Pedigree of Champion Abydachs Avada Kedavra

Born 29/01/17
Sex  Bitch
Colour Chocolate & Cream
Breeder Miss Helen Geeson
Owned By  Breeder
Gained Title 2019 3 CC's
Qualifing CC's  
Hound Association 2018 Mrs Andrea Callow
Northern Counties Dachshund Ass 2018 Juliet Cooper
Miniature Dachshund Club 2019 Mr Phillip Rollinson
Doujac Turnip for the Books from Drymoor Torwood Blaze O' Glory Doujac Checkmate
Torwood Mulberry
Doujac Reflection Sanmik Sir Galahad at Donnadoon
Doujac Starlette
Ch Abydachs Apparition Ir Ch Walpines Mozart Ch Ralines Red Dragon 
Larkhund Rose at Walpines
Ch Abydachs Absolution Ch Rafthouse Herr Flick
Ch Abydachs Attitude