Three Counties 2003
Judge : Mrs Jean Hallett (Loretto)
CC Dance - Ch Emem Nipper in the Air
RCC Horswell - Drakesleat Von Der Full
BCC Wilberg - Ch Kanix Audrey
RCC Kugow & Holt - Waldmeister Meadow
BP Hadden - Wellbury Kalinka
BOB Wilberg - Ch Kanix Audrey
Puppy Dog (10 Entries)
1st Smith - Dunns Pitts Nosi Parker
2nd Fulton - Jonkaths Time Traveller to Bothlyn
3rd Newbury - Komombo Take By Storm
Res Hadden - Wellbury Knightric Acid
VHC Marston - Lordscairnie Love to Knight
Junior Dog (3 Entries)
1st Moate - Dianamo Magnum
2nd Fraser - Stargang Clown Prince of Donlaynes
3rd Gorton-Baker - Axters Bindaree Von Kotch
Post Graduate Dog  (4 Entries)
1st Morris - Verrami Straight Ahead to Bretarah
2nd Gorton-Baker - Axters Bindaree Von Kotch
3rd Cook - Patlyns Oh So Lucky
Limit Dog (7 Entries)
1st Horswell - Drakesleat Von Der Full
2nd Holmes - Curtisey Sweet Basil at Cazzdan
Open Dog (3 Entries)
1st Dance - Ch Emem Nipper in the Air
2nd Thorn-Andrews - Drakesleat Spaghetti Junct
3rd Newbury - Dalegarth Likely Lad
Puppy Bitch (12 Entries) 
1st Hadden - Wellbury Kalinka
2nd Rees - Nordach April Flower
3rd Sexton & Knight - Molloney Too Posh
Res Payton - Marajo Embraced by the Light
VHC Hutchings - Molloney Unique Recipe
Junior Bitch (10 Entries) 
1st Sebire - Stargang Standing Ovation for Bouvee
2nd Thorn-Andrews - Dunnspitts Kwite Kute Drakesleat
3rd Marston - Lordscairnie Love in the Mist
Res Wilberg - Kanix Bettie
VHC Fulton - Bothlyn Blue Mist
Post Graduate Bitch (10 Entries)
1st Coles - Taree Yvette at Weststonelee
2nd Baldwin - Beckel Bright and Fair
3rd Rathbone - Brialind Evita
Res Squires - Wirehall Winnie Walpole
VHC Holmes - Cazzdan Attititude Adjuster
Limit Bitch (10 Entries)
1st Kugow & Holt - Waldmeister Meadow
2nd Angear - Ridgegrove Gingham Doll
3rd Barney - Verrami Vera Right
Res Hayward - Foxearth Fennel Flower
VHC Sexton - Freecloud Mums the Word
Open Bitch (5 Entries)
1st Wilberg - Ch Kanix Audrey
2nd Hardy - Kushwin Aphrodite
3rd Angear - Ridgegrove Tweed Doll
Res Thorn-Andrews - Drakesleat Black Marks