Paignton Championship Show 2003
Judge: Mrs Sue Emrys Jones
CC Barney - Ch Verrami Guess What
RCC Wilberg - Ch Stargang Xcaliber at Kanix
BCC Wilberg - Ch Kanix Audrey
RCC Angear - Ridgegrove Gingham Doll
BP Presnail - Taree Bungaree
BOB Barney - Ch Verrami Guess What
Minor Puppy Dog (1 Entry) Abs: 1
1st Absent
Puppy Dog (5 Entries) Abs: 3
1st Marston - Lordscairnie Love to Knight
2nd Riley - Ermewood Knave of Spades
Junior Dog (1 Entry) Abs: 1
1st Absent
Post Graduate Dog
1st No Entries
Limit Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st Moate - Dianamo Magnum
2nd Seidenbusch & Schulze - Loretto Prince of Spades to Loretto
Open Dog (7 Entries)
1st Barney - Ch Verrami Guess What
2nd Wilberg - Ch Stargang Xcaliber at Kanix
3rd Horswell - Drakesleat Von Der Full
Res Dance - Ch Emem Nipper in the Air
VHC Boyns - Ch Brindeckel Ballykay
Minor Puppy Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st East - Komombo Sunny Spell
2nd Hipkin - Bronia Party Revival at Metrella
Puppy Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 2
1st Presnail - Taree Bungaree
2nd Coles - Taree Apollo Bay at Westonelee
3rd Billinghurst - Aavak Maybell at Jiljac
Junior Bitch (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st Punter - Welcumen Black Hat
2nd Wilberg - Kanix Bettie
3rd Sebire - Stargang Standing Ovation for Bouvee
Res Dunn - Cairo's Love in a Mist
Post Graduate Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 3
1st Baldwin - Beckel Bright and Fair
2nd Seidenbusch & Schulze - Larklinn's Ruby Tuesday at Doubledax
3rd Baker - Dark Amber at Drakesleat TAF
Res Billinghurst & Rees - Nordach Tip Top
Limit Bitch (10 Entries) Abs: 1
1st Angear - Ridgegrove Gingham Doll
2nd Horswell - Drakesleat Apple Source
3rd Kugow & Holt - Waldmeister Meadow
Res Barney - Verrami Vera Right
VHC Blackburn - Stargang Xquisite
Open Bitch (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st Wilberg - Ch Kanix Audrey
2nd Angear - Ridgegrove Tweed Doll
3rd Horswell - Drakeseat See Voo Play
Res Marston - Lordscairnie Love Anew
VHC Blackburn - Stargang Lauralee Land of Song


 I enjoyed judging these little hounds but too many lacked muscle which affects movement and far too many were loose in elbows. I was surprised at the number of overshot bites. Coats have certainly improved. The dog entry was disappointing.

PD. (5). 1. Marston’s, Lordscarnie Love to Knight. 10 months old but still rather raw He will obviously take a bit of time to come to hand. Good harsh coat. His movement was adequate. 2. Riley’s, Ermewood Knave of Spades. This is a nice puppy. He is balanced and sound, but unfortunately he has only one when he should have two!

LD. (3). 1. Moate’s, Dianamo Magnum. Young dog of good length. Well balanced holding his topline on the move. Correct bite. Good harsh coat. Nicely made all through. 2. Seidenbusch and Schulze’s, Loretto Prince of Spades to Doubledax. Lokked very nice when standing but was rather erratic on the move so a bit difficult to assess.

OD. (7). 1. Barney’s, Verrami Guess What. DCC and BOB. This little boy can really move. What apleasure to watch him. Just how I like a Min Wire. He has it all, coat, construction, good length and presence. I was delighted it was his all important thrid. 1. Wilberg’s, Ch. Stargang Xcaliber at Kanix. RCC. Another cracking Min Wire. Lovely powerful hind action. He just lost out to first on length. Very well put together with a good harsh coat. 3. Horswell’s, Drakesleat Von der Full.

MPB. (2). 1. Eats’s, Komombo Sunny Spell. A pleasing little baby. Nicely made. Very sound harsh coat. Had the edge on second as was just a bit more balanced. 2. Hipkin’s, Bronia Party Revival at Metrella. Another nice bitch, but hasn’t quite got her act together yet when moving. Give her a year and she will hold her own.

PB. (5). 1. Presnail’s, Taree Bungaree. This little brindle girl had one of the best rear actions on the day. Really used her hocks to produce a lovely balanced movement. BP. 2. Coles’s, Taree Apollo Bay at Westonlee. Pleasing bitch, well made throughout. Correct coat, but not as true in movement as one. 3. Billinghurst’s, Aavak Maybell at Jiljac.

JB. (6). 1. Punter’s, Welcumen Black Hat. Sound bitch with lovely tight elbows. Good layback of shoulders, giving enough length of body to produce an overall balanced picture. Gentle expression. 2. Willberg’s, Kanix Bettie. Another pleasing bitch. Moving well. Correct coat. Just lacking in that extra bit of length. 3. Sebire’s, Stargang Ovation for Bouvee.

PGB. (7). 1. Baldwin’s, Beckel Bright and Fair. My notes say ‘liked her a lot’. Looked good standing and moved true fore and aft. Kind expression. Very feminine. Perhaps a harsher coat to complete the picture. 2. Seidenbusch and Schulze’s, Larklinns Ruby Treasure at Doubledax. Pretty bitch with soft expression. Good harsh coat. Looked very good standing with excellent tight elbows. Somewhat erratic on the move unfortunately. 3. Barker’s, Dark Amber at Drakesleat.

LB. (10). Excellent class. 1. Angear’s, Ridgegrove Gingham Doll. RCC. Very nice bitch. Considered her for the CC. Very typical. Lovely expression. Harsh coat, correct bite. Nicely put together. Moved soundly and with drive. Very well presented and shown as one would expect from this exhibitor. 2. Horswell’s, Drakesleat Apple Source. Smaller all round than winner, but still liked a lot. Correctly made. Once she has settled into a quicker pace she showed that she could cover the ground soundly. 3. Kugow and Holt’s, Waldmeister Meadow.

OB. (6). 1. Wilberg’s, Ch. Kanix Audrey. CC. Smashing little bitch, beautifully made. Good coat, correct bite, very balanced. Moves with great verve. Well shown and presented. A pleasure to go over. Thank you. 2. Angear’s, Ridgegrove Tweed Doll. As always from this kennel a beautifully turned out and shown exhibit. I still preferred her litter sister, winner of Limit. But there was very little between them. Both very well put together. Coat not quite as harsh as winner. 3. Hoswell’s, Drakesleat See Voo Play.