Houndshow Championship Show 2003
Judge : Mrs P Seymour
CC Dance - Ch Emem Nipper in the Air
RCC Morris - Verrami Straight Ahead to Bretarah
BCC Thorn-Andrews - Drakesleat Black Marks
RCC Coles - Taree Yvette at Weststonelee
BP Averis - Verrami Alo Vera of Saredon  & HOUND PUPPY GROUP 4
BOB Dance - Ch Emem Nipper in the Air
Minor Puppy Dog (4)
1st Blackburn - Stargang Mickey Finn
2nd Fulton - Jonkaths Time Traveller to Bothlyn
3rd Scarth & Gaunt - Bigglesmeres Ron Weasley
Res Holmes - Cazzdan Mint Condition
Puppy Dog (4) Abs 1
1st Fulton - Jonkaths Time Traveller to Bothlyn
2nd Fletcher - Spiredals Winnats Pocket
3rd Poxon - Kapodachs Pots for Rags
Junior Dog (8) Abs 3
1st Gorton-Baker - Axters Bindaree Von Kotch
2nd Fletcher - Spiredals Winnats Pocket
3rd Colothan & Reed - Annsford Dust Buster
Res Price - Samlane King Creole
VHC Dunk - Loretto Snuff Box
Special Beginners Dog (1)
1st Gorton-Baker - Axters Bindaree Von Kotch
Post Graduate Dog (4)
1st Morris - Verrami Straight Ahead to Bretarah
2nd Hassall - Janjac Costa Pack It
3rd Blackburn - Stargang Nordic Knut
Res McDonough - Windlaw to Funky at Varrich
Limit Dog (10) Abs 1
1st Moate - Dianamo Magnum
2nd Horswell - Drakesleat Von Der Full
3rd Mueller - Rabymere Francs Alot
Res Russell - Kevocklea Twelfth Knight
VHC Holmes - Curtisey Sweet Basil of Cazzdan
Open Dog (6) Abs 1
1st Dance - Ch Emem Nipper in the Air
2nd Wilberg - Ch Stargang Xcaliber at Kanix
3rd Barney - Verrami Guess What
Res Newbury - Dalegarth Likely Lad
VHC Price - Samlane Jenson
Minor Puppy Bitch (9)
1st Dunstall - Metcroft Haley Berry
2nd Wilberg - Stargang Picket Line at Kanix
3rd Russell - Russteck Knight Thyme
Res Whitehouse - Ubu Abi
VHC Scarth & Gaunt - Bigglesmeres Kate Weasley
Puppy Bitch (15)
1st Averis - Verrami Alo Vera of Saredon
2nd Marston - Lordscairnie Love Design
3rd Morris & Collins - Bretarah Allegretto
Res Fulton - Beckel Flutterby Bothlyn
VHC Cole - Taree Apollo Bay at Westonstonlee
Junior Bitch (10) Abs 3
1st Thorn-Andrews - Dunnspitts Kwite Kute Drakesleat
2nd Hayward & Sexton - Foxearth Fixed Assets
3rd Hutchings - Verrami Vera Left to Molloney
Res Sebire - Stargang Standing Ovation for Bouvee
VHC Mueller - Rabymere Last Resort
Special Beginners Bitch (3)
1st Billinghurst - Aavak Maybell at Jiljac
Post Graduate Bitch (9) Abs 4
1st Coles - Taree Yvette at Weststonelee
2nd Wood - Wildstar Winifred
3rd Sexton - Molloney Too Posh
Res Fulton - Bothlyn Sweet Heart
VHC Evans - Pats Potter of Aavar
Limit Bitch (10) Abs 2
1st Thorn-Andrews - Drakesleat Guilty Me Lud
2nd Punter - Welcumen Black Hat
3rd Blackburn - Stargang Xquisite
Res Barney - Verrami Vera Right
VHC Kugow & Holt - Waldmeister Meadow
Open Bitch (11)
1st Thorn-Andrews - Drakesleat Black Marks
2nd Presnail - Taree Xanthippe
3rd Wilberg - Stargang Magical Finnish at Kanix
Res Hayward - Foxearth Fennel Flower
VHC Horswell - Drakesleat See Voo Play



 It was a delight to be among my breed again and thank you for the super entry. I feel my CC winners and placings were well deserved. My observations were, that heads have improved and we have almost lost the Toy/twee look. The quality of coats has improved overall. Unfortunately there are dogs being shown with dirty teeth, untidy coats and nails needing attention. There is still a problem with short upper arm and hind movement still leaves a lot to be desired.

MPD. (4). 1. Blackburn’s, Stargang Mickey Finn. 6 months old baby with good head, nice rach of neck. Soundly made. Good hind angulation. Moved well keeping topline. Showed so well. Very promising future. 2. Fulton’s, Jonkaths the Time Traveller to Bothlyn. Another lovely baby. A well off 9 months with good hound head, ribbing and overall length. Good angulation. Moved out well. Just preferred coat of first. 3. Scarth and Gaunt’s, Bigglesmere’s Ron Weasley.

PD. (4). 1. Fulton’s, Jonkaths the Time Traveller to Bothlyn. 2. Fletcher’s, Spiredals Winnats Pocket. Red br plenty of potential here. Soundly made little man. Nice reach of neck. Good quarters fore and aft. Looked nice on the move. 3. Poxon’s, Kapodach Pots for Rags.

JD. (8). 1. Gorton-Baker’s, Axters Bindaree von Kotch. Masculine head, has a good forechest is well balanced with angulation. Sound mover and kept his topline. 2. Fletcher’s, Spiredals Winnats Pocket. 3. Colothan and Reed’s, Annaford Dust Buster.

SpBEG (1). 1. Gorton-Baker’s, Axters Bindaree von Kotch.

PGD. (4). 1. Morris’s, Verrami Straight Ahead to Bretarah. Very smart harsh coated hound. Lovely head and reach of neck. Good ribbing, strong quarters. Lovely outline on the move and covered the ground well. Res CC. 2 Hassell and McLeod’s Janjac Costa Pack It. Brindle with correct coat, good head, reach of neck. Moved well. Watch his weight - he could afford to lose a touch. Would still have a well balanced body and not be rangey. 3 Blackburn’s Stargang Nordic Knut.

LD (10) 1 Moate’s Dianamo Magnum. A sound dog with strong, sound head. Nice reach of neck, good forechest, shoulder placement and rear angulation. Correct coat. Good outline on the move and well presented. Winner of a good class. 2 Horswell’s Drakesleat Von der Full. A very nice hound with a good harsh coat. Well bodied up, good neck, shoulders and ribbing. Nice turn of stifle, not very settled but moved OK. 1 and 2 were both quality dogs but preferred the head of the winner. 3 Mueller’s Rabymere Francs A Lot.

OD (6) 1 Dance’s Ch Emen Nipper in the Air. Going over this dog was a treat. Handsome b/br, lovely head, dark eye and length of neck. Very good shoulders and hindquarters, good underline with level topline. He moved with drive and looked so good in profile. As always well presented. It was a pleasure to award him the CC and BOB. 2 Wilberg’s Ch Stargang Xcaliber at Kanix. L/br with super coat in good condition. Good ribbing and hind angulation, touch heavy on shoulders for me. Well bodied and of good length. Moved well. 3 Barney’s Varrami Guess What.

MPB (9) All the babies in this class coped well - it was quite a hot day. 1 Dunstall’s Metcroft Haley Berry. Sweet feminine head and expression, nicely constructed, lovely front. Good hindquarters. Quite mature for her age. Went well round the ring. 2 Wilberg’s Stargang Picket Line at Kanix. A very neat puppy in good coat. Nicely ribbed, firm quarters, kept her topline on the move. Two quality puppies, preferred the head of the winner. 3 Russell’s Russteck Knight Thyme.

PB (15) 1 Averis’ Verrami Alo Vera of Saredon. Full of quality, this d/brindle baby. Lovely head, eye and expression, very soundly made with a harsh coat. Well angulated shoulders and hindquarters. Super outline, moving straight and true covering the groundwell. Watch this young lady she’s going places. BP. Liked her so much I could have taken her home with me. 2 Maston’s Lordcairne Love Design. L/brindle. Plenty to like about this puppy, so sound with a good front and hind angulation. Moved well, but preferred the coat of the winner. . 3 Morris’ Bretarah Allegretto.

JB (10) 1 Thorn-Andrews’ Dunnspitt Kwite Kute Drakesleat. B/T, feminine head. Good reach of neck and ribbing, sound hindquarters enabling her her to move freely arounnd the ring. 2 Hayward and Sexton’s Foxearth Fixed Asset. Another good looking bitch with a harsh coat. Same qualitiues as the winner, a difficult decision. Just preferred the winner when moving. 3 Hutchings’ Verrami Vera Left to Molloney.

SpBB (2) 1 Billinghurst’s Aavake Maybelle at Jiljac. Feminine little bitch with a good coat. Nicely proportioned body and good hindquarters. Moving very well around the ring.

PGB (10) 1 Coles’ Taree Yvette at Westonelee. Br. Lovely head and expression, good front, well angulated strong quarters. Moved and covered the ground with drive. A lovely wire in good coat. Well presented. Res CC. 2 Wood’s Wildstar Winifred. Lovely bitch, well presented and in good coat. Nicely made with with good angulation fore and aft. Moved freely keeping topline whan she settled. 3 Sexton and Knight’s A Molloney Too Posh.

LB (10) 1 Thorn-Andrews’ Drakesleat Guilty Me Lud. Very pretty bitch, good front, well ribbed, sound hindquarters and lovely outline standing. Moved well and true around the ring. 2 Punter’s Welcumen Black Hat. Attractive bitch, nice head and expression. Good front and length of ribbing. Sound hindquarters, moved well but not as sprightly as usual. Think she was feeling the heat. 3 Blackburn’s Stargang Xquisite.

OB (11) 1 Thorn-Andrews’ Drakesleat Black Marks. A pleasure to go over this very feminine. Feminine soundly constructed, well balanced bitch who is almost 5 years old. Good front and shoulders. Nice length of ribbing and well angulated hindquarters. Drove around the ring in great style, keeping a level topline. Lovely outline on the move, well presented with a good harsh coat. Deserved the BCC on the day. 2 Presnail’s Taree Xanthippe. Pretty red bitch. Well proportioned, good forechest, nice ribbing and angulation. Looked good standing and moved freely with drive. 3 Wilberg’s Stargang Magical Finish at Kanix.

Mrs Pat Seymour