oozes quality, feminine head, excellent shoulder placement and well angulated hindquarters, good length of ribbing, moved truly fore and aft. I considered her for top honours. Res CC today. 2 Meredith's Deepdax Credit Crunch. Slightly larger brindle, also had correct shoulders and good length of rib. 3 Price's Samlane Touch Of Gin. OB (8, 3) 1 Thorn-Andrews' Drakesleat Sally Forf. This 18 month brindle has great ring presence, lovely feminine head, good length of rib, excellent shoulders, good hind angulation, moved soundly, covering the ground with ease. I was pleased to award her the CC (her second) and BOB. Later was delighted to see her win Res BIS. 2 Billinghurst's Drakesleat Russia About To Jiljac JW ShCM. Dark brindle, slightly taller than the class winner, won this place on her sound movement. 3 Lancaster & Miller's Drakesleat Stone Me With Pellismer. AV Min Dachshund Brace (5, 3) 1 Yeoman's Mini Smooths. Well matched pair. 2 Dunn‘s Mini Wires. Also well matched but enjoyed playing their handler up at the end of a long day.

Daphne A. Graham