Judge : Daphne Graham

Best in Show

BIS - Sue Ergis's Ch Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding MS

RBIS - Mandy Dance's Ch Emem Summer Sunshine MW


Best Puppy in Show

BPIS - Fran Mitchell's Bronia Antonella  MS

RBPIS - Roy Wood's Wildstar Wrolanda ML

Best Veteran in Show

Marilyn Norton's Ch Matzell Minella SS


It was an honour and privilege to judge at the first Championship Show since Crufts 2020. This Assn. was the first Club to invite me to judge breed classes at their Open Show, some years ago. It also holds a special place in my heart because my Bjorn Veeta won BPIS one year, and then BIS in 1997, when he was awarded the beautiful Patsy Ann model of the 3 Dachshund Heads. Best in Show. From a distinguished line-up, I chose the Miniature Smooth Haired, Mrs.S.Ergis' Ch. Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding, an elegant red lady, who never put a foot wrong. Pretty head, strong neck, well angulated front and rear, well sprung ribbing, strode out covering the ground with ease, maintaining her topline. I was astonished to hear later, that she will be 8yrs old later this year. Reserve Best in show was Mr.M Dance's Ch.Emem Summer Sunshine, a wild boar Miniature Wire Haired, full of personality, good head and eye, well ribbed, angulated correctly, and what a mover! Best Puppy in Show. Once again, the Miniature Smooths won the day, Mrs.F. Mitchell's Bronia's Antonella , 9 months old red, and behaving so well. Good shoulders and length of ribbing, She won her award because her movement was so sound. Reserve to her was Mr. R Wood's Wildstar Wrolanda, Miniature Long, sweet head, excellent angulation, good length of ribbing. Moved round the ring very positively, maintaining her topline, in spite of the uneven ground. Judge: Daphne Graham


Junior Handling.


6-10 years.(1.1) 1.Miss Skye Offer age 10. A very pleasant a polite young lady. Very sympathetic with her exhibit. She carried out all instructions very well. Good table work. just needs to practice her shadowing.well done.


11-16 years (3.3) 1.Miss Daisy Mason.age 15 Wow this young lady could show adults a thing or two. As hard as i tried i couldnt fault her. Carried out all instructions with ease. A very polite young lady who had her eye on my movements at all times. She entered the ring looking very smart and professional.well done Best Handler. 2.Miss Chloe Cumbetland age 15. Another superb handler who i found hard to fault. Similar critique as the winner but unfortunately the dog wasnt behaving 100% so some lines werent as straight.that was my only way to split these very talented girls well done.





Joan Littmoden Special Memorial Veteran Stakes 11 -0abs


What a honour to be ask to judge what was Best Veteran In Show

1st Norton, Ch Matzell Minella, Std Smooth, lovely head with dark eyes, well placed ears, good length of neck in good shoulders, correct front of good depth and elbows tucked neatly in, well sprung ribs of good length short loin, into strong quarters, on the move she was true both coming and going also in profile holding a level topline at all times


2nd Dare, Darsom Zindzi, Std Long, head with dark eyes, good length of neck into nice shoulders, lovely front  and elbows tucked nicely in, well sprung ribs of good a length, into nice quarters, on the move she was true, carrying a level topline at all times.


3rd Fossett, Lokmadi A Boy Named Sue, JW ShCM, MSHlovely


Kevin P Hirst  Kejana