Scottish Dachshund Club 2009


Miniature Wires – No CC’s


Mrs G Hardy {Kushwin}


BD:  BLACKBURN’S Ch. Stargang Malachite
RBD:  MILLER’S Bothlyn Black Raven At Sharplaw

BB:  BLACKBURN-BENNETT’S Ch Stargang Kasino Kween
RBB:  ROWALL’S Kanix Linda At Emmajesk JW Sh CM

BOB: BLACKBURN-BENNETT’S Ch Stargang Kasino Kween -  RBIS
BPIB:  MILLER’S Bothlyn Black Raven At Sharplaw


Puppy Dog:  2-0

  1. MILLER’S Bothlyn Black Raven At Sharplaw
  2. KIRKWOOD’S Waldmeister Gordo At Helydon naf

Junior Dog: 1-1
Novice Dog: 1-0

  1. MILLER’S Bothlyn Black Raven At Sharplaw

Post Graduate Dog:  1-0

  1. MACDONOUGH’S Varrich Ben Lui

Limit Dog: 2-0

  1. MILLER’S Bothlyn Time Master At Sharplaw
  2. MACDONOUGH’S Varrich Ben Lui

Open Dog: 3-0

  1. BLACKBURN’S Ch. Stargang Malachite
  2. RUSSELL’S Russteck Fillibeg
  3. MILLER’S Bothlyn Black Raven At Sharplaw

Puppy Bitch: 0-0
Junior Bitch: 4-0

  1. RUSSELL’S Russteck Thistledown
  2. BLACKBURN-BENNETTS Stargang Diamond Star
  3. KIRKWOOD’S Ubu Isla At Helydon
  4. MACDONOUGH’S Varrich Too Ra Loo

Novice Bitch: 2-1

  1. MACDONOUGH’S Varrich Lilo Lil

Post Graduate Bitch: 2-1

  1. RUSSELL’S Russteck Thistledown

Limit Bitch: 2-1

  1. ROWALL’S Kanix Linda At Emmajesk JW Sh CM

Open Bitch:  1-0

  1. BLACKBURN-BENNETT’S Ch Stargang Kasino Kween


 PD (2) 1 Miller's Bothlyn Black Raven at Sharplaw. 11mths B/T. Pleasing head of good length set on nice reachy neck. Oval front with well placed shoulders. Good length of ribbing. Good coat. Needs to drop his tail and settle into his hindquarters. Moved true. BP. 2 Kirkwoods Walmiester Gordo at Helydon. 6mths brindle baby of more compact type. Good expression. Nice length of neck and good topline. Good coat texture, Just preferred ribbing of 1. ND 1 Black Raven. PGD 1 Macdonough's Varrich Ben Lui. Brindle. Well balanced dog. Good head, eye and earset. Nice length of rib and good topline, held on the move. Crisp coat. LD (2) 1 Miller's Bothlyn Timemaster at Sharplaw. Such a shame that this dog is over the desired 11lb. However I felt that his many virtues were worthy of this placing. Best of heads set on strong, elegant neck. Well placed shoulders and prominent forechest. Good length and spring of rib. Lovely oval front. Well angulated all round. Moved true. 2 Ben Lui. OD (3) 1 Ch Stargang Malachite. Dk brindle. Lovely size with great temperament. Good hard condition. Well proportioned head carried proudly on strong neck which flows into a level topline. Good ribbing. Well muscled hindquarters which propelled him freely round the ring. Good feet and bone. Harshest of coats. BD. 2 Russell's Russteck Fillibeg. B/T. Longer cast dog with classical head. Lovely expression and good ear carriage. Nice length of neck and good angulation. Well sprung ribbing. Super crisp coat. Moves true with good length of stride. RBD. 3 Time master of Sharplaw. JB (4) 1 Russell's Russteck Thistledown. 13mths brindle. Slightly higher on the leg than I prefer but has many good qualities. Attractive head of good proportions. Lovely length of neck into well placed shoulders. Good oval front and length of ribbing. Held a good outline stacked and moving. Moved free and true. 2 Blackburn-Bennett's Stargang Diamond Star. Smaller type brindle. Sweet feminine head. Looks better moving which was true. Good coat. Prefer the topline and rear of 1 as Star tends to drop away behind, especially when stacked. 3 Kirkwoods Uba Isla at Helydon. NB (2,1) 1 Macdonough's Varrich Lilo Lil, Small and compact dark brindle. Well balanced. Feminine head. Prominent forechest and good spring of rib. Harsh coat. PGB (2,1) Russteck Thistledown. LB 1 Rowell's Kanix Linda at Emmajesk. Well balanced cobby brindle. Good head and eyeshape. Oval front Well angled front and rear. Well sprung ribbing of good length. More true both ways holding a firm topline. RBB. OB 1 Blackburn-Bennett's Ch Stargang Kasino Kween. Brindle. Lovely to go over. Beautifully balanced with flowing lines. Feminine head set on elegant neck. Prominent forechest. Good shoulder placement. Well sprung oval ribbing carried well back. Good top and underline, held on the move. Nicely rounded hindquarters. Excellent length of stride. BOB/ RBIS.