Richmond Championship Show 2002 (No CC's)
Judge: Mrs J Osbourne
BD Boyns - Ch Brindeckel Ballykay
RBD Dance - Emem Nipper In the Air
BB Presnail - Taree Winonah
RBB Wilberg - Kanix Audrey
BP Wilberg - Kanix Audrey
BOB Boyns - Ch Brindeckel Ballykay
Puppy Dog (2 Entries)
1st Dance - Emem Nipper In the Air
2nd Punter - Welcumen Santa Claus
Junior Dog (1 Entry)
1st Wilberg - Stargang Xcaliber at Kanix NAF TAF
Post Graduate Dog (3 Entries)
1st Thompson - Nordach Jack of Diamonds
2nd Batchelor - Cairo's the Pharaoh of Algiestone
3rd Sargent -Welcumen Red Shaddow
Open Dog (5 Entries)
1st Boyns -Ch Brindeckel Ballykay
2nd Dunn - Cairo's Tight Lastic
3rd Presnail - Dacatec Jackoozee
Res Sargent -Welcumen Red Shaddow
VHC Batchelor - Cairo's Zac of Algiestone
Puppy Bitch (3 Entries)  
1st Punter - Welcumen Black Hat
2nd Boyns - Bally Ell For Brindeckel
3rd Whitehouse - Ubu the Jazz Singer
Junior Bitch (4 Entries)  
1st Wilberg - Kanix Audrey
2nd Presnail - Taree Xanthippe
3rd Boyns - Metcroft I Can Boogie at Brindeckel
Res Howard - Stargang Xuberance
Post Graduate Bitch (4 Entries) 
1st Presnail -L Taree Winonah
2nd Sebire - Bouvee Silver Domino
3rd Dunn - Cairo's Love Story
Res Batchelor - Cairo's Lucy Lastic of Algiestone
Open Bitch (1 Entry) 1 Abs
1st Absent

PD (2). 1 Danceís Emem Nipper In The Air. BPD and RBD. Delightful p of good size, lovely head and plenty of substance; 2 Ponterís Welcumen Santa Claus. Bigger type and although promising, rather immature at the moment.

JD (1). 1 Wilbergís Stargang Xcaliber at Kanix. 15 mth d with good harsh coat, rather unsettled in the ring here, hind movement needs to firm up.

PGD (3). 1 Thompsonís Nordach Jack Of Diamonds with Sprengetta. Won here on excellent movement; 2 Batchelorís Cairoís the Pharaoh of Algiestone. Lovely front and nice size, not moving so well here; 3 Sargentís Welcumen Red Shaddow.

OD (5). 1 Boynís Ch Brindeckel Ballykay. Wonderful ambassador for the breed, classic type, good reach of neck and excellent movement, happy temperament, BD and BOB; 2 Dunnís Cairoís Tight Lastic. Lovely head and excellent coat, very good outline and deep keel; 3 Presnailís Dacatec Jackoozee.

PB (3). 1 Punterís Welcumen Black Hat. Reluctant to show here, but won on her excellent conformation and outline; 2 Boynís Bally Ell for Brindeckel. V promising, good head and outline; 3 Whitehouseís Ubu The Jazz Singer.

JB (4). 1 Wilbergís Kanix Audrey. V sound, 11 mths old b, loved her depth of keel and strong hindquarters, she moved well, BPIB and RBB; 2 Presnailís Taree Xanthippe. V attractive with lovely outline and good length, not moving quite as well as the winner; 3 Boynís Metcroft I Can Boogie at Brindeckel.

PGB (4). 1 Presnailís Taree Winonah. BB. V sound, lovely feminine head and good length; 2 Sebireís Bouvee Silver Domino. Pretty dapple of good length and strong hindquarters, I loved her head and expression; 3 Dunnís Cairoís Love Story.

June Osborne