Paignton 2007

Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired)

Judge: Mrs Sue Seath


Dog CC : 2445 ROBERTSON Mr G & Mrs S Ch Soletrader Denis The Menace
Res Dog CC : 2453 WILBERG Mrs K S Ch Kanix Keith
Bitch CC : 2408 BLACKBURN Mrs E P Ch Stargang Coffee Renoir
Res Bitch CC : 2423 HUTCHINGS Mrs F Ch Molloney Zena Ghost JW ShCM
Best Puppy : 2404 BALDWIN Mrs Y A Beckel Lets Boogie
Best Veteran :
BEST OF BREED : 2408 BLACKBURN Mrs E P Stargang Coffee Renoir

Class 595 MPD (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 2409 BLACKBURN-BENNETT Miss H Stargang Cosmopolitan
2nd: 2428 MARSTON-TEAL Mrs S F Lordscarnie Once For Love
3rd: 2431 MOATE Mrs D W Kanix Nelson to Dianamo
Res: 2419 HOWELLS Mrs J Fallowmill Deal Or No Deal
VHC: 2416 DUNSTALL Mrs R J Metcroft Jimmy Mack

Class 596 PD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 2440 PUNTER Mrs M J P Welcumen Oscar
2nd: 2451 WAY Ms S Sudasam Showtyme

Class 597 JD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 2445 ROBERTSON Mr G & Mrs S Soletrader Denis The Menace
2nd: 2433 ORAM Mr D J & Mrs C M Rosswell Luciano

Class 598 PGD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 2448 SMITH Mrs A Dunns Pitts Zakajak
2nd: 2411 COLES Mrs W Weststonelee Trooper
3rd: 2418 HOPGOOD Mrs S C Dunnspitts Artful Dodger

Class 599 LD (5 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 2425 KUGOW, Mr B & HOLT Ms S Waldmeister Jackson JW
2nd: 2422 HOWELLS Mrs J Fallowmill Nutz About Toffy
3rd: 2415 DUNSTALL Mrs R J Metcroft Dressed To Thrill

Class 600 OD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 2453 WILBERG Mrs K S Ch Kanix Keith
2nd: 2437 PRICE Mr P J & Mrs N F Samlane Manilow
3rd: 2414 DUNN Mr & Mrs J Cairo's Joylove

Class 601 MPB (9 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 2404 BALDWIN Mrs Y A Beckel Lets Boogie
2nd: 2407 BLACKBURN Mrs E P Stargang Doll Finn
3rd: 2427 KUGOW, Mr B & HOLT Ms S Waldmeister Guillemot
Res: 2429 MARSTON-TEAL Mrs S F Lordscairnie Love Diamonds
VHC: 2432 MOUNTER Mrs S Dunnspitts Dixie Doodle

Class 602 PB (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 2439 PRICE Mr P J & Mrs N F Samlane Rosaleen
2nd: 2421 HOWELLS Mrs J Fallowmill Dolly Dealer

Class 603 JB (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 2410 BLACKBURN-BENNETT Miss H Stargang Kasino Kween
2nd: 2435 PRESNAIL Mr & Mrs D J E Taree Ithaca
3rd: 2430 MOATE Mrs D W Dianamo Laurel
Res: 2434 ORAM Mr D J & Mrs C M Rosswell Francesca

Class 604 PGB (5 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 2426 KUGOW, Mr B & HOLT Ms S Waldmeister Mischka JW
2nd: 2450 VOSPER Mr & Mrs A Oggyland Cornish Pride
3rd: 2446 SEBIRE Mrs B E Kanix Karina of Bouvee

Class 605 LB (5 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 2442 PUNTER Mrs M J P Welcumen Maiden Jane
2nd: 2444 RICHARDS Miss D Wentwood If Only
3rd: 2438 PRICE Mr P J & Mrs N F Samlane Norma Jean

Class 606 OB (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 2408 BLACKBURN Mrs E P Stargang Coffee Renoir
2nd: 2423 HUTCHINGS Mrs F Ch Molloney Zena Ghost JW ShCM
3rd: 2452 WILBERG Mr K S Kanix Kalinka


 Like their larger cousins, I found quite a diverse range of types on display on the day which made it difficult to achieve consistency in my lines ups. Straight, forward placed shoulders were in evidence, as was lack of correct hind angulation and some are getting a bit too high off the ground with too much daylight underneath. Presentation of coats left a lot to be desired in some cases and the ones that were well tidied and trained to display their virtues obviously had an advantage over some of the equally well constructed ones that werenít.

MPD. (6). 1. Blackburn-Bennettís, Stargang Cosmopolitan. Harsh coated, length dark brindle with wonderful outline. Strong, masculine head carried proudly on a good length of neck. Shoulders are a little forward placed, but his overall body shape and topline were correct at all times. Beautifully schooled to make the best of himself. BPD. Still a real baby, so looked a little raw compared to the BBP when it came to deciding Best Puppy in Breed. Quality puppy. I shall watch his progress with great interest. 2. Marston-Tealís, Lordscarnie Once for Love. Softer coated brindle. Well angulated in front and behind. Preferred his shoulder placement to winner, but he didnít hold his topline as well when moving in profile. Moved out freely and covered the ground well. Promising. 3. Moateís, Kanix Nelson to Dianamo.

(2). 1. Punterís, Welcumen Oscar. Compact, harsh coated brindle. Good body shape and hind angulation. Moving in profile, he kept his outline better than second. Correct parallel hind action going away. 2. Wayís, Sudasam Showtyme. Lengthy dark brindle with softer coat than winner. Better coat presentation would help to make the most of him. Moving a little close coming and going and didnít hold his topline as well as Oscar  in profile movement.

JD. (2). 1. Robertsonís, Soletrader Denis the Menace. Strikingly elegant dark brindle who caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. Beautifully presented harsh coat. Excels in head, length of neck and level topline. Well angulated in front and behind and very pleasing to go over on the table. Thankfully his good conformation translated into equally pleasing movement. Moved with purpose, displaying parallel action up and back and really flows round the ring in profile action where he comes into his own covering the ground effortlessly and holding his shape at all times. Coped well with the humid conditions. Handler gets the very best from him. Still immature, especially in comparison with the Bitch CC winner, and I would like to see him gain more confidence, but the day was his day. CC and I gathered afterwards that this makes him up. Well done! 2. Oramís, Rosswell Luciano. Dark brindle with softer coat. Lengthy body and good overall proportions and balance. Not quite the shoulder placement of winner, although he moved soundly up and back. Lets himself down in profile movement though as he humps his topline a little. Needs to gain in confidence to make the best of himself.

PGD. (3). 1. Smithís, Dunnspitts Zakajak. Very impressive, well constructed and honest light brindle with excellent, well presented coat. Admired his head, length of neck and overall body shape. Good depth and spring of rib, firm and level topline and correspondingly pleasing sweep of underline. Very well let down hindquarters with good angulation. Kept his shape in profile movement and went with free striding action and confidence. Close up to the top winners. 2. Colesí, Westonlee Trooper. Darker brindle with softer coat. Pleased in overall outline but not as well angulated in front or behind as Zakajak. Lacks a little confidence and this showed in his movement. 3. Hopgoodís, Dunnspitts Artful Dodger.

(5). 1. Kugow and Holtís, Waldmeister Jackson. Taller type brindle with a bit too much underneath even for my taste. His longer legs enabled him to move freely in profile, but his shoulders are very upright and forward placed, so consequently he lacks forechest. Very sound mover with correct parallel action coming and going. Well handled and presented. 2. Howellís, Fallowmill Nuts About Toffee. Well presented, lower stationed brindle. Unfortunately he cuts up a little in underline and lost his topline in profile movement. Good depth of body, but would benefit from longer neck. 3. Dunstallís, Metcroft Dressed to Thrill.

(3). 1. Wilbergís, Ch. Kanix Keith. Loved this harsh coated, quality light brindle. Beautifully presented and handled. Strong, masculine head, carried proudly on good reach of neck. Very well placed shoulders with correct front angulation and consequently has good forechest. Good body shape and topline and well angulated hindquarters to complete the picture. Moved with correct parallel action up and back and held himself well in profile, But I think the humidity affected him as at times he was a bit reluctant on the move, hence the RCC on the day. Different type to the CC winner but I liked him just as much and on another occasion they could easily change places. 2. Priceís, Samlane Minilow. Softer coated light brindle who wasnít co-operating with his handler. Lengthy body and lovely head with typical expression. Another who was affected bu the sticky, humid weather so didn;t make the best of himself. 3. Dunnís, Cairoís Joylove

MPB. (9). What a fabulous class. I was spoilt for choice and there were some high quality bitches who werenít placed on the day that I felt could with more ring training and in some cases, better coat presentation, come up the line on future occasions. 1. Baldwinís, Beckel Letís Boogie. What an exciting youngster. Only just 6 months old but has confidence and style in abundance. Caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. Compact light brindle with good head and reach of neck. Excellent shoulder placement and forechest, firm and level topline. Good spring of rib and depth of body with flowing underline. Well let down quarters complete the picture. My hands just flowed over her on the table and her excellent conformation translated into sound, flowing movement. Held her shape at all times, holding her topline in profile and moving with parallel action up and back. Just loved her. BPIB. If she carries on developing along these lines she should go on to greater things. 2. Blackburnís, Stargang Doll Finn. Another harsh coated brindle from this consistent kennel. Litter sister to my BDP and very like him in type and overall balance. Lengthy body, good head, neck, shoulders and forechest. Well angulated hindquarters. Free striding profile movement, but at this stage is still a little soft in topline, however she is only a baby and this can improve. Handled to get the very best from her. 3. Kugow and Holtís, Waldmeister Guillemot.

(3). These two puppies were both playing their owners up and moving so erratically it was impossible to assess them adequately. 1. Priceís, Samlane Rosaleen. Soft coated brindle. Feminine head and expression, compact, smaller size. Didn;t hold her topline n profile on the move but had a better tail set than second. 2. Howellís, Fallowmill Dolly Dealer. Looked good stood on the table, but very erratic on the move, especially behind where she was hopping at times. High carried tail detracted from overall outline on the move. Only 6 months old so time is on her side and movement could improve.

(6). 1. Blackburn-Bennettís, Stargang Kasino Kween. Lengthy, harsh coated brindle with excellent construction throughout and wonderful breed type. Good head, length of neck, well placed shoulders and consequently correct forechest. Firm, level topline and good flow of underline to complement. Well angulated behind. Looks an absolute picture stacked, but on the move although she strode out very freely and maintained her topline, she carried her tail a bit high and this just detracted a shade from that overall picture when it came to deciding where to award the CC. Very high quality bitch that I liked a lot. 2. Presnailís, Taree Ithaca. Just loved this harsh coated rich red. Very high quality of construction. Good head, neck, shoulder placement and front construction. Prominent breastbone and plenty of forechest. Level topline, good spring of rib and sweep of keel. Well angulated hindquarters. More compact than winner and of different, but equally correct type. However, like the winner, she very frustratingly carried her tail high on the move. Two very high class exhibits. 3. Moateís, Dianamo Laurel.

PGB. (5). 1. Kugow and Holtís, Waldmeister Miscjka. Impressive light brindle of taller type. Loved her head and expression and overall outline. Wonderful firm and level topline which she held on the move. Like all the exhibits from this kennel she moves freely and fluidly in profile, holding her shape and topline at all times. Also has correct parallel action up and back. Quality bitch that I liked a great deal. Beautifully presented and sympathetically handled to get the best from her. 2. Vosperís, Oggyland Cornish Pride. Compact, harsh coated dark brindle with correct harsh hair on legs. Very different in type to Mischka, being wider all through and shorter in outline. A little bunched up at times on the move and as a consequence Lost her topline in profile. 3. Sebireís, Kanix Karina of Bouvee.

(5). 1. Punterís, Welcumen Maiden Jane. Harsh coated red of taller type. Moderately angulated fore and aft. Held a firm level topline in stance and on the move. One who looks better moving than stood. 2. Richardís, Wentwood If Only. Totally different type to winner. Softer coated red. Would benefit from some attention to her coat, as if she had been better presented she could well have won the class. Very feminine head and expression with lovely dark eye and keen expression. Well constructed with a good reach of neck and level topline. 3. Priceís, Samlane Norma Jean.

OB. (3). Three quality bitches each of a different type. 1. Blackburnís, Stargang Coffee Renoir. Completely charmed by this compact, harsh coated brindle. Obviously has tremendous character and this shines through in her expressive, mischievous eyes and attitude on the move. As all the dogs from this kennel, she is well constructed throughout with well placed shoulders , good forechest, excellent spring of rib and strong hindquarters with correct angulation and bend of stifle. Just flows round the ring in profile with ground covering action and attitude. Moves soundly up and back. Well deserved the CC and BOB and I was delighted to see her make the short list in the Hound Group. I was told afterwards she is a grand daughter of the bitch I gave BOB to the last time I judged this variety. 2. Hutchingís, Ch. Mollomey Zena Ghost. A bitch I have admired from the ringside, so was pleased to have the opportunity to judge her. Quality light brindle, handled to get the very best from her. Different type to winner, but equally correct. Feminine head with keen expression. Built on flowing lines with lengthy outline and well angulated hindquarters. Softer coated than winner. Moved out freely in profile keeping her shape well. RCC. 3. Wilbergís, Kanix Kalinka.