WELKS 2002
Judge Mrs J P Waddington

Hallett - Loretto Not to Knight

RCC Hallett - Loretto March in Time
BCC Hanney - Hilmar Abracadabra of Bronia
RCC Rathbone - Brialind Evita
BP Hallett - Loretto March in Time
BOB Hanney - Hilmar Abracadabra of Bronia
Puppy Dog

Wilberg - Stargang Xecutive at Kanix

2nd Crossman - Janter Burdock
3rd Seidenbusch & Schulze - Loretto Prince of Spades to Doubledax
Res Lewis - Trixhund Simon Says
Junior Dog
1st Hallett - Loretto March in Time
2nd Thorn-Andrews - Drakesleat Spaghetti Junct.
3rd Angear - Ridgegrove Cut n Deal
Res Thompson - Nordach Jack of Diamonds with Spengretta
Post Graduate Dog
1st Waters - Stargang Bolt from the Blue
2nd Baker - Jentiki Meak and Wild
3rd Powell - Forbell Black Cap
Limit Dog
1st Hallett - Loretto Not to Knight
2nd Hassall - Sanmiks What Ya Know Joe
3rd Holmes - Curtisey Sweet Basil at Cazzdan
Res Miller & Bailey - Palsuz Black as Murphies
Open Dog
1st Miller & Bailey - Palsuz Black as Murphies
2nd Newbury - Dalegarth Likely Lad
3rd Rees - CH Pampalona Top Gun at Nordach
Res Horswell - Drakesleat Surely you Jest
Puppy Bitch
1st Marka-Novaj - Shembys Glory Daze
2nd Wilberg - Kanix Audrey
3rd Presnail - Taree Xanthippe
Res Holmes - Cazzdan Attitude Adjuster
Junior Bitch
1st Rathbone - Brialind Evita
2nd Marston - Lordscairnie Magic of Love
3rd Squires - Wirehall Mothers Ruin
Res Marka-Novaj - Shembys Height of Fashion
Post Graduate Bitch
1st Muir - Aster be You
2nd Rigby - Banburg Polonasia of Rigadac
3rd Powell - Kevocklea Kracker at Forbell
Limit Bitch
1st Hanney - Hilmar Abracadabra of Bronia
2nd Hutchings & Coccoza - Molloney Kiss me Quick
3rd Formstone & McCleod - Curtisey Quality Thyme at Janjac
Res Blackburn - Stargang Mystical Finnish
Open Bitch
1st Wilberg - Stargang Magical Finnish at Kanix
2nd Horswell - Drakesleat See Voo Play
3rd Mueller - Drakesleat Molly Flour
Res Reader - Stainsby Violet Pickles at Reaquest


I sought sturdy, muscular hounds, with adequate lung and heart room combined with stamiba and the potential to give the rabbits a very hard time.

PD (8) 1 Wilberg’s Stargang Xecutive at Kanix. Harsh coated brindle. Good lay of shoulder, topline and hindquarters, moved well with confidence. 2 Crossman’s Janter Burdock. Smaller, well balanced dark brindle. Good coat, very good front and ribbing. 3 Seidenbusch and Schulze’s Loretto Prince of Spades to Doubledax.

JD (8) 1 Hallett’s Loretto March in Time. Very promsing 10 month old dark brindle. Sound and well balanced, very good ribcage. Moved soundly and confidently. Won Res CC. 2 Thorn-Andrews’ Drakesleat Spaghetti Junct. B/t similar in type to first. Good shoulders and ribbing. Moved very well. 3. Angear’s, Ridgegrove Cut ‘n’ Deal.

PGD. (3). 1. Water’s, Stargang Bolt from the Blue. Was V.H.C in Junior. Compact and quite well balanced. Moved well but consistently snake his hindquarters standing. I could not get a clear picture. 2. Baker’s, Jentiki Meak and Wild. Nicely ribbed, small compact with good topline. 3. Powell’s, Forbell Black Cap.

LD. (9). 1. Hallett’s, Loretto not Toknight. Very high quality sound brindle. Very well proportioned with correct shoulders. Good length of ribbing and strong hindquarters. Moved and showed so well. He won the CC. 2. Hassall’s, Sanmiks What Ya Know Jo. Slightly taller with good ribbing and hindquarters. Good topline and movement. Not quite the prechest of first. 3. Holmes’s, Curtisey Basil at Cazzdan.

OD. (7). 1. Miller and Bailey’s, Palsuz Black as Murphies. Striking black and cream. Good outline. Moved with drive holding level topline. 2. Newbury’s, Dalegrath Likely Lad. Smaller well balanced red brindle with good shoulder placement. Firm topline and strong round rump. 3. Rees’s, Pampalona Top Gun at Nordach.

PB. (17). Some potential stars in this good class. 1. Marka-Novaj’s, Shembys Glory Daze. Light brindle. Very attractive with correct outline. Good head, reachy neck. Good forechest, strong hindquarters. Moved very well. 2. Wilberg’s, Kanix Audrey. Dark brindle, another very attractive puppy. Very close up to first and similar remarks apply. Both under 7 months. 3. Presnail’s, Taree Xanthippe.

JB. (8). 1. Rathbone’s, Brialind Evita. Strong flowing lines. Correct well laid shoulders, good underlines. Strong rounded hindquarters. Moved with great drive. Lovely easy temperament. She well deserved her RCC. 2. Marston’s, Lordscairnie Magic of Love. Harsh coated brindle. Very good topline and underlines. Well ribbed, good reach of neck. Nice head and very good feet. 3. Squire’s, Wirehall Mothers Ruin.

PGB. (6). 1. Muir’s, Ater be You. Brindle and cream. Solid deep chested with good round rump. Moved well holding firm topline. 2. Rigby’s, Banburg Polonasia of Rigadac. Dark brindle. Small and compact with good forechest and spring of rib. 3. Powell’s, Kevocklea Kracker at Forbell.

LB. (9). 1. Hanney’s, Hilmar Abracadabra of Bronia. I felt the tingle of joy when I saw this true Dachshund. Her red primrose coat revealing every detail of her comformation. So correct, balanced and sound. Moved so well with supreme confidence. She lacks furnishing which made me pause for serious thought, but I felt that a bitch of this calibre has much to offer the breed. I have always held the view that conformation comes first. I awarded her CC and BOB. 2. Hutchings and Coccoza’s, Molloney Kiss me Quick. Very dark brindle. Most pleasing outline with good reach of neck. Good topline and easy collected movement. 3. Formstone and McLoed’s, Curtisey Quality Thyme at Janjac.

OB. (7). 1. Wilberg’s, Stargang Magical Finnish at Kanix. Dark brindle with tan legs. Small and level with very good well laid shoulders. Well angulated and strong hindquarters. Spoilt movement by continually pulling on the lead. 3. Mueller’s, Drakesleat Molly Flour.

Jean Waddington