Midland Dachshund Club 2001
Judge Mrs Viv Phillips (Clipperdown)
CC Thorn-Andrews - Drakesleat Russell Sprout
RCC Boyns - CH Brindeckel Ballykay
BCC Hutchings & Cocozza - Molloney Kiss Me Quick
RCC Thorn-Andrews - Drakesleat Lucy Fer
BP Hallett - Loretto Festive Bizniz
BOB Hutchings & Cocozza - Molloney Kiss Me Quick
Minor Puppy Dog (7 Entries) 2 Abs
1st Angear - Ridgegrove Cut n Deal
2nd Smith - Dunns Pitts Garricorks
3rd Mueller - Drakesleat Fru Fick n Fin Rabymere
Res Waters - Stargang Bolt from the Blue
VHC Presnail - Taree Wexford
Puppy Dog (5 Entries) 1 Abs
1st Thorn Andrews - Drakesleat Spaghetti Junction
2nd Barney - Verrami Guess What
3rd Thompson - Nordach Jack of Diamonds with Spengretta
Res Punter - Welcumen Alegro
Junior Dog (1 Entry)
1st Mueller & Thorn Andrews - Keep Kool Drakesleat
Post Graduate Dog (8 Entries)
1st Lewis - Nordach Jack of Spades with Trixhund
2nd Holmes - Curtisey Sweet Basil at Cazzdan
3rd McDowell - Bulliff Ruffle
Res Webster - Kaytian Kolapop at Mariadaw
VHC Billinghurst - Jiljac Lord of the Tower
Limit Dog (9 Entries) 2 Abs
1st Horswell - Drakesleat Surely you Jest
2nd Newbury - Dalegarth Likely Lad
3rd Richards - Mr Pickwick of Wentwood
Res Hollis & Price - Samlane Dalziel
VHC Miller & Bailey - Palsuz Black as Murphies
Open Dog (4 Entries)
1st Thorn-Andrews - Drakesleat Russell Sprout
2nd Boyns - CH Brindeckel Ballykay
3rd Wilberg & Lampero - Freckle-Face Kind of Blue
Res Dunstall - CH Samlane Zingaro for Metcroft
Minor Puppy Bitch (6 Entries) 1 Abs
1st Angear - Ridgegrove Tweed Doll
2nd Presnail - Taree Winonah
3rd Marka-Novaj - Shemby's Just Perfick
Res Oram - Charnealis Hear'Say at Rosswell
VHC Miller - Scotmariner Yo Ho Ho
Puppy Bitch (7 Entries) 1 Abs
1st Hallett - Loretto Festive Bizniz
2nd Smith - Dunns Pitts Devontater
3rd Dunstall - Foxearth Fortune Cookie for Metcroft
Res Rathbone - Brialind Evita
VHC Barney - Gulf Jewel of Verrami
Junior Bitch (7 Entries) 2 Abs
1st Mueller - Drakesleat I Rest My Case Rabymere
2nd Wilberg - Stargang Magical Finnish at Kanix
3rd Muir - Aster Be You
Res Price - Rowsetta Related to Samlane
VHC Allen - Gold Penny for Araura
Post Graduate Bitch (10 Entries) 3 Abs
1st Blackburn - Stargang Mystical Finnish
2nd Horswell - Drakesleat See Voo Play
3rd Muir - Aster Be You
Res Miller - Scotmariner Lode Star
VHC Squires - Wirehall Winnie Walpole
Limit Bitch (12 Entries)
1st Hutchings & Cocozza - Molloney Kiss Me Quick
2nd Mueller - Rabymere Win a Fred
3rd Horswell - Drakesleat Apple Source
Res Punter - Welcumen Black Bonnet
VHC Blackburn - Stargang Lauralee Land of Song
Open Bitch (10 Entries) 1 Abs
1st Thorn Andrews - Drakesleat Lucy Fer
2nd Wood - Drakesleat Parr Slee of Wildstar
3rd Thorn Andrews - Drakesleat Lettuce Pray
Res Mueller - CH Rabymere Pooh Bear
VHC Blackburn-Bennett - CH Shardagang Diamonique