Judge : Diana Moate

Best in Show

BIS - Armstrong's Ch Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby SS

RBIS - Jone's Ch Bimini Starstruck MW


Best Puppy in Show

BPIS - Ergis's Siouxline the Musketeer MS

RBPIS - Geeson's Abydachs One Night Only SL


Best Veteran in Show

BVIS - Dare's Ch Darsoms Zienna

It is always a great honour to judge Dachshund Best in Show and it seems appropriate to say a few "thank you's." particularly as this is my last judging appointment and going back 55 years I judged my 1st Dachshund classes for the Dachshund Club. It was at the Dachshund Club Open Show in the 60's and I was doing the Min Wires, my favourite variety. So my thanks go to the Dachshund Club for the numerous times I have been asked to judge, To the stewards, this time John and Jeff, for keeping me smoothly on track, .. for the breed judges, for finding the most lovely line up. The Best in show was a superb group, and of course, the Hounds for being there, any of which is worthy of the top honours. The Best Puppy is most pleasing with youngsters, again a good prospect for the future of our breed. The Veteran class was full of the older more mature dogs, and gave me huge pleasure. The expressions on the Wire and the Longhaired veteran pair was priceless and endearing. So before I give my findings, I thank the exhibiters for good sportsmanship, the Committee for great organisation. BEST IN SHOW. Armstrong's Ch. Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby. An outstanding B/T smooth dog. He came into the ring with attitude and he is beautifully constructed. Great shoulder placement, carrying a lovely head, correct mouth, tender eyes and expression. The body is well covered, muscular and powerful. Hind end has a great rump, hip placement and angles. It all came alive when he did his thing going around. Great pleasure to judge this lovely hound. RESERVE BEST IN SHOW: Jones's Ch. Bimini Starstruct. An extremely handsome Min Wire. Very balanced and sound. Sweet head and expression. Good strong neck, and shoulders are well placed. Top and under lines are correct. Nice hind angulation, well used when she moved around the ring. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Ergis's Siouxline The Musketeer. This little Min Smooth chap is full of importance, and stood well, showing off the lovely structure. His head is beautiful, and he has a promising prosternum. Good spring of rib reaching nicely back, level top line, and strong quarters used well when on the move. Very promising. RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Geeson's Abydachs One Night Only. A most pleasing Longhaired with a lovely head and expression. Very feminine, In good coat, and well presented. Good sound movement coming and going. Promising. BEST VETERAN IN SHOW: Dare's Ch Darsoms Zienna. I admired this Longhaired in profile, and when I got to the front to go over I was greeted with an expression which was quite unique, She looked as though she was saying "Well, what do YOU want?" My findings were most positive, and what I wanted was all there. Good condition, perfect teeth, strong body, well muscled, and sound strong movement. Thanks for making my day complete.
Di Moate (Dianamo)