Leeds 2009

Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired)

Judge: Mrs Jean Hallett

BEST OF BREED : 4350 THORN-ANDREWS Mrs Z Drakesleat Win Alot   Also Hound Grp 2
Dog CC : 4350 THORN-ANDREWS Mrs Z Drakesleat Win Alot
Res Dog CC : 4302 HORSWELL, Mr J & IWAMA Mr J Ch & Jap Ch Drakesleat JP Trier Winshoten (Imp)
Bitch CC : 4291 FULTON, Mrs E & FULTON Miss G Bothlyn Black Rose
Res Bitch CC : 4339 ROSE, Mr S & WILLIAMS Mr S J Tythe Rhian
Best Puppy : 4315 KUGOW, Mr B & HOLT Miss S Waldmeister Steffi
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder :

Class 922 MPD (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4344 SHERIDAN, Mr & WILLIAMS Mr Wyndsmoor Mister Chips
2nd: 4292 HARDY Mrs G L Kushwin Gamekeeper

Class 923 PD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4356 YOUNG, Mrs M & OTTER Mr S Tarkus Windy Miller Portalutra
2nd: 4345 SHERIDAN, Mr & WILLIAMS Mr Wyndsmoor Son Of Crinkles
3rd: 4312 KIRKWOOD, Miss D J & KIRKWOOD Mr G & Mrs J Waldmeister Gordo At Helydon
Res: 4321 MCKENNA Mr J & Mrs S N Waldmeister Wee Man At Tredreas

Class 924 JD (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4350 THORN-ANDREWS Mrs Z Drakesleat Win Alot
2nd: 4327 MOORE Mrs H Danvichar Euphrasia
3rd: 4281 BAXTER Miss A Kapodach Love Me Tender at Hotwire
Res: 4354 YOUNG Mrs M Tarkus Harvest Gold
VHC: 4323 MILLER Mrs T Bothlyn Black Raven At Sharplaw

Class 925 PGD (8 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4335 PRICE Mr P J & Mrs N F Samlane Tetley
2nd: 4317 MACDONOUGH Ms K Varrich Ben Lui
3rd: 4290 FOUNTAIN Mrs E Cratloe Spot On
Res: 4357 YOUNG, Mrs M & OTTER Mr S Nordach Mr. Muffin Of Tarkus
VHC: 4287 DUNN Mr J R & Mrs J A Bratenklein Cent Mille Chanson

Class 926 LD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4340 RUSSELL Mrs C Russteck Fillibeg JW
2nd: 4283 BLACK, Mrs L & Mr K & BLACK Miss E Bassodon Bilbie
3rd: 4295 HASSALL, Mrs J & MCLEOD Mrs J Sidelock Formula One
Res: 4333 POXON Mrs K Kapodach Chip And Pin JW
VHC: 4324 MILLER Mrs T Bothlyn Timemaster At Sharplaw

Class 927 OD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4302 HORSWELL, Mr J & IWAMA Mr J Ch & Jap Ch Drakesleat JP Trier Winshoten (Imp)
2nd: 4285 DOUGLAS, Mrs J & BANKS Mrs S Torabbi Welsh Malt Sh.CM
3rd: 4324 MILLER Mrs T Bothlyn Timemaster At Sharplaw

Class 928 MPB (10 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4341 RUSSELL Mrs C Russteck Perchance To Dream
2nd: 4320 MARSTON-TEAL Mrs S F Lordscairnie Xclusive Love
3rd: 4286 DUNN Mrs G A Barratini Bumble at Ashridge
Res: 4346 SHERIDAN, Mr & WILLIAMS Mr Wyndsmoor Miss Crinkles
VHC: 4308 JONES Mrs S Bimini Rhapsody In Blue

Class 929 PB (8 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 4315 KUGOW, Mr B & HOLT Miss S Waldmeister Steffi
2nd: 4280 BARNEY Mr J A Verrami Ava Nuvver Romaunt
3rd: 4349 SUTTON Mr M Tarkus Daydreamer
Res: 4330 OTTER Mr S J Tarkus Winds of Change Portalutra
VHC: 4288 DUNSTALL Mrs R J Metcroft Dahlia

Class 930 JB (11 Entries) Abs: 4
1st: 4339 ROSE, Mr S & WILLIAMS Mr S J Tythe Rhian
2nd: 4293 HARDY Mrs G L Kushwin Firefly
3rd: 4311 KEMP Mrs J Vossmead Lady In Red
Res: 4338 ROBERTS Mr D Drakesleat Win'er Takeall To Swansford
VHC: 4313 KIRKWOOD, Miss D J & KIRKWOOD Mr G & Mrs J Ubu Isla At Helydon

Class 931 PGB (8 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 4336 PRICE Mr P J & Mrs N F Samlane Touch Of Gin
2nd: 4309 JONES Mrs S Bimini Dizzi Dancer
3rd: 4325 MINSHULL Mrs W P Sidelock Ruby Tuesday
Res: 4319 MARSTON-TEAL Mrs S F Lordscairnie Enduring Love
VHC: 4328 MOORE Mrs H Danvichar Digitalis

Class 932 LB (7 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 4322 MCLEOD Mrs J Sidelock Do I Look Bovvered
2nd: 4284 BLACK, Mrs L & Mr K & BLACK Miss E Bassodon Dita Von Teese
3rd: 4342 RUSSELL Mrs C Russteck Ophelia
Res: 4334 POXON Mrs K Kapodach Sukiyaki
VHC: 4332 POWELL Miss B Bothlyn Singing The Blues At Forbell

Class 933 OB (8 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4291 FULTON, Mrs E & FULTON Miss G Bothlyn Black Rose
2nd: 4352 WILBERG Mr K S Kanix Mary
3rd: 4294 HARDY Mrs G L Kushwin Enigma
Res: 4337 PRICE Mr P J & Mrs N F Samlane Norma Jean
VHC: 4351 THORN-ANDREWS Mrs Z Drakesleat Miss Suebishy


Thank you for such a lovely entry. It is around three years since I judged this breed. The same faults are still with us, but on saying that, I judge the other varieties of Dachshund and they also have many of the same faults. I do not agree with any cross mating as yet. In my entry today there were many animals which can give benefits to correct the problems if you study their pedigrees, and use the animals that have the things your bitch or dog fails in you can improve. It maybe a kennel you would not think of going to normally. A very well known breeder once stated many years ago that even if the owner is perhaps disliked by you, if you need to improve your stock, put this at the back of your mind and ask for permission to use their animals. When I was seriously breeding and showing, I took my bitches to numerous kennels, and over some 40 years have bred and exported numerous champions and CC winners. Main failings are mouths with missing teeth, at least eight animals today had only four bottom incissors and one with only three. Bites were ok. Shoulders are lacking in length of upper arm. Most have good length and layback of shoulder. Coats on most were harsh, some need to be stripped right down to encourage better texture. Size was not a problem, although I had to have a word with one owner as their exhibit was too thin and not really quality. A pet home would be best I feel. Movement on the whole was ok. The worst problem seemed to be close front and rear action. I had one or two really nice ones who failed in this department and quite a number could not cope with the ground. This is where the slightly taller animals excelled. My CC winners and top winners in good classes also mostly coped well. Temperaments were good on the whole, only two or three lacking the temperament we require in a small hound.

(3, 1) 1 Sheridan &Williams’ Wynsmoor Mister Chips. Best DP. Just loved this 9 months baby. His first show and really enjoying himself. So nice to see. Super dark brindle, harsh coat, well boned, excelled in front development which this variety lacks, chunky feet. When he settled his movement in profile was good, coming to and going away was difficult to assess, but he should settle with maturity. Lovely mouth. 2 Hardy’s Kushwin Gamekeeper. Another promising baby, but only 6 months. Very typy, lovely head, not quite the development in front of the winner as yet but much younger. I don’t think he knows how to walk in a straight line at the moment, but so happy. Little between these two. Promising.

(4) 1 Young & Otter’s Tarkus Windy Miller Portalutra. Good size, typy lighter brindle, well bodied, decent shoulders and hind angulation, coat not quite as hard as winner of PD but well presented, moved truly away and in profile, covering the ground well, shade close coming to me. 2 Sheridan &Williams’ Wyndsmoor Son Of Crinkles. Litter brother to MPD winner, and same remarks apply in every way. The handler could not get him to move at all really but he is appealing and nice to go over on the table. He deserved his place. 3 Kirkwood’s Waldmeister Gordo At Helydon.

(6) Apart from my winner, this was a disappointing class. He stood apart from the rest. 1 CC, BOB and Group 2. What an impressive dog. Thorn-Andrews’ Drakesleat Winalot. His name is very appropriate. I’m sure he will go on to do much more. This was his third CC so makes him up. Correct ground clearance, excellent shoulders and hind angulation, good width throughout, no narrowness coming and going away here, he has a lovely masculine head and is well boned throughout, moved with great style. I was delighted to see him go Group 2. 2 Moore’s Danvichar Euphrasia. Good coat, lacks length of upper arm, kept a decent topline moving in profile. 3 Baxter’s Kapodachlove Me At Hotwire.

(8) Better class. 1 Price’s Samlane Tetley. Beautifully presented, well bodied brindle boy, super coat, masculine head, well boned, excellent mouth, nice to go over, sound mover but seemed a little unsettled on moving around with the rest of the class. Will have a better day I feel. 2 Macdonough’s Varrich Benlui. Lighter brindle with a decent head, well developed front and length of ribbing, moved soundly going away but was a shade close coming to. 3 Fountain’s Cratloe Spot On.

(5) 1 Russell’s Russteck Fillibeg. Very attractive blk/tan, he was in lovely condition, harsh, gleaming coat, masculine head, good length of neck leading into decent shoulders, strong hindquarters, looks stunning standing and moving in profile, so sound, to be critical, would like a shorter loin, but he is a lovely dog. 2 Black’s Bassodon Bilbie. Dark brindle of quality, well made throughout, good head, coped well with the ground, shade close in front but sound mover and looked well going around, nice lad. 3 Hassall &Mcleod’s Sidelock Formula One.

(3) 1 Horswell &Iwama’s Ch &Jap Ch Drakesleat JP Trier Winshoten (Imp). RCC. Sire of the CC winner and so very similar in type, stood out here, again very handsome male head, good mouth, angulation front and rear is excellent, lengthy ribbing and short loin, took him a while to settle on the move but very sound throughout, coat not quite at its best today. 2 Douglas &Banks’ Torabbi Welsh Malt. Nice type, excellent head, harsh jacket, sound mover, at eight years lacks the style and overall quality of one. 3 Miller’s Bothlyn Timemaster At Sharplaw.

(10) Quality babies here, sosme will see a better day. 1 Russell’s Russteck Perchance To Dream. Only 6 months, really taken with this one, very shapely all through, very harsh coated, beautifully presented, nice bone, shoulders were well angulated, good front and strong hindquarters which she uses well, really striding out, her movement going away and coming to me was correct, when moving around the ring she was playing the fool, but outline was nice the times she settled. The winner of BP is older and more mature in outlook but when she learns to be a lady, should do well. 2 Marston-Teal’s Lordscairnie Xclusive Love. Nice type of girl, well developed all through, sound, stylish mover, good coat but not quite as harsh as the winners. 3 Dunn’s Barratini Bumble At Ashridge.

PB(8) 1 Kugow & Holt’s Waldmeister Steffi. BP. Quality lady, so stylish, catches your eye on entering the ring, lovely size, well boned with thick padded feet, feminine head with excellent mouth, so sadly lacking in many. Extremely sound mover. 2 BarneyVerrami Ava Nummer Romaunt. Shapely girl with a well developed front and length of ribbing, decent shoulders, sound mover but a shade unsettled which affected her topline at times. 3 Sutton’s Tarkus Daydreamer.

(11) Much better class than JD. 1 Rose &Williams’ Tythe Rhian. RCC. Very taken with this lady. Lovely size and so feminine, well developed front and length of ribbing, well laid shoulders with good length of upper arm, appealing head, correct mouth, good width coming to and going away, kept her lovely outline at all times, nicely presented. 2 Hardy’s Kushwin Firefly. Good coated girl, correctly made all through, looked well on the move, shade close in front. 3 Kemp’s Vossmead Lady In Red.

PGB(8) 1 Price’s Samlane Touch Of Gin. Another well presented good coated one from this kennel, liked her make and shape all through, excellent shoulders and length of neck, coped well with the ground which was very uneven and was the downfall of many otherwise nice animals, perhaps a shade close coming to me. 2 Jones’ Bimini Dizzi Dancer. Shapely girl, not the coat of winner, sound mover. 3 Minshull’s Sidelock Ruby Tuesday.

(7) 1 McLeod’s Sidelock Do I Look Bovvered. Looked well today although a little short of coat, but the texture is correct. I think has lost some weight since I saw her last and has benefitted from this, very feminine head, lovely length of neck and layback of shoulders, ribbing and underline correct, too many cut up with short ribbing, moves with style but unfortunately going away her hind movement was affected by the very uneven ground, as were many others, shame as I considered her for the RCC. 2 Black’s Bassodon Dita Von Teese. This young lady has got some very typy animals now. Well done. Typy bitch all through, shoulders and underline are correct, well presented and is a decent mover, the winner just had that little bit more style moving round. 3 Russell’s Rusteck Ophelia.

(8) Nice quality class. 1 Fulton’s Bothlyn Black Rose. CC, her second. Not shown so much as her champion sister, which has done her no harm at all, her movement has improved with maturity, stunning shape standing and moving, her gleaming blk/tan coat is really harsh, no skin showing through as with so many blk/tans, beautiful head with correct mouth, well filled front, well angulated shoulders and hindquarters, in the final challenge for BOB they looked lovely going around together. The dog just has that stallion look about him which I couldn’t resist being a sucker for male animals. 2 Wilberg’s Kanix Mary. Lovely size bitch, nice width throughout, correct head and mouth, well angulated front and rear, in the final run off for RCC she lost her topline at times compared with the other two bitches in competition. I believe she has just been made a champion. Will have another day. 3 Hardy’s Kushwin Enigma.

Jean Hallett