Miniature Wirehaired Dachshunds


Judge : Mrs Jean Hallett (Loretto)   


BEST OF BREED : KUGOW & HOLT Ch Waldmeister Meadow

Dog CC : Mrs K S WILBERG Ch Kanix Duncan
Res Dog CC :  Mrs C E RUSSELL Russteck Orsino
Bitch CC : KUGOW & HOLT Ch Waldmeister Meadow
Res Bitch CC : Mrs Y ANGEAR Beckel Bountiful for Ridgegrove
Best Puppy : Mrs F HUTCHINGS Molloney Zena Ghost
BEST OF BREED : KUGOW & HOLT Ch Waldmeister Meadow

Minor Puppy Dog (10 Entries) Abs: 4
1st: Mrs Y ANGEAR Ridgegrove Flat Cap
2nd: Mrs A REES Nordach Never Mind Next Time
3rd: Miss E BRECHIN, Mr A & HERBERT Kanix Gordon
Res: Mr & Mrs PRESNAIL Taree Franz Josef
VHC: Mrs R J DUNSTALL Metcroft Zigane

Puppy Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Mrs C E RUSSELL Russteck Orsino
2nd:Mrs A REES Nordach Toy Soldier
3rd: Mr J W & Mrs L BILLINGHURST Nordach Mr Show Off At Jiljac

Junior Dog (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Mrs Z THORN ANDREWS Drakesleat Otto Bahn
2nd:Mrs Y A BALDWIN Beckel Blueprint
3rd: Mrs A SMITH Dunns Pitts Supasmiff
Res: Mr A HOLLIS & Miss A FISHER Jakanem Razzle Dazzle by Samlane

Post Graduate Dog (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Mrs B WOMBLE Emem Wind In The Willows
2nd: Mrs E & Miss G FULTON Stargang Crafty Finnish at Bothlyn
3rd: Mrs R J DUNSTALL Metcroft Dressed to Thrill
Res: Mrs S ROBERTSON Jokenray Tiny Tim
VHC: Mr I G & Mrs C WILLIAMS Brytonian Clydwyn

Limit Dog (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: Mrs K S WILBERG Kanix Duncan
2nd:Mrs E MORRIS Verrami Straight Ahead to Bretarah
3rd: Msds S BANKS & J DOUGLAS Torabbi Welsh Malt
Res: Mr C A FOX & Mr M GADSBY Laicsyd Napoleon Solo with Afterglow
VHC: Mrs S ROBERTSON Jokenray Tiny Tim

Open Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: Mrs E & Miss G FULTON Jonkaths Time Traveller to Bothlyn
2nd: Mrs H J GORTON BAKER Axters Bindaree Von Kotch

Minor Puppy Bitch (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st:  Mrs F HUTCHINGS Molloney Zena Ghost
2nd: Mrs S F MARSTON-TEAL Lordscairnie Love Actually
3rd: Mr & Mrs PRESNAIL Taree Cape Farewell
Res: Mrs A SMITH Dunns Pitts Toodle Oo

Puppy Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: Mr K S WILBERG Stargang Kanit Be Kanix
2nd:Mrs W COLES Weststonelee Oh So Rosie
3rd:Ms C M SCOTT Wolferlow Slack Alice
Res: Mr K OWEN & Miss Z BRODIE Ubu Knights Lady of Wolfscastle
VHC:  Mr C A & Mrs B FOX Summer Chantilly Lace at Laicsyde

Junior Bitch (11 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: Mrs Z THORN-ANDREWS Ch Drakesleat Lettuce Owt
2nd:Mr D & Mrs J PRESNAIL Taree Ermedale
3rd:Mrs E & Miss G FULTON Bothlyn Singing The Blues
Res: Mrs E MORRIS Bretarah Ruff Guide
VHC: Mr L & Mrs J THOMSON Larklinn Star of Destiny

Post Graduate Bitch (12 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Mr M LEWIS Trixhund Miss Issippi
2nd:Mrs J M KEMP Metcroft Some Like It Hot at Vossmead
3rd:Mr D & Mrs J PRESNAIL Taree Campbell's Creek
Res: Mrs M DANCE Emem Summer Breeze
VHC: Mrs W MINSHULL Brytonian Catrin

Limit Bitch (11 Entries) Abs: 4
1st: Mrs Y ANGEAR Beckel Bountiful for Ridgegrove
2nd:Mr & Mrs SEXTON, Mrs L & HAYWARD Foxearth Fixed Asset
3rd:Mrs Z THORN ANDREWS Drakesleat Nuffin Toulouse
Res: Mrs W COLES Taree Yvette at Weststonlee
VHC: Ms K MACDONOUGH Beckel Flutterby Bothlyn

Open Bitch (11 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: B KUGOW & S HOLT Ch Waldmeister Meadow
2nd: Mrs Z THORN-ANDREWS Dunnspitts Kwite Kute Drakesleat
3rd: Mrs K S WILBERG Stargang Picket Line at Kanix
Res: Mr & Mrs PRICE Ir Ch Samlane Imogen
VHC: Mr L & Mrs J THOMSON Larklinn Destiny



 I appreciated the lovely entry of 82 dogs. Thank you very much, especially to the long distance exhibitors at this time of the year. My main winners pleased me very much. Dogs as usual were not the quality in depth of the bitches. There were some lovely girls and I could have happily awarded 3 or 4 CCs. My bitch lineup was very satisfying indeed. Shoulders are a real problem, half the entry did not have the length of upper arm required. Upper shoulder blades were mostly correct in length and layback. Heads are also a problem, many being to round in skull and short in foreface. Round eyes were also prevalent. Al this gives a toylike expression. Mouths on the whole were good. Still a few narrow bottom jaws and a number of incorrect incisors, but on the whole not too much of a worry. MPD. (10). 1. Angear’s, Ridgegrove Flat Cap. Lovely typy baby. Harsh coat, excellent bone throughout. Well developed for 6 months old. His first show. Needs to settle on the move as yet, but will soon learn, no doubt. Promising. 2. Rees’s, Nordach Never Mind Next Time. Rangier puppy. Excellent outline. Elegant neckline. Keeps a good outline standing and on the move. Harsh coat. Would wish a shade more length of upper arm, but a nice baby. 3. Brechin and Herbert’s, Kanix Corion. PD. (3). 1. Russell’s, Russteck Orsino. RCC and BPD. Loved this boy first time I saw him. Very typy. Lovely masculine outlook, a real dog. Excellent length and bone. Well angulated hindquarters. Moved with style. 2. Rees’s, Nordach Toy Soldier. Very typical of this kennel. Excellent harsh coat. Scopy brindle lad. Sound mover. Not quite the topline of the winner. 3. Billinghurst’s, Nordach Mr Show off at Jiljac. JD. (6). 1. Thorn-Andrews’, Drakesleat Otto Bahn. Nice headed brindle lad. Good feet and bone. Looks super stood. Sound moving but would wish him to extend more in profile. Level topline and sound coming and going. 2. Baldwin’s, Beckel Blueprint. Smart typy brindle. Lots to like. Sound mover. Shade shorter in upper arm than winner. 3. Smith’s, Dunnspitts Supa Smiff. PGD. (5). 1. Womble’s, Emem Wind in the Willows. Small black brindle. Beautiful outline standing and on the move. Good width going and coming toward. Has tightened up in the rear since I last saw him. Nicely angulated shoulders and strong quarters. 2. Fulton’s, Stargang Crafty Finnish at Bothlyn. Lovely size. Good coat. Lengthy neck. Well developed oval front. Moved soundly with a level topline. 3. Dunstall’s, Metcroft Dressed to Thrill. LD. (5). 1. Wilberg’s, Kanix Duncan. CC his third. Small light brindle. In good coat. Beautiful outline which he kept at all times. Good width coming and going to me. Well angulated front and rear. 2. Morris’s, Verrami Straight Ahead to Bretarah. Pleasing harsh coated brindle. Well presented. Very sound mover. Good ribbing. Not quite the hind angulation of the winner, which makes him a shade square in profile. 3. Banks and Douglas’s, Torabbi Welsh Malt. OD. (3). 1. Fulton’s, Jonkaths Time Traveller to Bothlyn. Smart light brindle. Elegant outline. Good front. Moved smartly. Would prefer a more masculine head. 2. Gorton-Baker’s, Bindaree Von Kotch. Dark brindle. Rather untidy in coat on the day. Preferred his head to the winner, but not the outline. Moved soundly. MPB. (6). 4 nice bitches. 1. Hutchings’, Molloney Zen’a Ghost. BP. What a little cracker. Fell in love with her. Sweet head and expression. Excellent neck and correct shoulders. Nice oval front and ribbing carried well back. Lovely underline. Harsh black brindle coat. Her first show and thought it all a game. Pulled a little on the move but very sound all round. Lovely. 2. Marston-Teal’s, Lordscairnie Love Actually. Different type to winner. Nicely presented. Pretty feminine head. Held her topline and moved soundly. 3. Presnail’s, Taree Cape Farewells. PB. (8). 1. Wilberg’s, Kanit be Kanix. Lovely light brindle. Very well constructed throughout. Good hind angulation. Well boned. Moved well in profile and coming too. Rather unsettled in hind movement on the day. Plastic matting is not ideal for settled movement and quite a few were affected in this way. Nice puppy. 2. Coles’, Westonelee Oh so Rosie. Harsh coated, dark brindle girl. Sweet head. Moved soundly. Would prefer a shade more length of upper arm. 3. Scott’s, Wolferlow Slack Alice. JB. (10). Strong class. 1. Thorn-Andrews’, Ch. Drakesleat Lettuce Owt. Recently crowned young lady. Very feminine. Nicely constructed. Good feet. Appealing head. Harsh coat. Well developed front. A little unsettled moving on the day, but sound. 2. Presnail’s, Taree Emedale. Dark harsh coated brindle. Lovely shape. Good hind angulation. Very neat and sweet. Moved soundly. Liked her. 3. Fulton’s, Bothlyn Singing the Blues. PGB. (12). 1. Lewis’s, Trixhund Miss Issippi. Not seen this girl before. Smart red brindle. Very pleasing all through. Good coat. Wonderfil front. Well boned. Strong quarters which she used to advantage when moving. Quality lady. 2. Kemp’s, Metcroft Some Like it Hot at Vossmead. Very pretty harsh coated red. Have admired her from the ringside, but you never know until you have examined dogs yourself if your first impression was correct. In this case I was not disappointed. Ultra sound. Excellent shoulders. Very sound mover. Carrying a little too much weight on the day. Not a long bitch, so this makes her shade square. Please put her on a diet. 3. Presnail’s, Taree Cambells Creek. LB. (11). 1. Angear’s, Beckel Bountiful at Ridgegrove. RCC. This girl gave me a real headache. The decision for the CC was so close between her and the Open class winner, I had both of them back on the table to reach my final decision. Light brindle, ultra feminine. Lovely elegant outline. Neat feet. Excellent mover, really grabs your attention. Beautifully presented as all from this kennel. 2. Sexton and Hayward’s, Foxearth Fixed Asset. Another very typy lady. Good coated bridnle. Nicely angulated shoulders. Very sadly absent in many. Strong well angulated hindquarters. Moves well, keeping her outline. 3. Thorn-Andrews’, Drakesleat Nuffin Toulouse. OB. (5). 1. Kogow and Holt’s, Waldmeister Meadow. CC and BOB. This was her third CC. I awared her the RCC last time I judged. Well done. Offered to buy her at 16 weeks, but sadly not to be. Very satisfying to go over. Excellent width throughout. Best of ribbing and correct underline. Lovely oval front. Short hocks. She has a coat to cover. Moving and standing keeps a lovely outline. True movement front and rear. Covers the ground well in profile. Had to fight hard, as I had a very difficult choice between head and the Limin bitch winner, but she pulled out all ths stops. 2. Thorn-Andrerws’, Dunnspitts Kwite Kute Drakesleat. Have judged this lady before and liked her then. Lovely head. Good front and well padded feet. Good ribbing. Moved freely. Nicely presented. 3. Wilberg’s, Stargang Picket Line at Kanix.

Jean Hallett