Miniature Dachshund Club 2007

Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired)

Judge: Mrs Sue Roberts (Denver)

Dog CC :  DANCE Emem Storms Ahead
Res Dog CC :  HAYWARD Foxearth News Flash
Bitch CC :  BLACKBURN Stargang Coffe Renoir
Res Bitch CC :  WILBERG Kanix Kalinka
Best Puppy :  THORN ANDREWS Drakesleat Lettuce Inn & Best Puppy in Show
Best Veteran : BRECHIN & HERBERT Rosara Ring Master at Bothlyn
BEST OF BREED : BLACKBURN Stargang Coffe Renoir

Veteran Dog or Bitch (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st:  BRECHIN & HERBERT Rosara Ring Master at Bothlyn

Special Open (Under 10lb) Dog or Bitch (4 Entries) Abs: 3
1st:  KUGOW & HOLT Waldmeister Mischka

Minor Puppy Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st:  WAY Sudasam Showtyme
2nd:  FRASER Marajo Mr Moonlight
3rd:  HUNT Tysar Secret Agent

Puppy Dog (6 Entries) Abs: 4
1st:  HAYWARD Foxearth News Flash
2nd: WHITEHOUSE Rioban Beyond Justice

Junior Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  THORN-ANDREWS Drakesleat Cheez Doff
2nd:  HOWELLS Fallowmill Nutz About Toffy
3rd:  WALKER Roselle Lord of the Dance

Post Graduate Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st:  DANCE Emem Storms Ahead
2nd: SMITH Dunns Pitts Zakajak
3rd: KUGOW & HOLT Waldmeister Jackson

Limit Dog (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st:  POXON Kapodach Acer Trier
2nd: PRICE Samlane Manilow
3rd: DUNSTALL Metcroft Dressed to Thrill
Res: MOORE Danvichar Bergamot

Open Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 2
1st:  WILBERG Ch Kanix Keith
2nd: THORN ANDREWS Drakesleat Sat Sumo

Minor Puppy Bitch (11 Entries) Abs: 4
1st:  WILBERG Kanix Mary
2nd: BLACK Kushwin Embrace Bassodon
3rd: HARDY Kushwin Enigma
Res: MACKENZIE Tysar Time Will Tell
VHC: MARSTON-TEAL Lordscairnie Love Academy

Puppy Bitch (14 Entries) Abs: 2
1st:  THORN ANDREWS Drakesleat Lettuce Inn
2nd: BLACKBURN-BENNETT Stargang Kasino Kween
3rd:  PRESNAIL Taree Ithaca
Res:  WAITE & HUTCHINGS Molloney Sue Flay at Pedach
VHC:  MOATEDianamo Laurel

Junior Bitch (9 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  HAYWARD Foxearth Fallow
2nd: HORSWELL Drakesleat Voo Lay Voo
3rd: PRICE Samlane Pink Gin
Res: WALKER Roselle Dance Little Lady
VHC: JONES Bimini Dizzi Dancer

Post Graduate Bitch (11 Entries) Abs: 3
1st:   PRESNAIL Taree Hawkes Bay
2nd:  KUGOW  & HOLT Waldmeister Mischka
3rd: HOWELLS Fallowmill Tutti Frutti
Res: POWELL Bothlyn Singing the Blues at Forbell
VHC: WHITEHOUSE Rioban Lady Guinever

Limit Bitch (14 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: WILBERG Kanix Kalinka
2nd: THORN ANDREWS Drakesleat Tea Leaf
3rd: KEMP Metcroft Some Like It Hot at Vossmead
Res:  HAYWARD Foxearth Foto Copy
VHC: POXON Kapodach Sakura Blush

Open Bitch (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  BLACKBURN Stargang Coffe Renoir
2nd: HUTCHINGS Ch Molloney Zena Ghost JW
3rd: HORSWELL Drakesleat Why Knot
Res: HAYWARD Foxearth Fresh as a Daisy



I was pleased to judge the Miniature Wires and found it most interesting, unfortunately, there were many absentees. Sound construction especially with regard to shoulder placement and correct ribbing was often difficult to find, and many teeth were not cleaned properly. On the plus side, I was well pleased with my winners and top awards, who demonstrated the movement I was looking for, coupled with the correct construction and coat. VD/B (1). 1 Brechin and Herbert’s Rosara Rug Master At Bothlyn. Top quality exhibit. 10 yr old, presenting good head and reach of neck, well constructed front and shoulders, firm quarters and good top and underline. Well balanced and looked a picture on the move. SO UNDER 10LB D/B (1). 1 Kugow and Holt’s Waldmeister Mischka. Tidy b, with good head and reach of neck, but would just prefer a little more angulation on both front and back ends. MPD (3). 1 Way’s Budasam Showtyme. Quality d with a nice head, good forechest and correct shoulders. Well ribbed, good angulation on the quarters. Moved well with good outline; 2 Frazer’s Marajo Mr Moonlight. Gd head and front assembly and nice bone. Would just prefer a little more rear angulation but may drop as he matures. Moved well; 3 Hunt’s Tysar Secret Agent. PD (6). 1 Hayward’s Foxearth News Flash. Top quality, smart moving p, well balanced who presented with good outline and bone and substance. Super head and furnishings, good forechest and layback of shoulders. Nicely ribbed with good sound quarters, RCC; 2 Whitehouses’ Rioban Beyond Justice. Gd head and eye and nice type but not the shoulder placement or back angulation of 1. JD (4). 1 Thorn Andrews’ Drakesleat Chez Doff. Smart moving, with good balance, nice head and correct front assembly and well ribbed. Sound quarters with good angulation on the back. Moved well; 2 Howell’s Fallowmill Nuts About Toffy. Well bodied with correct head and good coat. Not the shoulder placement or rear angulation of 1; 3 Walker’s Roselle Land Of The Dance. PGD (4). 1 Dance’s Emem Storms Ahead. Top quality, still a p, well shaped head and eye, super prosternum and correctly constructed shoulders, good chest and ribbing, well angulated hocks and firm quarters. Had excellent outline and substance and good type, which he showed to advantage as he moved round the ring, CC: 2 Smith’s Dunns Pitts Zakajak. V nice d, but not the substance of 1. Gd head and reach, well placed shoulders. Would prefer more angulation on back; 3 Kugo and Holt’s Waldmeister’s Jackson. L (6). 1 Poxon’s Kapodach Acer Trier. Well furnished quality d, correct shoulders, a nice prosternum. Moved out well but would just prefer a little more ribbing; 2 Price’s Samlane Manilow. Another smart compact exhibit, with good head and well ribbed. Just a little wide as he moved away today; 3 Dunstall’s Metcroft Dressed To Thrill. OD (4). 1 Wilberg’s Ch Kanix Keith. Top quality smart d with good coat and furnishings. Correct head and eye and good reach of neck. Lovely prosternum and layback of shoulder. Nicely angulated quarters. Moved truly both ways and kept excellent outline. RCC. Close decision in challenge; 2 Thorn’s Andrews Drakesleat Sat Suma. Smart well bodied d, with good head and coat. Moved well, excellent outline, but just not the shoulder placement of 1. MPB (11). 1 Wilberg’s Kanix Mary. Nice p, correctly constructed, keeping good outline on the move. Nice front and shoulders, especially a good rear angulation. Should do well; 2 Black’s Kushwin Embrace Bassadon. Neat quality b, good head, super shoulders and well ribbed; 3 Hardy’s Kushwin Enigma. PB (14). 1 Thorn’s Andrews Drakesleat Lettuce Inn. Out of the top drawer. This p stood out and presented a lovely outline and excellent movement. Super head and furnishings, good reach of neck, excellent front and ribbing. Correct quarters drove her round the ring, BP and BPIS; 2 Blackburn’s Bennetts Stargang Kasino Kween. Another quality p, with sound construction all through. Needs to settle a little but should do well; 3 Presnail’s Taree Itaca. JB (11). 1 Hayward’s Foxearth Fallow. V nice b, with nice head and reach of neck. Correct chest and shoulders. Gd sound quarters, moved well, one to watch for; 2 Horsewell’s Drakesleat Voo Lay Voo. Nice b, correctly constructed, but not as confident as 1 and didn’t hold outline on the move; 3 Price’s Samlane Pink Gin. PGB(11). 1 Presnails Tarnee Hawkes Bay. Lovely exhibit, sound constructed front and well ribbed. Lovely action coming and going and showed best on looser lead. Should do well; 2 Kugow and Holt’s W Mischka; 3 Howell’s Fallowmill Tulli Frutti. LB (13). 1 Wilberg’s Kanix Kalinka. This b caught the eye and was lovely to go over. Super head and neck, well laid shoulders, correctly ribbed. Movement was true going and coming and she held her outline well. Really liked her RCC; 2 Thorn Andrews’ Drakesleat Tea Loaf. Lovely b, with correct construction both front and rear ends. Not quite the length of ribbing of 1 but v nice; 3 Kemp’s Metcroft Some Like It Hot At Vossmead. OB (6). 1 Blackburn’s Stargang Coffee Renoir. Top quality exhibit, the type I love and sound as a pound. Best front and chest of the day, super shoulder, and sound, well angulated rear end. Was true in movement both going and coming and kept her outline at all times. Completed the picture with good head and underline and correct coat. BCC and BOB; 2 Hutching’s Ch Malloney Zena Ghost. Another sound, lovely b who I thought was beautifully constructed and moved well. Just a little longer in loin that 1 but worthy champion; 3 Horsewell’s Drakesleat Why Knot.

Susan Roberts