Pedigree of Champion D'Arisca Truth Be Told at Yewlitt

Born 10/04/1997
Sex  Dog
Colour Black & Tan
Breeder Mrs L Coxon
Owned By  Mrs S Shuker


D'Arisca Alexander Ch & Ir Ch Wingcrest Smart Alec Ch & Ir Ch Hobbithill Lorgan of Wingcrest
Ch & Ir Ch Likely Lass of Wingcrest
D'Arisca Alicia Ch Yewlitt Jeremy
Ch D'Arisca Delicacy
Ch D'Arisca Caress Ch Stargang Osprey Ch Hampdach Del Boy at Terihund
Stargang Skylark
D'Arisca by Design Multi Ch D'Arisca Ambrose
Ch D'Arisca Designer Classic