Dachshund Club 2002
Judge : Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews (Drakesleat)
CC Wood - Wildstar Wedgewood
RCC Barney - Verrami Guess What
BCC Hayward - Foxearth Fennel Flower
RCC Presnail - Taree Xanthippe
BP Hutchings - Verrami Vera Left to Molloney
BOB Hayward - Foxearth Fennel Flower
Minor Puppy Dog (5 Entries) 1 Abs
1st Morris - Verrami Straight Ahead to Bretarah
2nd Punter - Welcumen Santa Claus
3rd Robertson - Jokenray Kernal
Res Smith - Dunns Pitts Jake
Puppy Dog (5 Entries)
1st Dance - Emem Nipper in the Air
2nd Morris - Verrami Straight Ahead to Bretarah
3rd McDowell - Waldmeister Brook
Res Punter - Welcumen Santa Claus
VHC Robertson - Jokenray Chieftain
Junior Dog (4 Entries) 1 Abs
1st Wood - Wildstar Wedgewood
2nd Lewis - Trixhund Simon Says
3rd Waters - Stargang Bolt from the Blue
Graduate Dog (1 Entries) 1 Abs
1st Absent
Post Graduate Dog (2 Entries) 
1st Kugow & Holt - Nimrods Gismo at Waldmeister
2nd Powell - Forbell Black Cap
Limit Dog (9 Entries) 4 Abs
1st Barney - Verrami Guess What
2nd Holmes - Curtisey Sweet Basil at Cazzdan
3rd Armstrong - Lauralee Welshman
Res Morton - Dhuaig Designer Stubble at Cotherstone
VHC Price, Hollis & Fisher - Samlane Dalziel
Open Dog (5 Entries)
1st Richards - Mr Pickwick of Wentwood
2nd Miller - Palsuz Black as Murphies
3rd Newbury - Dalegarth Likely Lad
Res Morris & Collins - Bretarah Adagio
VHC Presnail - Dacatec Jackoozee
Veteran Dog 
1st No Entries
Minor Puppy Bitch (8 Entries) 2 Abs
1st Barney - Verrami Vera Right
2nd Marston - Lordscairnie Love 'n' the Mist
3rd Poxon - Kapodach Rio Motto
Res Rees - Nordach Chasing Dreams
VHC Billinghurst - Nordach Tip Top
Puppy Bitch (10 Entries) 2 Abs
1st Hutchings - Verrami Vera Left to Molloney
2nd Coles - Taree Yvette at Westonlee
3rd Kugow & Holt - Waldmeister Meadow
Res Miller - Cotherstone Miniver
VHC Cocozza & Sexton - Freecloud Mums the Word
Junior Bitch (10 Entries) 
1st Hayward - Foxearth Fennel Flower
2nd Presnail - Taree Xanthippe
3rd Price - Samlane Imogen
Res Lewis - Trixhund Miss Marples
VHC Wood - Wildstar Winafred
Graduate Bitch (2 Entries) 1 Abs
1st Withheld
2nd Rigby - Banburg Polonasia of Rigadac
Post Graduate Bitch (8 Entries) 2 Abs
1st Presnail - Taree Winnonah
2nd Miller - Choefait Chelsea Girl at Palsux
3rd Oram - Charnealis Hearsay at Roswell
Res Rowe - Rowsetta Lois Lane
VHC Richards - Wentwood Red Pepper
Limit Bitch (10  Entries) 1 Abs
1st Hayward - Foxearth Fabostinta
2nd McAlister - Maidenlees Capiscum of Lochfyne
3rd Hardy - Kushwin Aphrodite
Res Miller - Scotmariner Lode Star
VHC Lewis - Nordach Chocolate Chip at Trixhund
Open Bitch (8 Entries) 1 Abs
1st Hanney - Hilmar Abracadabra at Bronia
2nd Smith - Ch Dee Dee with Dunns Pitts
3rd Hutchings & Cocozza - Ch Molloney Kiss Me Quick
Res Hayward - Foxearth Fat Chance
VHC Kugow & Holt - Brialind Lilly Lace at Waldmeister
Veteran Dog or Bitch (2 Entries)
1st Price - Samlane Xanthe
2nd Corbishley - Stargang Polly Pocket


MPD (5) 1 Morris’ Verrati Straight Ahead to Bretarah. A nice class! Winner smashing coat, excellent topline, enough length of leg, correct head, neat small rounded ears. Needs a little more length of neck for elegance. Moved soundly. Half brother to the DCC, and both bitch puppies are his sisters. 2 Punter’s Welcumen Santa Claus. More elegant and also a good head and front, unfortunately his rear has grown up at present, and he needs to drop here. Smashing coat and muscling up nicely. Sound, also half brother to 1. 3 Robertson’s Jokenray Kernal.

PD (5) 1 Dance’s Emem Nipper In the Air. Promising small dog, most lovely head, dark expressive eyes, a good lay of shoulder but he moves too close coming towards, forechest positioned nice and low, good length of neck, slight arch over loin, excellent rear, needs more muscle and to be fitter, even for a puppy.

BDP. 2 V. Straight Ahead To B. 3 McDowell’s Waldmeister Brook.

JD (4) 1 Wood’s Wildstar Wedgewood. Classy dog, super size and weight, beautifully turned out and very well muscled up, lovely head. Good strong foreface, wide broad jaws. Excellent front and upper arm, correct body, level back and slight arch to loin, powerful impressive quarters. Wish his tail was straighter but he carries it nicely low, but it should not curve. 2 Lewis’ Trixland Simon Says. Nice dog, not the muscle of 1 and needs exercise, a touch front heavy although he too has a good upper arm, attractive head, a wee bit long in loin and moves wide in rear. Carries himself well in profile. 3 Waters’ Stargang Bolt From The Blue.

PG (2) 1 Kugon & Holt’s Nimrods Gismo At Waldmeister’s A difficult class, two extremes of type! Winner too leggy and lacks upper arm length. Superb head, foreface, strong neat high set small ears, good neck. Well bodied for his size, powerful rear. An ideal coat. His proportions are just a bit off. Should be maximum third length of leg. Moved well. 2 Powell’s Forbell Black Cap. Very heavy front, lacks withers and runs up in topline, due I imagine to over long hocks. Well bodied good ribbing, very well muscled in quarters, coat ok but leg hair could be harder.

LD (9) 1 Barney’s Verrami Guess What (Res CC). Really very hard and fit. Unfortunately not in his best coat here. Over his rump it is very harsh and of good texture, but front end just in his undercoat. Very typy head, eyes and expression, good body powerful rear. A very typical sound dog, with lots to like. 2 Holmes’ Curtisey Sweet Basil At Cazzdan. Not showing himself off well, but nice to go over, in excellent jacket, good neck, tidy front, excellent length to head, pleasing ribbing and width. Only needs to be bolder in temperament. . 3 Armstrong’s Lauralee Welshman.

OD (5) 1 Richard’s Mr Pickwick of Wentwood. Hard dog, maybe eyes could be less round and slightly darker, but otherwise a gd strong masculine head. Excellent front, smashing coat, ribs carried well back, ok in rear movement. but in profile was tucking his rear under him a little. A quality dog, maybe moving him faster would help. 2 Miller’s Palsuz Black As Murphies. Hard coated B\T with particularly good harsh leg hair, very difficult to achieve with this colour. nice to go over, just lacked a little in length of neck for an elegant outline. Sound mover and quite strong. 3 Newbury’s Dalegarth Likely Lad.

MPB (8) 1 Barney’s Verrami Vera Right. A nice class! Several had baby teeth still in situ. 1 had great bone and large feet, great head and strength of foreface, good angulation front and rear, has lost some coat over her neck but back coat promising. A really nice puppy. 2 Marston’s Lordscairnie Love N’The Mist. Nice one, has the strength of head needed, neat ears, good front, excellent body and coat, leg hair could be harder, and just at present she is running up a trifle. Should do well though and she goes nicely on the move. 3 Poxon’s Kapodach Rio Motto.

PB (10) 1 Hutching’s Verrami Vera Left To Molloney. Lovely baby, beautiful head and eyes, good neck, pleasing front, great bone and large feet, a heavy coat but texture ok. Well made quarters, but she moves close in rear at present, otherwise a smashing baby. Best Puppy. 2 Cole’s Taree Yvette At Westonlee. Not quite the length of foreface, and her eyes are a wee bit on the round side. Very nice type and good quality. Hard coat, neat rear, has a slight tendency to run up at present, but better behind than 1. 3 Kugow and Holt’s Waldmeister Meadow.

JB (10) 1 Hayward’s Foxearth Flower. A really strong class and first two very close indeed. 1 scores on her free true movement covering plenty of ground. Ideal topline and slight slope of before the tail set. Head a little too narrow and should be more conical. Gd eyes and expression. Lovely neck and coat just perfect. A smashing bitch, CC, BOB and ResBIS well done! 2 Presnail’s Taree Xanthippe. Stronger in head and especially well filled under the eyes. Very good front and forechest, nice body, super harsh red coat, just throwing out her right hind leg on the move but she keeps a perfect topline and is of lovely quality also. ResCC. 3 Price’s Samlane Imogen. Half sister to 1 and also close up.

GB (2) 1 witheld. 2 Rigby’s Banburg Polonasia Of Rigadach. Not quite up to a 1st place. A clipped head, not going well in front or rear and roaches up her topline in profile. Very hard back coat, and a lovely temperament.

PGB (8) 1 Presnail’s Taree Winnonah, A lovely type, stylish on the move, her temperament could be stronger and she didn’t quite settle in the ring. Really nice all through and moved out strongly. 2 Miller’s Choefait Chelsea Girl At Palsoz. Fantastic coat and temperament. Liked her head and wicked dark eyes. Her front is rather loaded and she is too low to the ground for perfect balance. Super topline, a powerful rear. Had a false preggy here, should breed something special.! 3 Oram’s Charnealis Hearsam At Roswell.

LB (10) 1 Hayward’s Foxearth Fabostinta. Hard coated red, excellent for type. Correct length and strength of head, neat high set ears, shoulders ok but she is over crooked in front coming towards. Smashing body and rear, well handled and presented. Keeps a perfect topline in profile. 2 McAllisters’s Maidenlees Capiscum of Lochfyne. Admired her coat and nice construction of front and rear. A little more deliberate moving and her topline arched a wee bit more than ideal, a smart bitch who is very true and precise moving up and down. 3 Hardy’s Kushwin Aphrodite.

OB (8) 1 Hanney’s Hilmar Abracadabra. unfortunately stripped down to the skin on her back. In coat she must have stood a great chance! Lovely head and furnishings hard. Excellent front and super body and rear angulation. Wish she was more muscled up, but otherwise a top flite bitch. 2 Simm’s Dee Dee With Dunns Pitts. Similar but not quite the flow over neck and withers. In better coat, an equally attractive head, eyes and expression. Body just right and powerful rear. Moved correctly. 3 Hutchings and Cocozza’s Ch Molloney Kiss Me Quick.

VB (2) 1 Price’s samlane Xanthe. Lovely oldie, enjoying her sausage! really nicely made and of a good type. Coat a little wispy and sparse. Smashing head and expression, still keeping a lovely firm backline and such a nice type. 2 Corbishley’s Stargang Polly Pocket. Very precise up and down movement and admired her head and expression. Very long in loin and dips in the back. A smart handler who knows how to get the best out of her, and she showed well.

Zena Thorn Andrews