Dachshund Club 2009

Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired)

Judge: Mrs Janet McCleod (Janjac)

BEST OF BREED : BLACK Bassodon Dita Von Teese
Dog CC : KUGOW & HOLT Ch Waldmeister Henry JW
Res Dog CC : BLACKBURN Stargang Tigers Eye
Bitch CC : BLACK Bassodon Dita Von Teese
Res Bitch CC : BLACKBURN Ch Stargang Beau Belle
Best Puppy : BLACKBURN Stargang Tigers Eye

Minor Puppy Dog (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: THORN ANDREWS Drakesleat Otton the Scent
2nd: MACDONOUGH Varrich's Capercaillie
3rd: ADAMS Angelhom's Figaro

Puppy Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: BLACKBURN Stargang Tigers Eye
2nd: MARSTON-TEAL Lordscairnie Love to Dance

Junior Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: SHERIDAN & WILLIAMS Wynsmoor Mr Chips
2nd: KIRKWOOD Waldmeister Gordo at Helydon

Post Graduate Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: SHAW Cilnant Happy Harry

Limit Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: BLACK Bassodon Bilbie
2nd: PRICE Samlane Tetley
3rd: WAY Sudasam Mayisujest

Open Dog (9 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: KUGOW & HOLT Waldmeister Henry JW
2nd: THORN-ANDREWS Ch Drakesleat Win A Lot
3rd: HORSWELL & IWAMA Ch/JAP Ch Drakesleat JP Trier Winshoten
Res: RUSSELL Russteck Fillibeg JW
VHC: SMITH Dunnspitts Zakajak

Veteran Dog or Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: DANCE Dacatec Mindyapeasncues Emem
2nd: WALKER Kapodach Lovit to Bitz to Roselle

Minor Puppy Bitch (1 Entry) Abs: 0
1st: LANCASTER & MILLER Drakesleat Ott Stuff Pellismer

Puppy Bitch (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: RUSSELL Russteck Perchance to Dream
2nd: DUNN Barratini Bumble at Ashridge
3rd:  SEXTON Molloney Paige Me
Res:  MARSTON TEAL Lordscairnie Xclusive Love
VHC: LANCASTER & MILLER Pellismer Sno Big Deal

Junior Bitch (9 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: THORN ANDREWS Starhill Lady of the Lake at Drakesleat
2nd: BARNEY Verrami Ava Nuvver Romaunt
3rd: KUGOW & HOLT Waldmeister Steffi JW
Res: ADDOO Ruelemill Freya Fraywood
VHC: BLACKBURN Stargang Jolo

Post Graduate Bitch (10 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: BLACKBURN-BENNETT Stargang Diamond Star
2nd: HARDY Kushwin Firefly
3rd: HAYWARD Foxearth Fee'Ling
Res: PRICE Samlane Touch of Gin
VHC: MARSTON-TEAL Lordscairnie Dream of Love

Limit Bitch (12 Entries) Abs:2
1st: BLACK Bassodon Dita Von Teese
2nd: BALDWIN Beckel Pent House Baby
3rd: KUGOW & HOLT Waldmeister Guillemot JW
Res: MILES Gunnrange Ophelia with Jaybiem
VHC: MARSTON-TEAL Lordscairnie Love Diamonds

Open Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: BLACKBURN Ch Stargang Beau Belle
2nd: FULTON Bothlyn Black Rose
3rd: THORN ANDREWS Drakesleat Winsum Losesum
Res: DANCE Emem Sunny Spells
VHC: LANCASTER & MILLER Drakesleat Stone Me with Pellismer


My first time awarding CC's and I so enjoyed my day. Many thanks to my stewards for keeping the ring running smoothly. MPD. (4,1). 1. Thorn-Andrews', Drakesleat Otton the Scent. A very nice black brindle baby with a lovely head and eye. Well laid shoulder. Correct upper arm. Good length and depth of ribbing. Should mature into a nice dog. 2. Macdonough's, Varrichs Cappercallie. Rangier type than winner. Black and tan. Liked his head and eye. Level topline. Well presented harsh coat. Would prefer more hind angulation. Moved well and he has wonderful temperament. 3. Adams', Angelholm Figaro. PD. (3,1). 1. Blackburn's, Stargang Tigers Eye. Impressive brindle. Super outline. Liked his head and correct dentition. Lengthy neck, prominent forechest. Level topline. Well angulated hindquarters. Tight feet. Moved soundly holding his outline. All topped off with the harshest of jackets. BP and RCC. 2. Marston-Teal's, Lordscairne Love to Dance. A nice youngster. Balanced outline. I liked his head and eye, front construction and ribbing. Lovely hindquarters. He moves soundly but needs to gain confidence. JD. (2). 1. Sheridan and Williams's, Wyndsmoor Mr Chips. Black brindle of nice type. Liked his head and dark eye. The best of fronts. Good length of ribbing. Sound o the move but needs to tighten, when he settles with his new owners I am sure there's better to come. 2. Kirkwood's, Waldmeister Gordo at Helydon. Good coated brindle. Liked his head and eye. Correct dentition. Level topline. Tight feet. Lacking angulation at both ends. Happy temperament. He enjoys his showing. PGD. (4,3). 1. Shaw's, Cilnant Happy Harry of Mustdach. Smart little dog with a level topline. Tight feet. Well muscled hindquarters. Slightly forward shoulder. Harsh well presented coat. On the day Happy Harry wasn't very happy at all and refused to move much, but what little I saw he was sound. LD. (4,2). 1. Blacks', Bassadon Bilbie. A nice type of dog. Masculine head. Well laid shoulders. Good length and spring of rib. Level topline. Good hindquarters. Moves soundly if a little wide behind. Well presented coat and handled to advantage. 2. Price's, Samlane Tetley. Beautifully presented black and brindle pin wire. Lovely head and eye, correct dentition. Level topline. Tight padded feet. He moves soundly but lacks that extra sparkle on the move. OD. (9,3). 1. Kugow and Holt's, Waldmeister Henry JW. Dark brindle of a lovely size with good bones and substance. I loved his head, darkest of eyes and correct dentition. Good length and depth of ribbing. Strong loin. He has the tightest padded feet. In hard muscular condition. Such an active mover he flowed around the ring. Delighted to award him his third CC. 2. Thorn-Andrews', Ch. Drakesleat Win Alot. A lovely brindle with such a super outline. Excellent front construction. Good length and spring of rib. Well angulated hindquarters and low hocks. Moved soundly but lacked verve. Maybe it's been a long show season, shame as I do really like him. 3. Horswell and Iwama's, Ch/Jap Ch. Drakesleat JP Trier Winshoten. V. (3,1). 1. Dance's, Dacatec Mindyapeasncues Emem. 10 year old brindle and in super condition. She has the cleanest teeth. Still has a super outline. Moves so soundly. Extrovert temperament. Bet she's fun to live with. A credit to her owner. 2. Walker's, Kapadach Lovit to Bitz to Rosselle. 7 years old brindle. Another in super coat and condition. Moved soundly, kept a good outline. Also a credit to her owner. MPB. (1). 1. Lancaster and Miller's, Drakesleat Ott Stuff Pellismer. Black and tan dog. I liked her head and eye. Level topline. Tight feet. Moved well for one so young. Just wish she had a harsher coat. Perhaps she needs to take her coat out and start with a fresh coat. PB. (6,1). 1. Russell's, Russteck Perchance to Dream. Super brindle pin wire. Lovely outline. She has bone and substance. I liked her front and ribbing and tight feet. I shall watch her career with interest. BPB. 2. Dunn's, Barratini Bumble at Ashridge. Black and brindle I've admired from the ringside. She is a lovely make and shape but on the day she moved close behind which let her down. 3. Molloney Paige Me. JB. (9,1). 1. Thorn-Andrews', Starhill Lady of the Lake at Drakesleat. Very nice chocolate with a super outline. Excellent front construction, ribbing and well angulated hindquarters. Moved soundly. Lovely temperament. Liked her very much. 2. Barney's, Verrami Ava Nuvver Romaunt. A lovely brindle with a lovely head and eye. Reachy neck. Good ribbing and tight feet. In gleaming coat and condition. 3. Kugow and Holt's, Waldmeister Steffi. PGB. (11). 1. Blackburn-Bennett's, Stargang Diamond Star. Elegant brindle with a classic outline. Super front. Reachy neck. Level topline. Well angulated hindquarters. Shown in excellent coat. Looked really well. 2. Hardy's, Jushwin Firefly. A really nice type brindle with a good head and eye. Prominent forechest. Well laid shoulders. Level topline. In super coat and condition. Just wish she could have made more of herself on the move. 3. Haywards', Foxearth Fee Ling. LB. (12,2). 1. Black's, Bassadon Dita Von Teese. I just loved this super brindle bitch. She has the most beautiful head and eye. Well laid shoulders. Excellent length and spring of rib, topline and underline. Well angulated hindquarters. She moves so soundly, so well presented. Handled to perfection by her young handler. Delighted to award her her second CC. I hope she gets her crown, she deserves too. CC and BOB. 2. Baldwin's, Beckel Penthouse Baby. A very nice brindle bitch. Super outline. Beautifully presented and looked an absolute picture stacked. She moves soundly. She just needs to settle and enjoy her showing more. 3. Kugow and Holt's, Waldmeister Guillemot JW. OB. (7,1). 1. Blackburn's, Ch. Stargang Beau Belle. Super coated brindle with a lovely front and reach of neck. Good ribbing. Well angulated hindquarters. Tight feet. Moved well and what super temperament she has. A truly lovely bitch. RCC. 2. Fulton's, Bothlyn Black Rose. Superbly presented black and tan with a lovely head and eye. Good ribbing and hindquarters. She moves soundly but on the day she was losing her topline on the move. 3. Thorn-Andrews', Drakesleat Winsum Loseum.

Janet McLeod