Scottish Dachshund Club Championship Show 2019

Dachshund (Miniature Smooth-haired)

Judge: Mandy Dance (Emem)



Dog CC : MITCHELL Bronia Biaggio

Res Dog CC : PAGET & CARROLL Marvale Master of Disguise

Best Puppy Dog : ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Greatest Showman
Bitch CC  : WILLIAMS & MOES Ch Cwmdarhian Prty Lika Rushn
Res Bitch CC : WORSWICK Dolyharp Sonata

Best Puppy Bitch : ANDISON & PEEL Clentry A Star is Born

Best Puppy : ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Greatest Showman

Best Veteran : CUMBERLAND Whirlygig Wottatodoo at Mumysami

Veteran Dog or Bitch (3 Entries)
1st:  CUMBERLAND Whirlygig Wottatodoo at Mumysami
2nd: MITCHELL Ch Bronia Fabrizia
3rd:  CUMBERLAND Mumysami Raluch ShCM


Minor Puppy Dog (4 Entries) Abs : 1
1st: ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Greatest Showman
2nd: MCLELLAN Cheguevar Paddington Bear
3rd: SHUTT Donnadoon Dusk till Dawn

Puppy Dog (7 Entries) Abs: 2
1st:  ANDISON & PEEL Hear Me Roar
2nd: MASON Teckletown Something Special
3rd:  RUDKIN Siouxline Ross for Dynastydax
Res: HUNT Wolferlow George Brown at Carpaccio
VHC: PROTHROE Picollo Teckel Tick-Tack- at Royalmaple (Imp Rus)

Junior Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: STARKEY Carpaccio Black Obsidian for Hamoura
2nd: FAWCETTS Broomside Winston My Boy
3rd:  MCLENNAN Cheguevar Paddington Bear


Special Yearling Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: MITCHELL Bronia Biaggio
2nd: ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Knock Em Dead Norman
3rd: FAWCETTS Broomside Firecracker Jack


Post Graduate Dog (6 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: RUDKIN Siouxline Ross for Dynastydax
2nd: BLACKBURN Stargang Sea Bird
3rd: CUMBERLAND Mumysami Clicalicious for Yorami

Limit Dog (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: PAGET & CARROLL Marvale Master of Disguise
2nd: SHUTT Melriding Captain Cook of Donnadoon
3rd:  PROTHROE Royalmaple Fiddle Sticks
Res:  FIEKE Lustrum Cushendall
VHC: MELBOURNE Ambreglo Strom at Melriding

Open Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: FAWCETTS Broomside Winston My Boy


Minor Puppy Bitch (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: ANDISON & PEEL Clentry A Star is Born
2nd: WILLIAMS & MOES Cwmdarhian Lah Ti Dar
3rd: Mumysami Here We Go Again
Res: Denval Tantalize

Puppy Bitch (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: BLACKBURN Stargang Desert Orchid
2nd: MASON Teckletown You're the One
3rd: PROTHROE Picollo Teckel True Love at Royalmaple (Imp Rus)
Res: MASON Teckletown Daisy Magic

Junior Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 4
1st: RUSSELL Russteck Tea Cake
2nd: HUNTS Carpaccio Clarice Cliff
3rd:  DARE Darsoms Zoe
Res: FIEKE Lustrum Everlasting Love
VHC: HUTCHINSON Russteck A Piece of Cake


Special Yearling Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: KENT Lokmadi Magic Dragon
2nd: MITCHELL Bronia Bellezza
3rd: MELBOURNE Melriding Sea Infanta
Res: SHUTT Donnadoon Carolina Moon
VHC: HUTCHINSON Russteck A Piece of Cake

Post Graduate Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: FIEKE Lustrum Daydream Believer
2nd: CUMBERLAND Mumysami Clickety Clic for Yorami
3rd: BLACKBURN Stargang Simply the Best
Res: HUNT Carpaccio Susie Cooper
VHC: HARDCASTLE & CUMBERLAND Mumysami One Clic Away from Dotalot

Limit Bitch (12 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: WORSWICK Dolyharp Sonata
2nd: RUDKIN Keydax Layla for Dynastydax JW
3rd: PROTHROE Royalmaple Daphne Blake
Res: ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Goosberry
VHC: MCLENNAN Cheguevar Tinkerbelle

Open Bitch (9 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: WILLIAMS & MOES Ch Cwmdarhian Prty Lika Rushn
2nd: MELBOURNE, CARROLL & PAGET Garthorne Olivia Grace of Melriding
3rd: PROTHEROE Picollo Teckel Never Say Never At Royalmaple (Imp) JW
Res: RUDKIN Dynastydax Periwinkle JW
VHC: MCLENNAN Russteck Currant Bun at Cheguevar


I enjoyed my judging at the Scottish dachshund club and thank the committee for the invitation. I found the mini smooth today to be of overall good quality with only a few exhibits marginally overweight. I was disappointed in One particularly lovely bitch who was moving very wide behind today. Temperaments on the whole were good. Mouths were excellent apart from one exhibit who had lower canines running up into the soft palate. Heads where varied with not many good strong muzzles. Many were out at elbow.

Veteran Dog/Bitch. 3/0

1st Cumberland's Whitlgig Wottatodoo at Mumysami

Black and tan eight years old a tad long. Moved out well, better head then two and and more ground clearance. Top line held on move. Well handled 

2nd Mitchell's Champion Bronia Fabrizia. Dinky red girl 10 years old. In good condition, moved well, well ribbed, handled well for young girl.

3rd Cumberland's Mumysami Raluch ShCM


Minor Puppy Dog. 3/0


1st & BP Andison & Peel's Clentry Greatest showman. Six month old silver dapple and tan. Big enough but well made through preferred movement and tail to 2nd. Level topline good angulation front and back.

2nd McLennan's Cheguevar Paddington Bear, Clear red seven months old. Smaller mould. Good topline pleasing head and eye. Bit happy with the tail but sure this will improve.

3rd Shutt's Donnadoon Dusk till Dawn


Puppy Dog 7/1

1st  Andison & Peel's Clentry Hear Me Roar. Red, mature good head, level topline, moved out well, well laid shoulder. Best judged on the move!

2nd Mason's Teckletown Something Magic.  Black and tan big enough. Mature. Not the head of one. Good front, level topline.

3rd Rudkin's  Siouxline Ross for Dynastydax


Junior Dog 3/0

1st Starkey's  Carpaccio Black Obsidian for Hamoura Black and tan, 14 month, compact. Better front and movement than two. Level topline, good body and rib. 

2nd Fawcett's Broomside Winston My Boy. Black and tan longer and bigger all through than one. Forechest good, but not the upper arm of one, giving not so good front movement.

3rd McLennan's Cheguevar Paddington Bear.


Special Yearling Dog. 4/0

1st & CC Mitchell's Bronia Biaggio. Neat and compact dog black and tan. Good front well laid shoulder, forechest good, feet good. Low enough, but balanced. Told this was his 3rd CC, well done.

2nd Andison & Peel's Clentry Knock em Dead Norman, Bigger exhibit all round, black and tan with better head than one, but untidy on the move, well bodied, Level topline, a bit of a handful.

3rd Fawcett's Broomside Firecracker Jack


Post Graduate Dog. 6/1

1st Rudkin's Siouxline Ross for Dynastydax, Came through from third in puppy. Red with level topline, Preferred movement over 2nd, good bend of stifle, confident, well bodied.

2nd Blackburn's Stargang Seabird. Squatted which spoiled outline. Movement not as positive as first. Level topline, good head and eye.

3rd Mumysami Clicalicious for Yorami


Limit Dog 7/0

1st & RCC Paget & Carroll's Marvale Master of Disguise. Black and tan. Good tight elbows, not found in many exhibits today. Low enough, but compact. Good neck and shoulder, well ribbed back, moved out well.

2nd Shutt's Melriding Captain Cook of Donnadoon, 18 month old brindle, good strong head, good bend of stifle, A bit loose on the move as yet, but promising.

3rd Prothroe's Royalmaple Fiddle Sticks


Open Dog 2/1

1st Fawcett's Broomside Winston My Boy



Minor Puppy Bitch 4/0

1st Andison & Peel's  Clentry A Star is Born Six month old black and tan very compact, little short in neck, Head balanced, correct one to two Height to length ratio.

2nd Williams & Moe's Cwmdarhian Lah Tia Dar Brindle rather long in loin, not cooperating with handler on the move. Good for chest and shoulder.

3rd Mumysami Here We Go Again


Puppy Bitch 4/0

1st Blackburn's Stargang Desert Orchid, Red who got better the more she moved. Very low on chest, good head and shoulder, better front than two.

2nd Mason. Teckeltown youíre the One. Black and tan, good topline and balance, not quite head and eye of eye.

3rd Prothroe's  Picollo Teckel True Love at Royalmaple (Imp Rus)


Junior Bitch 7/0

1st Russell's Russteck Teacake. Black and tan better ground clearance than two, correct 1:2 height to length ratio. Well ribbed short loin.

2nd Hunt's Carpaccio Clarice Cliff JW. Slightly longer in loin than first, good profile movement, front and forechest okay, foreface could be a tad stronger.

3rd Dare's Darsoms Zoe


Special Yearling Bitch 6/0

1st Kent's Lokmadi Magic Dragon, Red, Small and compact, better neck than two, good topline and underline, shoulders okay, head and eye okay. Moved out well.

2nd Mitchell's Bronia Bellezza. A shade low, but good head, spoiled herself on the move by dropping down and not providing the flowing picture required.

3rd Melbourne's  Melriding Sea Infanta


Post Graduate Bitch 8/1

A difficult class as one that I liked had lower canines running up and so had to pay the price.

1st Fieke's Lustrum Daydream Believer. Red , balanced, good ground clearance, moved out well, head and eye good, Front adequate.

2nd Cumberland. Mumysami Cluckety Clic for Yorami.

Red, didnít stand so well but was better on the move, a shade long in Loin, better ground clearance than three.

3rd Blackburn's Stargang Simply the Best


Limit Bitch 12/2

1st & Reserve CC Worswick's Dolyharp Sonata. Red, compact moved well. Neat package well-made all through. Beat two on profile movement but it was close. Very feminine, correct height to length.

2nd Rudkin's Keydax Layla for Dynastydax JW. Black and tan scopey Bitch, a tad long in loin, good strong head, a shade round in eye. Nitpicking to separate to pleasing bitches.

3rd Prothroe's Royalmaple Daphne Blake


Open Bitch 10/1

1st, CC & BOB and Reserve BIS

Williams & Moe's Ch. Cwmdarhian Prty Lika Rushn. Really liked this red compact bitch. Correct height to length ratio with sufficient ground clearance. Well laid shoulder, good top line, movement very good both up and down and in profile. Beat two on forechest. Very pleased to see her win reserve best in show congratulations.

2nd Melbourne, Carroll & Paget's Garthorne Olivia Grace of Melriding. Black and tan good balance, tight elbows, good feet, topline held on the move. Just preferred front of winner.

3rd Prothroe's Picollo Teckel Never Say Never At Royalmaple (Imp) JW