Bath Championship Show 2004

Judge : Mr Alan Atkins

Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired)

Dog C.C.              Horswells  &  Kubota’s Jap.Ch Drakesleat JP Baro Trier. Imp.

Res. D.C.C           Thorn Andrew’s Drakesleat Otto Bahn

Bitch C.C.              Blackburn’s Stargang Karaoke Queen.

Res. B.C.C.           Angear’s Beckel Bountiful for Ridegrove

Best Puppy.          Thorn Andrew’s Drakesleat Otto Bahn

Best of Breed.      Horswells & Kubota’s Jap.Ch Drakesleat JP Baro Trier. Imp

Minor Puppy Dog. 6 Entries. 1 abs

 1. Thorn Andrews - Drakesleat Otto Bahn

2. Womble’s - Emem Wind in the Willows

3. Rathbone’s - Brialind Galahad

4. Smith’s  - Dunns Pitts Supa Smiff

5. Rowe’s  - Rowsetta Pukkah Chukka


Puppy Dog 6 Entries 1 abs

 1. Wilberg’s Kanix Duncan

2 Baldwin’s Beckel Blueprint

3.  Hayward’s Foxearth Fat Boy Slim

4.  Brechin & Herbert’s Lamark Fabio

5.  Smith’s Dunns Pitts Supa Smiff


Junior Dog.  2 Entries 1 abs

1. Marka-Nova Shemsbys Buzz Word


Novice Dog.         

No entries


Post Graduate Dog   3 Entries. 1 abs

 1. Marka Nova’s Shemby’s Top Caliber

2. Robertson’s Jokenray Tiny Tim

3. Price, Hollis & Fisher’s Samlane Dalziel


Limit Dog 4 Entries  

 1. Forbell Black Cap

2. Stargang Bolt from the Blue

3.  Jokenray Tiny Tim


Open Dog  5 Entries.1 abs

 1. Horswell & Kubota’s Jap Ch Drakesleat JP Baro

2. Dance’s Ch/Ir Ch Emem Nipper in the Air

3.  Blackburn’s Stargang Mickey Finn

4.  Dunn’s Cairo’s Tight Lastic


Minor Puppy Bitch  8 Entries. 1 abs


1. Presnail’s Taree Ermedale

2. Marston Teal’s Lordscairnie Love Galore

3. Rathbone’s Brialind Lolita

4. Price’s Ranagarth Golden Tango of Samlane

5. Dunn’s Cairo’s Charlotte Bronte


Puppy Bitch 4 Entries 1 abs

 1.Angear’s Beckel Bountiful for Ridgegrove

2. Dunn’s Cairo’s Titwillow

3.  Whitehouse & Evill’s Ubu Tempted by the Finn


Junior Bitch  8 Entries. 2 abs

 1. Wilberg’s Stargang Picket Line at Kanix

2.  Horswell’s Drakesleat Why Knot

3.  Smith’s Dunns Pitts Oopsa Daisy

4.  Whitehouse & Evill’s Ubi Abi

5.   Presnail’s Taree Campbell’s Creek


Novice Bitch  2 Entries 1 Abs.

 1.   East’s Kolombo Misty Day


Postgraduate Bitch 7 Entries.

 1. Blackburn’s Stargang Encore.

2.  MacKenzie’s Kanix Bettie at Tysar

3.  Coles Taree Apollo Bay At Westonlee


Limit Bitch  8 Entries  3 abs

 1. Mueller’s Drakesleat I Rest My Case Rabymere

2   Blackburn’s Stargang Blue Freckles

3.  Price’s Brialind Secret Affair by Loretto

4.   Kugow & Holts Waldermeister Meadow

5.   Powell’s Kevocklea Kracker At Forbelll


Open Bitch   9 Entries 2 abs

 1. Blackburn’s Stargang Karaoke Queen

2.  Wilberg’s Ch. Kanix Audrey

3.  Angear’s Ridgesgrove Gingham Doll

4.   Thorn- Andrew’s Drakesleat Black Marks

5.    Hayward’s Foxearth Fennel Flower



MPD. (6). 1. Thorn-Andrew’s, Drakeslate Otto Bahn. Well constructed puppy. Good head and dark eye. Good length of rib and well angulated quarters. Correct coat. Kept topline at all times. Showed very well for one so young. Will watch his progress. One for the future. RCC and BPIB. 2. Womble’s, Emem Wind in the Willows. Pleasing head and good reach of neck. Well angulated fore and aft. Moved very well. 3. Rathbone’s, Brialind Galahad.

PD. (6). 1. Wilberg’s, Kanix Duncan. Very promising puppy with balanced head and reachy neck leading to good shoulder placement. Level topline at all times. Moved very well. 2. Baldwin’s, Beckel Blueprint. Another promising youngster at his first show. I’m sure will mature well. Good head and eye. Good angulation. Moved with drive. 3. Hayward’s, Foxearth Fat Boy Slim.

JD. (2). 1. Marka-Novaj’s, Shembys Buzz Word. Stood alone but a worthy winner. Nicely balanced head. Good reach of neck. Good topline. Moved well.

PGD. (3). 1. Marka-Novaj’s, Shembys Top Caliber. Beautiful head and expression and dark eyes. Low to ground and well angulated. Moved with drive. 2. Robertson’s, Jokenray Tiny Tim. Nicely proportioned. Good profile. Well angulated fore and aft. Moved very well. 3. Price’s, Samlane Dalziel.

LD. (4). 1. Powell’s, Forbell Black Cap. Quality dog. Balanced throughout with good head and reach of neck. Well angulated and well handled. 2. Water’s, Stargang Bolt from the Blue. Well constructed dog with nice head and reachy neck. Kept topline at all times. Moved well. 3. Robertson’s, Jokenray Tiny Tim.

OD. (5). 1. Horswell and Kubota’s, Jap Ch. Drakesleat Jp Baro Trier (Imp). Excellent class headed by superbly constructed dog with correct eye. Reachy neck heading to good shoulders. Prominent forechest. Ribs well sprung, well angulated throughout and not overdone in any way. Had to be at his best with his kennel mate pushing him very hard. Plred to award him the CC and BOB. 2. Dance’s, Ch/Fr Ch. Enem Nipper in the Air. Unlucky to meet winner. Quality exhibit, good make and shape. Blanced head, good reach of neck. Well angulated. Moved well. 3. Blackburn’s, Stargang Mickey Finn.

MPB. (8). 1. Presnail’s, Taree Ermedale. Very promising pupy with good head and eye. Lovely outline and super temperament. Moved with drive. 2. Marston-Teal’s, Lordscairnie Love Galore. Pleasing head of good length and well angulated. Moved very well. 2. Rathbone’s, Brialind Lolita.

PB. (4). 1. Angear’s, Beckel Bountiful for Ridgegrove. Very promising puppy of ideal proportions with good head and eye. Promising front. Good shoulder. Excellent in strong well muscled quarters and driving action. Strode around the ring. Handled as usual by this exhibitor to perfection. Wish she was nice. RCC and BPB. 2. Dunn’s, Cairo’s Titwillow. Good head and reach of neck. Well angulated froe and aft. Moved very well. 3. Whitehouse and Evill’s, Ubu Tempted by the Finn.

JB. (8). 1. Wilberg’s, Stargang Picket at Kanix. Good outline both standing and moving showed well with good driving action. Very feminine, good front and reach of neck. Well handled. 2. Horswell’s, Drakeslate Why Knot. Well balanced with good head and front. Did not put it all in on the day. 3. Smith’s, Dunns Pitts Oopsa Daisy.

NB. (2). 1. East’s, Komombo Misty Day. Stood alone but worthy winner of good make and shape. Feminine head, steady topline and good movement.

PGB. (7). 1. Blackburn’s, Stargang Encore. Balanced head carried well. Good froechest and layback of shoulder. Good length of ribbing. Well muscled hindquarters. Shown in excellent condition and moved with drive. 2. Mackenzie’s, Kanix Bettie at Tysar. Of good construction. Balanced head, strong angulated quarters. Moved and showed very well. 3. Coles’, Taree Apollo Bay at Weststonelee.

LB. (8). 1. Thorn-Andrews’, Drakesleat Rest my Case Rabymere. Quality bitch of good construction. Well balanced head, reachy neck. Well angulated front and rear. Good movement. 2. Blackburn’s, Stargang Bluye Freckles. Another quality exhibit from this kennel. Super head, long, low and level. Well placed shoulders. Moved well. 3. Price’s, Brialind Secret Affair by Loretto.

OB. (9). 1. Blackburn’s, Stagnag Karaoke Queen. Of super construction. Balanced throughout. Excellent shoulders and ribbing. Well off for bone. Kept good topline at all times. Shown and handled to prefection. BCC. 2. Wilberg’s, Ch. Kanix Adrey. Another quality exhibt. Well balanced head, reachy neck and well laid back shoulders. Firm topline, stacked and on the move. Free mover. 3. Angear’s, Ridgegrove Gingham Doll.

Allan Atkins