Welsh Kennel Club 2002
Judge: Mrs J Hosegood           
CC Angear - Ridgegrove Cut n Deal
RCC Blackburn - Stargang Xcaliber
BCC Wilberg - Kanix Audrey
RCC Marston - Lordscairnie Love Anew
BP Wilberg - Kanix Audrey
BOB Angear - Ridgegrove Cut n Deal
Minor Puppy Dog (4 Entries) 2 Abs
1st Moate - Dianamo Magnum
2nd Robertson - Jokenray Chieftain
Puppy Dog (5 Entries) 
1st McCleod & Formstone - Nordach Top of the Morning of Janjac
2nd Dance - Emem Nipper in the Air
3rd Lewis - Trixhund Simon Says
Res Mueller - Rabymere Francs alot
Junior Dog (3 Entries) 1 Abs
1st Waters - Stargang Bolt from the Blue
2nd Douglas & Banks - Torabbi Welsh Malt
Post Graduate Dog (4 Entries) 
1st Blackburn - Stargang Xcaliber
2nd Douglas & Banks - Torabbi Welsh Malt
3rd Hassall - Sanmiks What Ya Know Joe
Res Seidenbusch & Schulze - Loretto Prince of Spades to Doubledax
Limit Dog (5 Entries) 
1st Angear - Ridgegrove Cut n Deal
2nd Mueller - Keep Kool Drakesleat
3rd Hallett - Loretto March in Time
Res Barney - Verrami Guess What
VHC Lewis - Nordach Jack of Spades for Trixhund
Open Dog (7 Entries) 1 Abs
1st Rees - Pamplona Top Gun at Nordach
2nd Thorn-Andrews - Drakesleat Spaghetti Junct
3rd Armstrong - Lauralee Welshman
Res Horswell - Drakesleat Surely you Jest
VHC Presnail - Dacatec Jackoozee
Minor Puppy Bitch (6 Entries) 1 Abs
1st Barney - Verrami Vera Right
2nd Mueller - Drakesleat Pie Ella at Rabymere
3rd Poxon - Kapodach Rio Motto
Res Billinghurst - & Rees - Nordach Tip Top
VHC Hooper - Kapodach Razza Mattazz
Puppy Bitch (9 Entries) 1 Abs
1st Wilberg - Kanix Audrey
2nd Coles - Taree Yvette at Westonelee
3rd Lewis - Trixhund Miss Lead
Res Marka-Novaj - Shemby Height of Fashion
VHC Kugow & Holt - Waldmeister Meadow
Junior Bitch (8 Entries) 1 Abs
1st Baldwin - Beckel Bright and Fair
2nd Presnail - Taree Xanthippe
3rd Marka-Novaj - Shembys Glory Daze
Res Price - Samlane Imogen
VHC Blackburn - Stargang Xquisite
Post Graduate Bitch (10 Entries)  3 Abs
1st McLeod & Hallett - Loretto Black Manna Loushe
2nd Presnail - Taree Winonah
3rd Dance - Dacatec Mindyapeasncues Emem
Res Muir - Aster be You
VHC Baker - Jentiki Ima Sorta Squirrel
Limit Bitch (8 Entries) 2 Abs
1st Angear - Ridgegrove Gingham Doll
2nd Blackburn - Stargang Mystical Finnish
3rd Horswell - Drakesleat Apple Source
Res East - Komombo Storm Force
VHC Mueller - Drakesleat I Rest my Case Rabymere
Open Bitch (12 Entries) 3 Abs
1st Marston - Lordscairnie Love Anew
2nd Blackburn - Stargang Lauralee Land of Song
3rd Wilberg - Stargang Magical Finnish at Kanix
Res Angear - Ridgegrove Tweed Doll
VHC Thorn-Andrews - Drakesleat Black Marks


MPD. (4). 1. Moate’s, Dianamo Magnum. Just 6 months old, quality brindle. Good construction. Super type. sound, well presented and handled. 2. Robertson’s, Jokenray Chieftain. Nice puppy his half birthday. Lots to learn. A bit to keen on his tail. Needs time.

PD. (5). 1. McLeod and Formstone’s, Nordach Top of the Morning to Janjac. Well coated brindle. Nearly 10 months old. Quality, good breed type, well constructed. 2. Dance’s, Eeme Hipper in the Air. Quality brindle. Nice head, front and hindquarters. Preferred movement of first. Well handled. 3. Lewis’s, Trixhund Simon Says.

JD. (3). 1. Water’s, Stargang Bolt from the Blue. Quality brindle dapple. Well balanced of good breed type. Looked good standing and kept topline on the move. Sound, well presented. 2. Douglas and Banks’s, Torabbi Welsh Malt. Of Good conformation. Moving soundly, fair coat.

PGD. (4). 1. Blackburn’s, Stargang Xcaliber. RCC. Super quality brindle of excellent conformation. Well balanced, excellent type. Good front, head and eye. Good length of ribbing, correct texture jacket. Altogether a classic outline both standing and on the move. Strong hindquarters used to move with thrust. Presentation and handling first class. 2. Douglas and Banks’, Torabbi Welsh Malt. 3. Hassall’s, Sanmik’s, What Ya Know Joe.

LD. (5). Excellent class. 1. Angear’s, Ridgegrove Cut ‘n’ Deal. CC and BOB. Top quality brindle in correct jacket. Well balanced classic outline of excellent type. Excelled on the move. I liked everything about him, good head expressive eye. Well arched neck, well placed shoulders. Lengthy ribbing, good topline and underline. Strong quarters which he used well and soundly. Presentation and handling of the highest order. Delighted to see him shortlisted in the group. 2. Mueller’s, Keep Kool Drakesleat. Quality, good type, head, eye and neck. Showing a pleasing outline both standing and on the move. Well handled, good coat and temperament. Well handled. 3. Hallett’s, Loretto March in Time.

OD. (7). 1. Rees’s, Ch. Pampiona Top Gun at Nordach. Quality brindle, well constructed. Good jacket, a lovely dog. Correct top and underline. Moved well, handled and well presented. 2. Thorn-Andrew’s, Drakesleat Spaghatti Junct. Quality dark brindle. Well constructed with good jacket. Goo head and eye. Well hanalded and presented. 3. Armstrong’s, Lauralee Welshman.

MPB. (6). 1. Barney’s, Verrami Vera Right. Quality dark brindle. Good breed type. Lovely outline both standing and on the move. Good construction. Well handled and presented. 2. Mueller’s, Drakesleat Pie Ella at Rabymere. Quality light brindle and sound. Bit long in loin, well handled. 3. Poxon’s, Kapodach Rio Motto.

PB. (9). 1. Wilberg’s, Kanix Audrey. CC and BPIB. What a honey. Gorgeous brindle, star quality. Excellent conformation. Classic outline both standing and on the move and she can sure move. Feminine head, best of fronts. Elegant neck, well placed shoulders. Correct topline and underline. Strong hindquarters which she used to move soundly. Presentation and handling first class. 2. Coles’, Taree Yvette at Weststonelee. Another lovely puppy of good type and conformation. Not the angulation of first. 3. Lewis’s, Trixhund Miss Lead.

JB. (8). 1. Baldwin’s, Beckel Bright and Fair. Quality brindle of excellent conformation. Well balanced showing a classic outline both standing and moving soundly keeping topline. Well presented and handled. 2. Presnail’s, Taree Xanthippe. This one very close up to first. Well coated quality red. Lovely on the move. Good conformation, well handled and presented. 3. Marka-Novaj’s, Shembys Glory Daze.

PGB. (10). 1. McLeod and Hallett’s, Loretto Black Manna Loushe. Quality dark brindle. Good construction, attractive outline. Good head and eye. Good oval front. Showed and moved well. Presntation and handling good. 2. Presnail’s, Taree Winonah. Another quality bitch from this sporting kennel of good conformation. Moved soundly, showing a lovely outline. Well handled and presented. 3. Dance’s, Dacatec Mindyapeasncues Emem.

LB. (8). 1. Angear’s, Ridgegrove Gingham Doll. Real quality brindle. Long and low. Classic outline standing an on the move. I am delighted the “dolls” have returned, she is sound. Has a good temperament. Well handled and presented to perfection. 2. Blackburn’s, Stargang Mystical Finnish. Super brindle of quality. Well balanced. Moved soundly another good one to watch. Well handled and presented. 3. Horswell’s, Drakesleat Apple Source.

OB. (12). 1. Marston’s, Lordscairnie Love Anew. RCC. Good harsh coated brindle of quality. Well balanced. Looked lovely from all angles. Showing a classic outline. Very good top and underline. Ribbing carried well back. Sweet head and eye. Lovely on the move. Well presented and handled. 2. Blackburn’s, Stargang Lauralee Land of Song. Related to first and alike. Quality all through, well balanced and so sound. Well handled and presented by her sporting owner. 3. Wilberg’s, Stargang Magical Finnish at Kanix.

J Hosegood