Great Joint Dachshund Club

Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired)

Judge: Mr C Moore (Romanchi)

Dog CC :  THORN-ANDREWS, IWAMA & DELLAR Ch Jap Ch Drakesleat JP Jest Dis Once
Res Dog CC :  WILBERG Kanix Keith
Bitch CC : HUTCHINGS Ch Molloney Zena Ghost JW
Res Bitch CC :  WILBERG Kanix Kalinka
Best Puppy :  ROBERTSON Soletrader Denis The Menace
Best Veteran : MARSTON-TEAL Lordscairnie Love Anew

Minor Puppy Dog (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st:  ROBERTSON Soletrader Denis The Menace
2nd:  MOATE Kanix Leonard To Dianamo
3rd:  HAYWARD Foxearth News Flash
Res:  ORAM Rosswell Luciano
VHC: WHITEHOUSE Rioban Beyond Justice

Puppy Dog (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  BALDWIN Komombo Copyright To Beckel
2nd: ORAM Rosswell Luciano
3rd: BILLINGHURST Nordach Mr Nice Guy At Jiljac
Res: HIPKIN Metrella Wotson
VHC: WALKER Roselle Lord of the Dance

Junior Dog (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st:  COLES, Weststonelee Trooper

Post Graduate Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  KUGOW & HOLT Waldmeister Jackson
2nd: HASSALL Charnealis Costa Lota Money
3rd: MCDOWELL Waldmeister Morgan at Aristodax

Limit Dog (13 Entries) Abs: 3
1st:  Mrs K S WILBERG Kanix Keith
2nd: ROBERTSON & COCOZZA Soletrader Dax Factor
3rd: THORN ANDREWS Drakesleat Sat Sumo
Res: MORTON Molloney Tera Fried
VHC: PRICE Samlane Manilow

Open Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  THORN-ANDREWS, IWAMA & DELLAR Ch Jap Ch Drakesleat JP Jest Dis Once
2nd: WOMBLE Emem Wind in the Willows
3rd: BARNEY Ch Verrami Brown Doff
Res: WAY Sudasam Top at N' Tails
VHC: MARKA-NOVAJ Shemby Buzz Word

Veteran Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  MCDOWELL Bulliff Ruffle

Minor Puppy Bitch (11 Entries) Abs: 2
1st:  KEMP Metcroft Diamonds and Dust at Vossmead
2nd: WAITE & HUTCHINGS Molloney Sue Flay at Pedach
3rd: PRESNAIL Taree Ithaca
Res: ORAM Rosswell Francesca
VHC: ROWELL Kanix Linda at Emmajesk

Puppy Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  WILBERG Stargang Coco At Kanix
2nd: RATHBONE Brialind Cherry Pie
3rd:  PRICE Samlane Pink Gin
Res:  ORAM Rosswell Francesca
VHC: HOLGATE Drakesleat Bahn the Bomb

Junior Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  BARNEY Verrami Kitsch N Cupboard
2nd: HORSWELL Drakesleat Voo Lay Voo
3rd: KUGOW & HOLT Waldmeister Mischka
Res: HAYWARD Foxearth Fallow
VHC: MEREDITH Emem Airy Fairy at Deepdax

Post Graduate Bitch (14 Entries) Abs: 3
1st:  BARNEY Verrami Kitsch N D'Or
2nd: BLACK Bassodon Borgia
3rd: HARDY Kushwin Dollar Myte
Res: NIALL Drakesleat Material Girl
VHC: POXON Kapodach Sakura Blush

Limit Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: WILBERG Kanix Kalinka
2nd: SEXTON & HAYWARD Foxearth Fixed Asset
3rd: THORN-ANDREWS Drakesleat Tea Leaf
Res:  HOLGATE Drakesleat Gaysha Girl at Nadavin
VHC: Mrs J M KEMP Metcroft Some Like It Hot at Vossmead

Open Bitch (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  HUTCHINGS Ch Molloney Zena Ghost JW
2nd: HAYWARD Foxearth Fresh as a Daisy
3rd: HORSWELL Drakesleat Why Knot

Veteran Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  MARSTON-TEAL Lordscairnie Love Anew



Thank you to the Committee for the invitation. I found presentation on the whole v disappointing but that said I really enjoyed my day. MPD (7). 1 Robertson’s Soletrader Denis The Menace. First outing for this 6 mths gd coated dark Brindle. Quality head & eye. Gd neck into well laid shoulder, level topline, well angulated hindquarters, gd bone & substances. Needs to get it together on the move when I suspect he will be challenging for top honours. BP; 2 Moate’s Kanix Leonard At Dianamo, 7 mths. Brindle balanced, well put together p who moved v well, I preferred the topline on the winner; 3 Hayward’s Foxearth News Flash. PD (6). 1 Baldwin’s Komombo Copyright to Beckel, 11 mths Brindle. Gd head & eye. Well laid shoulder with enough forechest, gd top & underline, lovely size. Moved out v well keeping his shape at all times. Not quite the coat of the BP; Oram’s Rosswell Luciano, 6 mths. Dark Brindle. Correct head with a lovely eye. Well placed shoulders, gd topline, nice hindquarters, just lost his shape when moving; 3 Billinghurst’s Mr Nice Guy At Jiljac. JD (2). 1 Cole’s Westonlee Trooper, Brindle. Nice head & eye. Gd forechest, well placed shoulders, gd hindquarters. Level & moved well; 2 Howell’s Fallowmill Nutz About Toffy, Brindle. A v nice exhibit that has lots of the winner’s attributes but is just not as positive when moving. PGD (4). 1 Kugow & Holt’s Waldermeister Jackson. Well balanced & constructed young male. Correct head, nicely arched neck into well laid shoulder, true front with well muscled hindquarters which he used when moving, maintaining a gd topline; 2 Hassall’s Charnealis Costa Lotta Money. Dark Brindle who is a v nice shape but is not as positive moving & would prefer more forechest; 3 McDowell’s Waldermeister Morgan At Aristodax. LD (13). 1 Wilberg’s Kanix Keith. V gd coated Brindle, well balanced with excellent construction. Masculine head with a pleasing expression. Well arched neck into correctly laid shoulders, gd forechest, excellent top & underline with v well angulated hindquarters used to really cover the ground when he moved. Excellent temperament. RCC; 2 Robertson & Cocozza’s Soletrader Dax Factor. V typy dark Brindle. Super head with lovely eye. V well constructed all through but would prefer more positive movement & with a touch more body; 3 Thorn-Andrews’s Drakesleat Sat Sumo. OD (6). 1 Thorn-Andrews’s Iwama & Dellar’s CH/JP CH Drakesleat JP Jest Dis Once. Quality Brindle, lovely breed type, sound in all departments, well balanced. Gd head & eye. Gd neck with well laid & placed shoulders, tight elbows, prominent forechest, gd length & spring of rib, v well angulated hindquarters. Moved positively to win this class & the CC; 2 Womble’s Emem Wind In The Willows. Smaller well constructed dark Brindle who had he been in coat would have pushed the winner; 3 Barney’s CH Verrami Brown Doff. Vet D (2). 1 McDowell’s Bulliff Ruffle. Nicely constructed dark Brindle with gd bread type who showed some of the youngsters how to move. MPB (11). 1 Kemp’s Metcroft Diamonds & Dust At Vossmead, 8 mths, Brindle. Feminine head, gd shoulders, correct top & underline, everything fits & she moved well; 2 Hutching & Walte’s Molloney Sue Flay At Pedach, just 6 mths, Brindle. V nicely constructed girl who moved out well but I preferred the forechest on the winner. PB (7). 1 Wilberg’s Stargang Coco At Kanix, 10 mths. Super construction. Tight harsh coat. Feminine head with correct eye. Gd fore & hind quarters, deep bodied, level, excellent substance. Drove round the ring keeping a lovely outline; 2 Rathbone’s Brialind Cherry Pie, 9 mths, Brindle. Nicely made but not the substance of the winner & not as positive in movement; 3 Price’s Samlane Pink Gin. JB 1 Barney’s Verrami Kitsch ‘N’ Cupboard, Brindle. Lovely head with correct eye. Nicely arched neck with well placed shoulders, v gd top & underline, super hindquarters. Covered the ground well. Beautifully handled & presented; 2 Horswell’s Drakesleat Voo Lay Voo. Another lovely b unlucky to meet winner. Well constructed & moved well but she lost out on presentation; 3 Kugow & Holt’s Waldermeister Mischka. PGB (15). 1 Barney’s Verrami Kitsch ‘N’ Dor, Brindle. Litter sister to junior & she is as well made as her but moves even better, lucky owner to get two such lovely bs in the same litter; 2 Black’s Bassodon Borgia, Brindle. Well constructed who was unlucky to meet winner, not quite the coat of the first; 3 Hardy’s Kushwin Dollar Myte. LB (8). 1 Wilberg’s Kanix Kalinka. Brindle sister to LD. Excellent coat. Feminine head & correct eye. Nice neck & shoulders, gd top & underline, deep bodied, plenty of substance. Moved out well. RCC; 2 Sexton & Hayward’s Foxearth Fixed Assets. Gd bread type on this well constructed b. Well angulated front & rear, level, gd ribbing. Not the coat of the first & not as positive moving; 3 Thorn-Andrew’s Drakesleat Tea Leaf. OB (4). 1 Hutching’s CH Molloney Zena Ghost. Superb Brindle with the presentation I was looking for. Excellent breed type, beautiful head with correctly shaped dark eye. Nicely arched neck into well placed shoulders, prominent forechest, deep bodied with excellent top & underline, correctly angulated hindquarters. Moved out with purpose keeping her outline at all times. Beautifully handled to get the v best from her. CC & BOB; 2 Hayward’s Foxearth Fresh As A Daisy, Brindle. Unlucky to meet winner on such top form. Another with lovely breed type, feminine head, gd fore & hindquarter construction, gd ribbing, kept her outline when moving; 3 Horswell’s Drakeleat Why Knot. Vet B (2). 1 Marston-Teal’s Lordscairnie Love Anew, 8 yrs Brindle. Nice head & eye. Decent shoulders with a gd top & underline, decent hindquarters. Moved well. BV.

Chris Moore