Crufts 2002
Judge : Mrs Diana Moate (Dianamo)
DCC Rees - CH Pampalona Top Gun at Nordach
RDCC Holmes - Curtisey Sweet Basil at Cazzdan
BCC Mueller - CH Rabymere Pooh Bear
RBCC Smith - Dee Dee with Dunns Pitts
BOB Rees - CH Pampalona Top Gun at Nordach
BP Angear - Ridgegrove Cut n Deal
Special Puppy Dog (9 Entries) 3 Abs
1st Angear - Ridgegrove Cut n Deal
2nd Waters - Stargang Bolt from the Blue
3rd McAlister - Lochfyne Robbie the Pict
Res Fieke - Lustrum Merry Madrigal
VHC MacDonough - Windlaw too Funky at Varrich
Special Junior Dog (7 Entries) 
1st Thompson - Nordach Jack of Diamonds with Spengretta
2nd Russell - Kevocklea Twelfth Knight
3rd Barney - Verrami Guess What
Res Livingston - Nordham Harris Tweed
VHC MacDonough - Windlaw too Funky at Varrich
Special Yearling Dog (2 Entries) 1 Abs
1st Withheld
2nd Powell - Forbell Black Cap
Post Graduate Dog (6 Entries) 1 Abs
1st Holmes - Curtisey Sweet Basil at Cazzdan
2nd Scott - Daisarch Dashing Dudley
3rd Baker - Jentiki Meak and Wild
Res Webster - Kaytian Kolapop at Mariadaw
VHC McDowell - Bulliff Ruffle
Limit Dog (14 Entries) 2 Abs
1st Newbury - Dalegarth Likely Lad
2nd Presnail - Dacatec Jackoozee
3rd Dunns - Dunns Pitts Tight Lastic
Res Hassall - Sanmiks What Ya Know Joe
VHC Lewis - Nordach Jack of Spades with Trixhund
Open Dog (6 Entries) 1 Abs
1st Rees - Pampalona Top Gun at Nordach
2nd Mueller - Keep Kool Drakesleat
3rd Fulton - CH Rosara Black Knight at Bothlyn
Res Smith - CH Wentwood Free n Easy with Dunns Pitts
VHC Miller & Bailey - Palsuz Black as Murphies
Special Veteran - Dog (1 Entry)
1st Punter - Welcumen Topspin
Special Puppy Bitch (11 Entries)
1st Squires - Wirehall Mothers Ruin
2nd Crossman - Janter Nettle
3rd Taylor - Whitewebbs Soprano
Res Marka-Novaj - Shembys Just Perfik
VHC Nealis-Vizard & Nield - Charnealis Destiny's Child
Special Junior Bitch (11 Entries) 2 Abs
1st Rathbone - Brialind Evita
2nd Taylor - Whitewebbs Soprano
3rd Hallett - Loretto Festive Bizniz
Res Dunstall - Foxearth Fortune Cookie for Metcroft
VHC Rees - Ermewood Queen of Spades
Special Yearling Bitch (13 Entries)  3 Abs
1st Wilberg - Stargang Magical Finnish at Kanix
2nd Rees - Nordach April Showers
3rd Marshall - Redgap Babbitty Bumble
Res Sexton & Knight - Molloney Rosie Cheeks
VHC Rigby - Banburg Polonasia of Rigadac
Post Graduate Bitch (13 Entries) 1 Abs
1st Squires - Wirehall Winnie Walpole
2nd Rees - Nordach April Showers
3rd Scott - Daisarch Something Special
Res Jaques - Jaxdax Just for Molly
VHC Miller - Scotmariner Lode Star
Limit Bitch (13 Entries) 1 Abs
1st Smith - Dee Dee with Dunns Pitts
2nd Mueller - Rabymere Win a Fred
3rd Blackburn - Stargang Mystical Finnish
Res Hallett - Loretto Make Hey
VHC Hardy - Kushwin Aphrodite
Open Bitch (11 Entries) 5 Abs
1st Mueller - Rabymere Pooh Bare
2nd Hutchings & Coccozza - Molloney Kiss me Quick
3rd Presnail - Taree Savanna
Res Thompson - Larklinns Eclipse
VHC McAlister - Maidenlees Capsicum of Lochfyne
Special Veteran Bitch (6 Entries)
1st Price - Samlane Xanthe
2nd Forrest - Clannad Supa Dupa among Morailmadadh
3rd Gorton-Baker - Kotchs Smartypants
Res Thompson - CH Larklinns Leading Lady
VHC Summers & Williams - Whitewebbs Funny Girl of Metokaf

I am greatly honoured to have been invited to judge at Crufts. This is indeed the greatest dog show, and I am very flattered that the exhibitors pulled out all the stops and presented me with the best in the country of this, my favourite breed. Thank you all. My general comments seem to be mostly praise. Bitches are still very much the better quality in general, but having said that, I found my Best Puppy and my BOB from the males, so there are some top quality Min Wires within that sex. Temperaments are virtually bombproof, despite the dreadful loudspeaker system which kept blaring with loud persistence. Teeth placements are so much better than ten years ago and breeders are to be congratulated on this huge improvement (some could have been cleaner, surprisingly in the younger dogs on view). Coat presentation on the whole is excellent, but some dogs were a bit short on body coat. It takes more than a beard and eyebrows to produce a Wirehaired Dachshund (Min or Std). Was it nearly 40 years ago that a prominent breeder said to me that “if they move right, they are made right”. Well I took it on board, and as someone said at this Crufts, “She makes you earn it!” Movement to me is so important, and where the animals stand and look wonderful, all of that is confirmed or rejected when they take to the carpet and move. The line-ups for both sets of tickets gave me a great thrill, and it was with pride I looked and saw a group of fine specimens of this breed. The principal winners are a credit to the breed.

Sp PD (9) 1 Angear’s Ridgegrove Cut N Deal. BPIB, and an exciting prospect for the future. His construction is typical of this kennel, where quality is the byword, correct all through, with a pleasing head and expression, strong head on an elegant neck, leading onto correct shoulders, ribs, top and underlines, good quarters which he used well and soundly, very typy and balanced. 2 Waters’ Stargang Bolt From The Blue. A similar type to the first, he is an attractive brindle dapple with a top class coat, a quality exhibit, he earned his placing and even though similar comments apply as to his construction as to first, he was pipped at the post by the more sound movement of Cun N Deal. 3 McAlister’s Lochfyne Robbie The Pict. A brindle with a good masculine head, failed slightly on upper arm here, but a dog with very nice hindquarters.

Sp JD (7) 1 Thompson’s Nordach Jack Of Diamonds With Spengretta. A balanced, beautifully coated brindle dog, lovely angulation, a good mover who covered the ground, excellent front assembly. 2 Russell’s Kevocklea Twelfth Knight. I was in a bit of a quandary with this dog as I liked him v much but he kept doing a “hop, skip and jump” party trick, and I found it distracting, he has lovely bone, superb coat, nice head and good mouth. If he learns to outgrow his “hop” bit, he will be worthy of more scrutiny. 3 Barney’s Verrami Guess What. An untidy heavily coated dog, and as such difficult to assess from a distanct. My hands tell me he has all the essentials, and my eye took in his fluid movement. I would prefer a better front.

Sp YD (2) This class put me in a quandary. The dog placed in front was overweight and had to pay the price. 1 Withheld. 2 Powell’s Forbell Black Cap. He is a nice little chap who needs a bit of coat attention on the head area, however, he moved quite well. 3 France & Barnes’ Lorretto Smart Bizniz. I saw him as a puppy and thought him to be promising. Perhaps he has been “over exercised”, as he has straightened in stifle. I bet he is fun to live with though.

PGD (6) 1 Holmes & Holmes’ Curtisey Sweet Basil At Cazzdan. I was pleased to award this sweet little dog his first ever Res CC in the breed. Incidentally his owner was even more thrilled. He won his class despite playing his owner up, but decided to pull out the stops when the big challenge came up. A balanced and typy dog totally new to me, top and underlines are correct as are the front and rear quarters, he uses his strong quarters well and drives along as long as you let him. Well done. 2 Scott’s Daisarch Dashing Dudley. My tape says a lot of “goods” with this chap. Presentation was top class and his hind end is a treat to see. Showed well. 3 Baker’s Jentiki Meak And Wild (loved the name), he kept trying to resemble a “shrinking violet” and was hard to assess on the table, but when he realised we were not out to get him, he decided to show off a bit, moved well.

LD (14) 1 Newbury’s Dalegarth Likely Lad. He is a beautifully constructed red brindle dog, a harsh coat covering a well boned and balanced dog, typical of the Dalegarths, quality throughout, did not seem too thrilled with life later on. 2 Presnail’s Dacatec Jackoozee. Sound and balanced little dog, nicely built, moved well, there is a slight roach on his topline, but I emphasise “slight”. 3 Dunn’s Cairos Tight Lastic. A darker brindle dog this time, as I looked at them, the first three had lovely hind angulation and it showed when they were asked to move. They could change places any day.

OD (6) 1, CC and BOB, Rees’ Ch Pampalona Top Gun At Nordach. I have seen this dog from the ringside before, but never looking as well as he did on the day. He was put down to the minute, his coat was like coconut matting, crisp and correct, he showed off like a thespian and it was a treat to go over him, a masculine head and expression leading onto a well placed shoulder, body is well covered with correct top and underlines, powerful quarters complete the picture, which comes to life when I asked him to move, which he did with power and soundness. Well done! 2 Mueller’s Keep Kool Drakesleat. He is a well angulated d who was shown with skill, I feel his front assembly would be enhanced with a better upper arm, but the rest of him is a delight. A lesson in presentation here, moved well. 3 Fulton’s Ch Rosara Black Knight At Bothlyn. He is a beautiful shape and moved extremely well. I’m not too fond of his coat which could be coarser. A quality dog.

Sp Vet D (1) 1 Punter’s Ch Welcumen Topspin. At over eight years, he is still able to move the socks off many. He is a bit out of coat, but it is so nice to see such a good ’un.

Sp PB (11) 1 Squires’ Wirehall Mothers Ruin (wonder if she is called Gin!). A heck of a class to win. Some really nice ones going home cardless. A pretty head leading onto a well covered body, stood like a veteran. Well boned, correctly angulated, level and sound, moved as though she meant it. 2 Crossman’s Janter Nettle. A lighter coloured brindle, very sound, well boned little one, correct top and underlines and a well constructed front assembly. 3 Taylor’s Whitewebbs Soprano. Probably the best front of the day. A great prominent forechest, correct shoulders, the rear was at times a bit erratic, but overall I found her to be a quality exhibit completing a trio of great promise.

Sp JB (11) 1 Rathbone’s Brialind Evita. I liked this little one, she was up against some top quality bitches, she showed her socks off right to the prize giving. A happy disposition and a sound structure topped off with good movement, speaks volumes for the future. 2 Taylor’s Whitewebbs Soprano. 3 Hallett’s Loretto Festive Bizniz. A beautiful brindle creating a lesson in presentation, sound as a bell in front, on the day she is a bit erratic behind, full of type and quality.

Sp YB (13) 1 Wilberg’s Stargang Magical Finnish At Kanix. How fortunate to have had the wisdom in breeding these two lines together and producing such an exceptional litter. This b has so much going for her, insofar as her construction is very good and is a pleasure to go over. It all comes together in the fine movement she has, when asked to produce the goods, she does. A good win. 2 Rees’ Nordach April Showers. B/t with exceptional front construction and a rear end to envy. I would like a fraction more bone, moved very well. 3 Marshall’s Redgap Babbitty Bumble. She left the ring before I could dictate my comments.

PGB (13) 1 Squires’ Wirehall Winnie Walpole. A happy “and I don’t care who knows it” bitch. I always think the temperament is so important in every breed, and Winnie is a great advert for this, very sound and nicely made. 2 Rees’ Nordach April Showers. 3 Scott’s Daisarch Something Special. She is too! I like this little one, great temperament, good construction, moved like a train, strong, level and sound. “Mum” and dog have a special bond.

LB (13) 1 and Res CC. Smith’s Deedee With Dunns Pitts. She is a lovely sound very typy bitch, good quarters fore and aft, a great little mover, balanced. 2 Mueller’s Rabymere Win A Fred. Well presented and in great condition and well handled, good well covered body and powerful quarters, feminine. 3 Blackburn’s Stargang Mystical Finnish. Another from “that” litter, she is a top quality bitch in strong competition on the day, well made and a pleasure to go over. I have seen her move with more verve before, but another day...

OB (11) 1 and BCC, Mueller’s Ch Rabymere Pooh Bare. A lesson in presentation, not a hair out of place, and with the quality of her construction and the temperament to match she came into the ring demanding attention, and got it. She then proceeded to move around the ring and beat all the bitches. Well done. 2 Hutchings & Cocozza’s Molloney Kiss Me Quick. Another quality bitch of which there were several, to compete with. She has a sweet, feminine head, elegant neck, good shoulders, level topline, underline sweeps back nicely and moves with purpose. 3 Presnail’s Taree Savanna. I thought it was deja vu’s, but it was a repeat mating of her famous relative. A quality, very typy bitch, good coat, great bone, not quite the turn of stifle I like, sweet head and expression, moved and showed well.

Sp Vet B (6) 1 Price’s Samlane Xanthe. Cane she be in veteran already? She still shows the quality she always did and boy did she enjoy herself, moved like a train, a top quality bitch. 2 Forres’ Clannad Supa Dupa Among Morailmadadh. Try and say that after a long day! A 7 year old b worthy of consideration, she is nicely angled and has quality, showing for mum in the sweetest way. 3 Gorton-Baker’s Kotchs Smartypants. Pulling out all the stops and a pleasure to see, 9 years old and a credit to her doting owner. Thank you for making this a very special day.

Di Moate