Great Joint Dachshund Ass 2017

Dachshund (Long-haired)

Judge: Lovaine Coxon (D'Arisca)


BEST OF BREED : HUTTON Ch River Rumpus Through Dachalune ShCM

Reserve Best of Breed :GEESON Abydachs Kumala

Best Opposite Sex : GEESON Abydachs Kumala

Best Dog Puppy : HUTTON Abbillis Thoeden by Dachalune
Dog CC  : HUTTON Ch River Rumpus Through Dachalune ShCM
Res Dog CC : MITCHELL Ch Bronia True Legacy
Bitch CC  : GEESON Abydachs Kumala
Res Bitch CC : MCNAUGHTON Ch Cedavoch Circe

Besr Puppy Bitch :GEESON Abydachs Kumala
Best Puppy : GEESON Abydachs Kumala

Best Veteran : HUTTON Ch River Rumpus Through Dachalune ShCM


Veteran Dog or Bitch (6 Entries) 
1st: SUTTON Damai Master Benedict
2nd: MARKS Ch Brynalyn Royal Warrier Via Labbadax ShCM
3rd:  DIMON Dimerlin Isolde
Res: WILSON Rogermardax Margarita

Minor Puppy Dog (1)
1st: HUTTON Abbillis Thoeden by Dachalune

Puppy Dog 
1st: No Entries

Junior Dog (3 Entries)
1st: DARE Swansford Lionellador Darsoms

Yearling Dog
1st: No Entries

Post Graduate Dog (3 Entries)
1st: MARKS Labbadax Kiton
2nd: BREARLEY Labbadax Eyecatchin Shadow at Xanadax

Limit Dog (5 Entries)
1st: BENNETT Shardaroba's Country File
2nd: CHAPMAN Melminds Zsylvester ShCM
3rd: NEGUS Tarramist Iron Man
Res: WOOD Rogermardax Jack Spratt
VHC: BURKE & MANSTON Bonavoir James Hobb

Open Dog (9 Entries)
1st:  MITCHELL Ch Bronia True Legacy
2nd: DARE Ch Darsoms Zybrox
3rd:  BURKE & MANSTON Wardax Indian Summer Bonavoir
Res:  MCNAUGHTON Ch Cedavoch the Alchemist
VHC: GARLICK Ranglewood Arashi

Veteran Dog (6 Entries)
1st:  HUTTON Ch River Rumpus Through Dachalune ShCM
2nd: GEESON Ch Abydachs Kicks Up a Storm
3rd:  MARKS Ch Brynalyn Royal Warrier via Labbadax ShCM
Res: COOK & RHODES Abydachs Rides the Storm to Bournder
VHC: SUTTON Damai Master Benedict ShCM

Minor Puppy Bitch  (3 Entries)
1st:  CROSS Glasvey Double Trouble
2nd: CHAPMAN Melminds Marina Diamonds
3rd:  FOSSETT Brysdax Coco Mademoiselle

Puppy Bitch (2 Entries)
1st: GEESON Abydachs Kumala
2nd: BOYLE & WREN Zarcrest Ava Gardner
3rd:  CLARKE Tekalhaus Diamond Life (AI)
Res: FOSSETT Brysdax Chanel Number Five

Junior Bitch (4 Entries) 
1st: EVE Sundayshill Hermione
2nd: MITCHELL Bronia Supernatural
3rd: GARLICK Ranglewood Trick or Treat
Res: HAGAN,FOSSETT & BORSUK Baltic Legacy via Amberteckel

Yearling Bitch (2 Entries)
1st: HUTTON Dachalune Annysia
2nd: SUTTON & PANKHURST Lilia Rose at Damai

Post Graduate Bitch (5 Entries) 
1st: NEGUS Dachslur Diamond Desire at Tarramist
2nd: CHAPMAN Melminds Miss Cilla Black
3rd:  CHEESE Suecaseus Juliet

Limit Bitch (9 Entries)
1st:  GARLICK Ranglewood Laurel
2nd: DARE Darsoms Zeunice
3rd:  HUTTON Dachalune Araxia
Res:  NEGUS Tarramist Krug Rose
VHC: MITCHELL Bronia Aphrodite of Marvael

Open Bitch (4 Entries) Abs 1
1st:  MCNAUGHTON Ch Cedavoch Circe
2nd:  GEESON Ch Abydachs Giving off Sparks
3rd:  COOK & RHODES Ch Bournder Ruby Empress

Veteran Bitch (2 Entries) 
1st:  GARLICK Ch Ranglewood Genista
2nd:  EVE Dachslur Diamond Fancy Free at Sundayshill

Min puppy Dog 1

1st. Abbilis Theoden By Dachalune. B/T stood alone. Of good quality. Beautifully constructed front, excellent bone and feet, well constructed hind quarters. Presented a well balanced outline both standing and on the move. By my BOB winner. BPD

Puppy Dog No entries

Jun. Dog 3

1st. Dare’s Swansford Lionllador Darsoms. Dark shades red. Well filled front, good bone. Strong masculine exhibit. Flowing topline, lovely quarters. Moved woth style and precision.

2nd. Garlick’s Ranglewood Harvest Song B/T. Another with flowing topline and lovely quarters. Good bone and feet. Needs to drop into crook.

3rd. Bushell’s Ranglewood Harvest Hops. Litter brother to 2nd.

Yearling Dog. No entries.

Post Grad Dog. 3 (1)

1st. Marks Labbadax Kiton. Good bone, level topline, lovely coat in gleaming condition. Failed in front

2nd. Brearlely’s Labbadax Eyecatching Shadow at Xanadachs. B/T. Good topline. Narrow all through.

Limit Dog. 4

1st. Bennett’s Shardaroba Country File. S/R of very good type. Well filled crook. Good top and underline. Used his well constructed hind quarters to advantage. Well presenter and handled.

2nd. Chapmans Melminds Zsylvester. ShCH Dark Shaded Red. Loved his type and outline on the move.

3rd. Nagus’s Tarramist Ironman.

OPEN DOG. 9(4)

1ST. MITCHELL’S CH. Bronia True Legacy. S/R Beautiful head and expression. True front, good strong topline, good nderline. Lovely quality. Correct coat. Super on the move. Res. CC.

2nd Dare’s Ch. Darsoms Zybrox. Dark S/R. larger than above. Good bone and feet. Good strong topline and good length to second thigh. Lovely on the move.

Burke and Manston’s Wardax Indian Summer Bonavoir.

Veteran Dog. 5.

1st. Hutton’s B/T Ch. River Rumpus Through Dachalune ShCH. So very well balanced with front and hind angulation as described in the breed standard. This gave correct movement coming and going and correct outline both standing and on the move. Good length of ribbing added to the overall appeal. Loved him. CC, BOB and BVIS.

2nd. Geeson’s Abydachs Ch. Kicks up A Storm. S/R another great veteran who stands the test of time.Good ribbing, well finished quarters. In the best of condition and beautifully presented.

3rd. Marks Ch. Brynalyn Royal Warrior via Labbadax. ShCH

Minor Puppy Bitch. 3

1st. Cross’s Glasvey Double Trouble. An adorably beautiful baby of correct type .Lovely front and good angulation fore and aft. Of great promise. Just loved her.

2nd. Chapman’s Melminds Marina Diamonds S/R of different type to above. Another good front and length to ribbing.

3rd. Fossett’s Brysdachx Coco Mademoiselle.

Puppy Bitch. 4.

1st. Geeson’s S/R Abydax Kumala. What a divine baby. Quality from nose to tail.Lovely head. Good front construction matched by good hind construction giving the correct sweeping topline which in turn produced the correct outline both standing and on the move. CC BPIB and res. BPIS.

2nd. Boyle and Wren’s Zarcrest Ava Gardner. Another lovely baby. Different type to above. Well filled crook. Good bone and feet. Strong level topline.

3rd. Clarke’s Tekelhouse Diamong Life.

Junior Bitch. 4

1st. Eve’s Sundayshill Hermione. S/r loved her front and head. Promise of a good coat’ Good length of ribbing, level topline and well finished quarters.

2nd. Mitchell’s Bronia Supernatural. S/r Lovely well filled front. In gleaming condition and well presented. Taller in type.

3rd. Garlick’s ranglewood Trick or Treat.

Yearling Bitch 2

1st. Hutton’s Dachalune Annysia another by my BOB. S/r same lovely type with very pretty head. Good bone and feet. Well constructed throughout presenting a balanced outline both standing and on the move.

2nd. Sutton’s and Pankhurst’s Lilia Rose at damai. S/r very honest and sound but seemed to be thinking about a walk in the park. Delightful nature.

Post grad bitch. 3

1st. Negus’s Dachslur Diamond Desire at Tarramist. B/T lovely bitch in gleaming condition with correct flat coat. True front, good topline, ribbing and well finished quarters. Short in neck.

2nd. Chapman’s Melminds Miss Cilla Black B/T Wider in front and skull than avove. Good forechest. Another short in neck.

3rd. Cheese’s Suecasius Juliet.

Limit Bitch. 9 (1)

1st. Garlick’s Ranglewood Laurel. S/R Feminine and typy. Lovely front and forechest.Good quality coat. Level topline with good outline both standing and on the move. Loved her front bone and feet.

2nd. Dare’s Darsomd Zeunice Different type to above. Loved her front, bone and feet. Longer in neck than most.

3rd Hutton’s Dachalune Araxia.

Open Bitch. 4 (1)

1st. McNaughton’s Ch. Cedavoch Circe. S/R of good type with good forechest. Sound movement coming and going and good outline standing and on the move. Res. CC

2nd. Geeson’s Ch. Abydachs Giving off Sparks. S/r taller than above and very pleasing feminine exhibit.

3rd. Cook and Rhodes Ch. Bournder Ruby Express.

Veteran bitch 2

1st. Ch. Ranglewood Genista. Loved her type. True front, strong head, good topline and well finished quarters.

2nd. Eve’s Dachslur Diamond Fancy at Sundayshill. Taller than above. Pretty and feminine. Good front. Not so co-operative.