WELKS 2003
Judge Mr Paul Price (Samlane)
CC Wilberg - Stargang Xcaliber at Kanix
RCC Moate - Dianamo Magnum
BCC Blackburn - Stargang Mystical Finnish
RCC Wilberg - Ch Kanix Audrey
BP Hallett - Brialind Romeo by Loretto
BOB Blackburn - Stargang Mystical Finnish
Puppy Dog
1st Hallett - Brialind Romeo by Loretto
2nd Smith - Dunns Pitts Nosi Parka
3rd Fraser - Stargang Clown Peince of Donlaynes
Res Presnail - Taree Broken Hill
VHC Leggett - Marajo Let the Light Shine on Sonsrymes
Junior Dog
1st Moate - Dianamo Magnum
2nd Smith - Dunns Pitts Jake
Post Graduate Dog
1st Morris - Verrami Straight Ahead to Bretarah
2nd Waters - Stargang Bolt from the Blues
Limit Dog
1st Horswell - Drakesleat Von Der Full
Open Dog
1st Wilberg - Stargang Xcaliber by Kanix
2nd Dance - Ch Emem Nipper in the Air
Puppy Bitch
1st Coles - Taree Apollo Bay at Weststonelee
2nd Payton - Marajo Embraced by the Light
3rd Hallett - Loretto Finnishing Touch
Res Morris & Collins - Bretarah Allegretto
VHC Hipkin - Bronia Party Revival at Metrella
Junior Bitch
1st Whitehouse - Ubu the Jazz Singer
2nd Billinghurst & Rees - Nordach Tip Top
3rd Marston - Lordscairnie Love in the Mist
Res Presnail - Taree Zoya
Post Graduate Bitch
1st Hallett - Brialind Secret Affair by Loretto
2nd Coles - Taree Yvette of Weststonelee
3rd Oram - Charnealis Hear'Say at Roswell
Limit Bitch
1st Hayward - Foxearth Fennel Flower
2nd East - Komombo Misty Day
3rd Rigby - Daisarch Honeysuckle Rose of Rigadac
Res Corbishley - Stargang Alice Springs
Open Bitch
1st Blackburn - Stargang Mystical Finnish
2nd Wilberg - Ch Kanix Audrey
3rd Thorn-Andrews - Drakesleat Black Marks
Res Marston - Lordscairnie Love Anew
VHC Presnail - Taree Xanthippe



 I would like to thank all those exhibitors who entered on the day and I hope that they were not disappointed with the placings. As those who know me might guess, I was looking for the sturdy houndy type. A good mover well prepared. Shown in good condition and looking as though it could do a day’s work. I found those fitting this description and feel that this was reflected in the final line up.

PD. (7). 1. Hallett’s, Brialind Romeo by Loretto. An impressive 8 months old with a good strong head and expression. Good reach of neck running into nicely constructed front quarters. Showed himself extremely well standing and moving keeping a good topline at all times. He promises a good future. I had no hesitation in awarding him. BP. 2. Smith’s, Dunns Pitts Nosi Parka. Another nice sturdy little puppy. Super black and tan coat. He showed himself beautifully and kept his good topline when moving, but I preferred the length of first. 3. Fraser’s, Stargang Clown Peince of Donlaynes.

JD. (3). 1. Moates’s, Dianamo Magnum. A super little dog with a very strong head, excellent front and shoulder assembly. Good length of ribbing, nice coat. He has a lovely general outline. Moved extremely well and was worthy of his RCC. 2. Smith’s, Dunns Pitts Jake. A nice little dog with a pleasing head but not as strong and a little shorter in body than first. He showed himself very well.

PGD. (3). 1. Morris’s, Verrami Straight Ahead to Bretarah. A pleasant head and expression. Nice reach of neck. Front quarters very good in profile running into a reasonable length of rib. A generally good outline. Moved and showed well. 2. Water’s, Stargang Bolt from the Blue. Not quite the head of first, but generally his construction is good. Stood well and very well handled.

LD. (2). 1. Horswell’s, Drakesleat Von Der Full. A very nice general outline, he has a very good coat. His front quarters very good and he moved very well but he did not always stand four square on the table. Good shoulders, good length of rib and moved well.

OD. (3). 1. Wilberg’s, Stargang Xcaliber at Kanix. His head is not as I would normally go for but the rest of his construction made up for this. His front quarters ran back into a good length of rib, giving him a super general outline. He moved with drive and was presented in good condition. DCC. 2. Dances’, Emem Nipper in the Air. A nice dark boy in good coat with a good strong head. Nice topline and general construction and shown in good condition but he did not move on the day with the drive that I have seen from him in the past. 3. Thorn-Andrews’, Drakesleat Spaghetti Junction.

PB. (13). 1. Coles’, Taree Apollo Bay at Westonlee. This is a bitch of the type I prefer. She has nice strong but feminine head. Like most of the rest of the class she is carrying puppy fat but at her age would expect this. It is a pity there was no Minor Puppy class at this show. She is very nicely constructed with good front and lay of shoulder and always keeping a lovely topline. Always ready to show herself, she stood beautifully and moved beautifully and should have potential when she matures. 2. Payton’s, Marajo Embraced by the Light. Another nice little bitch but I preferred the head of first. Otherwise she is nicely constructed. Moved and stood nicely. Presented well. 3. Hallett’s, Loretto Fininshing Touch.

JB. (5). 1. Whitehouse’s, Ubu the Jazz Singer. A nice bitch. Not as strong a head as I would prefer but is quite nicely constructed. She stood nicely and moved well. She has a lovely coat with pleasing colouring. 2. Billinghurst and Rees’s, Nordach Tip Top. Quite a nice bitch with a little stronger head tha first, but not the construction. Another one carrying puppy fat but I feel that at her age this is now a little excessive and should be corrected. 3. Marston’s, Lordscairnie Love in the Mist.

PGB. (8). 1. Hellett’s, Brialand Secret Affair by Loretto. A quality youngster with quite a nice head. Lovely front quarters running to a nicely balanced rear. Stood and moved well. On the whole performed very well indeed even though still a puppy. 2. Coles’, Taree Yvette of Weststonelee. A nice dark brindle bitch with lovely front quarters running to a good length of ribbing but the rear not quite as solid as I would like. 3. Orams’, Charnealis Hear say at Rosswell.

LB. (4). 1. Hayward’s, Foxearth Fennel Flower. This bitch is definitely my type. A good strong but feminine head, lovely front quarters. Good length of ribbing and strong rear. A nicely balanced outline even though she has a little more on the leg than some others. Moved to perfection. She pushed hard in the challenge. 2. East’s, Komombo Misty Day. Another lovely bitch with a strong head and beautifully constructed. She has a nice front, good length of ribbing. Solid topline but just lost on the hind movement which was not quite driving straight. 3. Rigby’s, Daisarch Honeysuckle Rose of Rigadac.

OB. (7). 1. Blackburn’s, Stargang Mystical Finnish. This beautiful bitch is another with more ground clearance which allowed the free movement demonstrated. She has lovely front quarters and good rear. Stood well and moved beautifully keeping good topline. Shown with her coat in top condition giving lovely balanced outline. BCC and BOB. 2. Wilberg’s, Ch. Kanix Audrey. A nice dark brindle with a super head, lovely front and shoulders. Good long ribbing. Kept a nice topline on the move and showed herself beautifully. RCC. 3. Torn-Andrews’, Drakesleat Black Marks.

Paul Price