Wirehaired Dachshund Club 2010

Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired)

Judge: Ellen Blackburn

BEST OF BREED :  RUSSELL Russteck Fillibeg
Dog CC : RUSSELL Russteck Fillibeg
Res Dog CC : HOWELLS Mrs J Fallowmill Back And Fetch
Bitch CC : BLACK Bassodon Dita Von Tease
Res Bitch CC : KUGOW & HOLT Waldmeister Guillemot JW
Best Puppy : LEWIS Trixhund Country Lover
Best Veteran : DANCE Dacatec Mindyer Peasandcues Emem

Veteran Dog or Bitch (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: DANCE Dacatec Mindyer Peasandcues Emem

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: RIGBY Waldmeister Maud for Rigadac
2nd: NEATE Custard Cream at Beaucat
3rd: MOBLEY Samlane What Else of Jakanem

Minor Puppy Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: ROWELL Emmajesk Joshua
2nd: PAYTON Marajo Harris Tweed
3rd: SHONE Hanishan Oh Oh Severn

Puppy Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st:  PUNTER Welcumen Jeremy
2nd: LEWIS Clipperdown Mean Machine at Trixhund
3rd: NEATE Beaucat Exfactor

Junior Dog (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: HOWELLS Fallowmill Back And Fetch
2nd: KUGOW & HOLT Waldmeister Samuel
3rd: BAXTER Hotwire Didja Ever
Res: WARD-BLOWER Whitewebbs Painted Black by Willowmist

Novice Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: ROWELL Emmajesk Joshua

Post Graduate Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st:  DANCE  Deepdax Overdraft Too Far Emem
2nd: BAXTER Kapodach Love me Tender at Hotwire
3rd: YOUNG Tarkus Harvest Gold
Res: MOORE Danvichar Euphrasia

Limit Dog (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  PRICE Samlane Tetley
2nd: SHAW Clinant Happy Harry
3rd: WAY Sudasam Mayisujest
Res: HOOPER Starhill Kings Rhapsody
VHC: WARD-BLOWER Whitewebbs Painted Black by Willowmist

Open Dog (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: RUSSELL Russteck Fillibeg JW
2nd: BLACK Bassodon Bilbie
3rd: SMITH Dunns Pitts Zakajak
Res: WARD-BLOWER Willowmist Little Red Rooster

Minor Puppy Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: PRICE Samlane Zaffiro
2nd: LEWIS Trixhund Country Wife
3rd: YOUNG Tarkus Fascinating Rhythm of Tarkus
Res: REES Ridgegrove Sapphire Doll At Ermewood
VHC: PAYTON Marajo Jellybean

Puppy Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: LEWIS Trixhund Country Lover
2nd: HOOPER Starhill Comedy of Errors
3rd: PAYTON Marajo Popcorn
Res: YOUNG Portalutra Princess of Tarkus
VHC: SHONE Hanishan Soltaire

Junior Bitch (10 Entries) Abs: 4
1st: MEREDITH Deepdax Credit Crunch
2nd: POXON Kapodach Izzi Miyaki
3rd: JONES Bimini Starlight Express
Res: YOUNG Tarkus Over the Moon
VHC: BAXTER Lordscairnie Gypsy Love

Novice Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Absent

Post Graduate Bitch (14 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: JONES Bimini Rythmn n Blues
2nd: RIGBY Waldmeister Maud for Rigadac
3rd: MINSHULL Sidelock Ruby Tuesday
Res: PUNTER Welcumen Temptation
VHC: CHUGG Templestowe Ophelia

Limit Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: KUGOW & HOLT Waldmeister Guillemot JW
2nd: MCCLEOD Sidelock Do I Look Bovvered
3rd: JONES Bimini Rhapsody in Blue
Res: PRICE Samlane Touch Of Gin
VHC: HOOPER Starhill Lady of Shall Lot

Open Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: BLACK Bassodon Dita Von Teese
2nd: KUGOW, Mr B & HOLT Ms S Ch Waldmeister Steffi JW
3rd: ROWELL Kanix Linda at Emmajesk JW ShCM
Res: JONES Bimini Dizzi Dancer
VHC: DANCE Mrs M M Emem Sunny Spells


 I would like to thank the committee of the whdc for inviting me to judge the miniatures and a special thanks to the exhibitors for the good entry. I was very pleased with all my winners who were of good construction and had happy temperaments. v (1) 1 Dance's Dacatec Mindyapeasncues Emem. Br bitch, very sprightly at nearly 9 years of age. good head, super jacket, well bodied with correct angulation at both ends. p leased to see her go best veteran in show. sp. beg (3) 1 Rigby's Waldmeister Maud For Rigadac. Br bitch. easy winner of this class pretty head, good topline both standing and moving. moved soundly covering the ground well. 2 Neate's Custard Cream At Beaucat. Pretty red bitch. d idn't like being posed but showed her shape better on the move and free stacked. Her better hind angulation gained her 2nd place over 3 Mobley's Samlane What Else Of Jakanem. Mpd (3,1) 1 Rowe's Emmajesk Joshua. b/t br boy. Super head & eye on correct neck. Ideal proportions of height to length. well presented. m oved soundly with great enthusiasm. best puppy dog. 2 Payton's Marajo Harris Tweed. This young man looked really well moving and was sound both ways. n ot relaxed on the stack but he is only a baby. h e has a good head and neck. s uper coat. good body shape. 3 Shone's Hanishan Oh Oh Severn. pd (3) 1 Punter's Welcumen Jeremy. Another really nice puppy dog. close decision for bpd . j ust pipped by the showmanship of j oshua. g ood head & eye, well shaped body covered by an excellent jacket moved soundly keeping a very good outline at all times. 2 Clipperdown Mean Machine At Trixhund. Very dark b/t br with pin wire coat. he has a well shaped dachshund head with minimal furnishing as goes with the pin wire coat. p rominent forechest which he tends to over exaggerate by pushing forward on the stack. p ulls himself together on the move which he did soundly keeping a good topline although I would like him a tad shorter in body. 3 Neate's Beaucat Exfactor. JD (6,2) 1 Howells's Fallowmill Back And Fetch. RCC loved this little chap and he was unlucky to meet cc winner on a day when he was absolutely on top form. h e has an excellent head & neck. p rominent forechest. well ribbed body in a 1 condition. m oved happily & positively with plenty of drive. 2 Kugow & Holt's Waldmeister Samuel. Different type to winner being shorter and taller but has a lot to commend him. h is head is very masculine and strong on proud neck. I prefer more forechest but his body is well muscled in super hard condition, extremely good coat. moved so soundly keeping a good topline and showing off his super extrovert temperament. 3 Baxter's Hotwire Didja Ever. Nd (2,1) 1 Joshua. Pgd (4) 1 Dance's Deepdax Overdraft Too Far Emem. Easy winner of this class. g ood b/t br, dog with excellent head. good well covered body, super wiry coat right down to his feet, moved well. 2 Baxter's Kapodach Love Me Tender At Hotwire. Lighter br, not co-operating with handler. Coat could be harsher. Kept a good topline on the move to get 2nd place here. 3 Young's Tarkus Harvest Gold. Ld (6,1) 1 Price's Samlane Tetley. Harsh coated dk br dog. Good head & neck. Well constructed but I would like a bit more length to height ratio. sound mover. 2 Shaw's Cilnant Happy Harry. Light br dog. good head & neck. Good topline but would like a longer keel. Moves soundly. 3 Way's Sudasam Mayisujest. OD (5,1) 1 Russell's Russteck Fillibeg. B/T dog in absolutely sparkling form, excellent head, neck forechest & body. Correctly angulated fore and aft. Coat in spot on condition. Moved soundly up and down and in profile strode out holding his topline and covering the ring with good hind drive, pleased to award him cc & bob and see him get rbis to a super standard bitch. 2 Black's Bassodon Bilbie. Another quality exhibit. b r boy with well shaped head. e ye shape not as correct as winner. g ood body. moved well keeping a level topline. 3 Smith's Dunnspitts Zakajak. Mpb (8) A difficult class as most were very young and when better trained places could change. 1 Price's Samlane Zaffiro. 7 months baby. good head & neck, enough forechest. well bodied. moved soundly with correct topline. 2 Lewis's Trixhund Country Wife. Another with pleasing head and neck, more forechest than 1st. Good body shape with plenty of angulation. Loved her standing but just a bit skittish on the move. When she gets her act together should do well. 3 Young's Amyandas Fascinating Rhythm Of Tarkus. Pb (7,2) 1 Lewis's Trixhund Country Lover. bpib & rbpis. b/t bitch of quality. Lovely head and eye. Prominent forechest correctly angulated forequarters and hindquarters. Well shaped body covered in a crisp coat. Moved well both up and down and in profile. 2 Hooper's Starhill Comedy Of Errors. Pretty br bitch good head although would like a more almond shaped eye. good reach of neck. nice forechest and body. well angulated. moved well. 3 Payton's Marajo Popcorn. Jb (10,5) 1 Meredith's Deepdax Credit Crunch. Litter sister to my pgd winner. Well balanced br bitch. well shaped head on good neck. correct forechest and body with good angles. Moved well keeping her shape well. 2 Poxon's Kapodach Izzi Myaki. Dark br. good head although could have a better eye shape. Crisp coat on well made body. Moved well keeping a good topline. Not quite the temperament of 1st. 3 Jones's Bimini Starlight Express. Pgb (14,3) 1 Jones's Bimini Rhythm N Blues. Small br bitch. beautiful body. Great profile on the move. sound mover. Just wish she had a better head then she would press hard for top honours. 2 Maud For R. 3 Minshull's Sidelock Ruby Tuesday. LB (8,2) 1 Kugow & Holt's Waldmeister Guillemot. JW. RCC. Well balanced br bitch. Presented in good coat and hard muscular condition. Adequate head on clean neck into well laid shoulders. Moved really well driving from well angulated hindquarters to win over 2nd Mcleod's Sidelock Do I Look Bovvered. Light br of lovely type but not co-operating at all. Good head neck and body although could have done with a tad more coat. she moved soundly and held a good profile. 3 Jones's Bimini Rhapsody In Blue. OB (8,2) 1 Black's Bassodon Deeta Von Teese. CC. Which I found made her up. A first champion for the black's, congratulations. She well deserves her title. Pretty br bitch in good order. Liked her head and neck. Well bodied with good angulation. Kept topline when standing or moving. Moved out soundly to win. 2 Kugow & Holt's Waldmeister Steffi Jw. Slightly taller br bitch. g ood head & neck, excellent coat on strong body, for me she lacks a little in forechest. Moved really soundly and happily as do all from this kennel. 3 Rowell's Kanix Linda At Emmajesk JW.

Ellen P Blackburn