Pedigree of Champion Lauralee Role of Honour Via Rijobeau

Born 15/11/04
Sex  Dog
Colour Red
Breeder Mr M G & Mrs J L Armstrong
Owned By  Messrs R Eales & J Tite


Ch Rosenket Uptown Guy Roleta Hobson's Choice Ch Ralines Sam's Son
Roleta Take Another Look
Ch Rosenket Libby's Lockett Ch Rosenket Folly's Escapade
Ch Ralines Resemblance
Lauralee Belle of the Ball  Ch Sontag Savour the Flavour Sunhaze Sogoahead Syd at Lauralee
Ch Sontag Salad Days
Lauralee Hope and Glory at Malynsa Ch Malynsa Madrigal
Classridge Carlotta at Lauralee