Dachshund Club 2010

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Judge: Mrs Diana Melbourne (Melriding)

BEST OF BREED : NORTON Ch Matzell Mildred
Dog CC : HUNT Ch Lauralee Living Daylights at Carpaccio
Res Dog CC : GATHERAL-GRAHAM  Phaeland Screw Driver
Bitch CC : NORTON Ch Matzell Mildred
Res Bitch CC :  LOVICK-GIBBS  Roleta Keepin Up Appirances
Best Puppy : MACDONALD  Bensarka Phoenix Sun
Best Veteran : HENNINGSEN & ALLEN Ch/Am Ch Jagie's I love the Night Life Imp USA


Minor Puppy Dog (1 Entry) Abs: 0
1st: BURKE & MANSTON Wing and A Prayer for Bonavoir

Puppy Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: MACDONALD  Bensarka Phoenix Sun
2nd: NORTON Matzell Man of the Moment

Junior Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: GATHERAL-GRAHAM  Phaeland Screw Driver
2nd: TITE & EALES Rijobeau Caught Red Handed
3rd: JEFFERYS Carpaccio Summer Class at Andax

Post Graduate Dog (5 Entries) Abs: 2
1st:  CHAUHAN Hampdach Man in Black
2nd: EMERSON Rijobeau Am I Bovvered by Batendach
3rd:  FURBER  Gameron Smart Choice To Dorysa

Limit Dog (5 Entries) Abs:0
1st:  ELLIS Tealby Another Rumour in Red
2nd:MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch Born To Boogie
3rd: BETHEL & PAYTON Hampdach Gold Quest
Res: CHAUHAN Hampdach Man in Black
VHC: STARKEY Carpaccio Top of the Class at Hamoura

Open Dog (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: HUNT Ch Lauralee Living Daylights at Carpaccio
2nd:DALGETY Thundergay Archduke
3rd: KERRY Ch Sontag Sir Cumference of Kireton
Res: MCNAUGHTON  Cedavoch Galadrim
VHC: CHAMBERS Rijobeau I Swear Ya Honour at Viewmoor

Veteran Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: HENNINGSEN & ALLEN Ch/Am Ch Jagie's I love the Night Life Imp USA
2nd: MCNAUGHTON Ch Cedavoch Celebdil
3rd: HUNT Ch/Ir Ch D'Arisca Class Distinction at Carpaccio

Minor Puppy Bitch (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: BETHEL Hampdach Have a Nice Day
2nd: LOVICK GIBBS Roleta Gameron Wright to Reply
3rd: SEAGO & GIBBARD Gameron Right Note for Amlida

Puppy Bitch (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: COXON Bensarka Golden Garter
2nd: RISEBOROUGH  Matzell Maid Specially (ai)

Junior Bitch (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: COOPER Hacienda Lo N Behold its Sontag (Imp Mys)
2nd: GATHERAL GRAHAM Phaeland Special Duty
3rd: FURBER Roleta Constant Reminder to Dorysa
Res: GOWLETT Silanddajo Scarletina Girl at Minalsa

Post Graduate Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  DALGETY Thundergay My Fair Lady
2nd: ELLIS Tealby Tittle Tattle
3rd: EMERSON Batendach Black and Sleek at Pachego
Res: JOY Tealby Kind Comments for Morailsa
VHC: SEAGO & GIBBARD Tealby Lorna Doone

Limit Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: HUNT Lauralee Miss Chokky Wokey At Carpaccio
2nd: TURNER Marictur Moulin Rouge
3rd: MITCHELL Dubrey's Dora the Explora
Res: ARMSTRONG Cwmdarhian Thyme will Tell
VHC: TITE & EALES Rijobeau Matron of Honour

Open Bitch (9 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: NORTON Ch Matzell Mildred
2nd: LOVICK-GIBBS  Roleta Keepin Up Appirances
3rd: ARMSTRONG Lauralee Peeping Fawn
Res: NORTON Ch Matzell Maid of Honour
VHC: DALGETY Thunderday Magdalena

Veteran Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: GOAD Meganhol Abracadabra


Thank you to exhibitors for such a quality entry. MPD (1) 1 Burke and Manston's Wing and a Prayer for Bonavoir. Masculine b+t with attractive head and good height to length ratio. Immature baby who needs time. Class 2 (2) 1 McDonald's Bensarka Phoenix Sun. Lovely 11 month red. Beautiful head with lovely length of body +topline held on move. Well angulated, sound and free moving on a loose lead. Surely must have a bright future. BP. 2 Norton's Matzell Man of the Moment. Very well proportioned b+t with classic outline. Best of shoulders with a very good breadth and depth of ribbing. Preferred the free flowing movement of the first. JD (4, 1a) 1 Gatheral Graham's Phaeland Screw Driver. Just loved everything about this clear red boy apart from his name! Everything in the right place with a beautiful classic head. Excellent angulation fore and aft with topline held on the move. A true masculine hound who pressed very hard but lost out to CC winner as just needed to move more freely on a loose lead. Res. CC. I am sure he will always be one for top honours. 2 Tite's Rijobeau Caught Red Handed. Lovely young red that is very well put together + very sound. Looked the part on the move and stacked. I preferred the head and angulation of 1st but a dog that is a strong contender. 3 Jeffery's Carpaccio Summer Class at Anldax. PGD (5, 2a) 1 Manish's Hampdach Man in Black. Upstanding young b&t with a good outline on the move and stance. Lovely masculine head and a better hind angulation than 2nd. 2 Emerson's Rijobeau Am I Bovvered by Batendach. A very well shaped dog with good bone and well filled front. Attractive head and good height to length ratio. Needs to muscle up at the rear to complete the picture. 3 Furber's Gamerton Smart Choice at Dorsya. LD (5) 1 Ellis' Tealby Another Rumour in Red. Scored in classic outline and everything all goes into place on the move and the stance. Scored in head over 2nd and altogether very lovely but I felt he could carry a little more weight over the loin. 2 McNaughton's Cedavoch Born to Boogie. Lovely dog with excellent bone and reach of neck. Lovely proportions but I preferred the head of 1st. 3 Bethel & Paynton's Hampdach Gold Quest. OD (6) 1 Hunt's Ch. Lauralee Living Daylight's at Carpaccio. Masculine hound who flowed round the ring with sound movement, holding his outline on the move and stance. So well angulated both ends with beautiful head and reach of neck. Dog CC. 2 Dalgety's Thundergay Archduke. One I have judged as a puppy and he still appealed in this strong class. Classic outline with the best of feet and ribbing. Altogether of a piece and a lovely boy. 3 Kerry's ch. Sontag Sir Cumference of Kiverton. VD (3) A pleasure to judge this class. 1 Hennigsen & Allen Ch/Am.Ch Jagie's I have the Night Life (Imp USA). A lovely boy with a classic outline still holding his top line and so well angulated. Lots of grey on his muzzle but a beautiful head and he has certainly put his stamp on his progeny. Best Vet. 2 Lusk's ch. Cedavoch Celebdil. So well put together and sound. Masculine boy with lovely outline nad best of feet. 3 Hunt's Ch/Ir Ch D'arisca Class Destination at Carpaccio (JW). MPB (3) 1 Bethel's Hampdach Have a Nice Day. Lovely red baby who won on her overall make and shape. Well filled front with excellent shoulders. Lovely length of ribbing and best of heads. 2 Lovick Gibb's Roleta Gameron Right to Reply. Lovely baby with appealing head and best of fronts. Just needs time to steady and firm up. 3 Seago & Gibbard's Gameron Right Note for Amlida. PB (2) 1 Coxon's Bensarka Golden Garter. Feminine head, well boned with a beautiful front assembly. Altogether very lovely on the stance and move. 2 Riseborough's Matzell Maid Specially. Well boned with a lovely outline and appealing head and angulation. Not as free flowing on the move as 1st. JB (6 2a) 1 Cooper's Hacienda Low Behold It's Sontag (imp Mys). Appealing Young Red with well filled front and very good ribbing. Held top line on move and sound with a beautiful eye catching head. 2 Gatheral Graham's Phaelond Special Duty. A vey lovely bitch with the most beautiful shape and angulation. Beautiful head but unfortunately was soft in condition due to a phantom pregnancy. A shame as I liked her very much. 3 Furber's Roleta Constant Reminder to Dorysa. PG (11) 1 Dalgety's Thundergay My Fair Lady. All of a piece and so sound. Very good height to length ratio with clean lines and an appealing head. 2 Ellis' Teal by Tittle Tattle. Lovely bitch with clean lines standing + on the move.Best of feet with excellent ribbing. I felt needed to fill out a bit more. 3 Emerson's Batendach Black & Sleek at Pachego. L (7) 1 Hunt's Lauralee Miss Chokky Wokey at Carpaccio. Lovely choc. In bloom. Very sound, best of heads. Well angulated with excellent front. 2 Turner's Maricatur Moulin Rouge. Very attractive red bitch with lovely head. Again very sound with good body proportions. Lost out to 1st as I preferred free flowing movement.of 1st. 3 Mitchell's Dubray's Dora the Explora. OB (9) I was spoilt for choice in this class. 1 Norton's Matzell Mildred. Beautiful red bitch who is so elegant and feminine with lovely angulation. Beautiful head and so very sound. CC& BOB. 2 Lovick Gibb's Roleta Keeping Up Appearances. Again a beautiful red bitch and the same remarks apply. I felt 1st had slightly cleaner lines on the move but nit picking here. Res.CC. 3 Armstrong's Lauralee Peeping Fawn. VB 1 Goad's Meganhol Abracadabra. 9 years old and in fine bloom wagging her tail. A pleasure to see. Maintained her outline on the stance and on the move. Still sound.

Diana Melbourne