Judge : Margaret Turner

Best in Show

BIS - Rose's - Ch Ridanflight Ricardo MW

RBIS - McCalmont's - Ch Silvae Solo SW

Best Puppy in Show

BPIS - Fulton's- Bothlyn Miss Moneypenny MW

RBPIS - Seath's - Sunsong Wish Me Luck SW

Best Veteran in Show

BVIS - McCalmont's Ch Silvae Mystic SW

RBVIS - Kirkwood's  Ubu Isla at Helydon MW

It was an honour and my pleasure to judge this show where BIS was the M/W Rose's CH. Ridanflight Ricardo.  I have given this dog top honours before and saw no reason to  change my opinion on the day. Hard to fault from his masculine lengthy head, dark eye and correct ear-set. Excellent neck flowing into correct forequarter assembly, nicely fitting elbows, good ribbing and follow through with gently sweeping underline. Lovely to watch, correct movement with good hind drive and extension. Absolutely pristine harsh coat and body condition. RBIS  McCalmont's CH. Silvae Solo, beautiful bitch with super head and correct ratio of forehead and muzzle, dark eye and ear-set all good.  Elegant neck, good shoulder and upper-arm angles. Well formed pro-sternum, good flow of underline and ribbing, super bone, legs and feet. Loved her well muscled hindquarter  assembly giving thrust and drive.  Kept an excellent outline standing and moved with alacrity.  Faultless coat and body presentation.  Two wonderful examples to judge. BPIS Fulton's  M/W bitch Bothlyn Miss Moneypenny just 6 months,  so composed and well schooled with much to admire from her clean cut head shape, dark almond eyes and correct ear-set.   Lengthy neck flowed into good top-line kept standing and moving.  Enough pro-sternum,  neat shoulder and upper-arm angles, good legs and feet, well turned quarters with good drive, not at all overawed by the occasion.  Short harsh, dark brindle, close fitting coat completed the picture.  RBPIS Seath's  Sunsong Wish me luck, brindle bitch of 9 months with dark mischievous eye, nice head and ear-set.  Decent neck leading to pleasing top-line and body shape with good ribbing and underline.  Lively on the move but very good in stance showing much promise.  Different coat to the M/W but was harsh with undercoat. BVIS McCalmont's Ch Silvae Mystic  10 years old and in immaculate hard coat and wonderful body condition.  Beautiful lengthy head, dark eye.  Dam of the RBIS and has passed on many attributes.  Lovely fore-hand and ribbing, short loin, gentle  sweep of underline, well constructed hindquarters, short hocks, good legs and feet.  An enviable model in stance. BVIS  Kirkwood's Ubu Isla at Helydon, 8 years M/W brindle bitch clearly of good temperament with nice head shape, dark eye, decent neck, top-line and ribbing. Correct coat completed a pleasing picture.  Was ably shown by her young handler, a future exhibitor I hope--we need people like her.