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Championship Dog Shows

Full Details/Dates for future General and Group Shows below

The Kennel Club licenses a range of Championship Dog Shows which cover all breeds and groups. 



Boston Ch Show Ch Saturday 5th January

16th November 2018 - Post

25th November 2018  Online

Schedule & Entry Form
Manchester Ch Thursday 17th January

5th December 2018 - Post

12th December 2018 Online  

Schedule & Entry Form
Nrth Longhaired Breeders Open Sunday 27th January    
Dachshund Club of Wales Open Sunday 3rd February    
Dachshund Club Open Saturday 23rd February    
Northern Counties Dachshund Open      
Crufts Ch Saturday 9th March    
Scottish Dachshund Club Ch      
Southern Dachshund Ch Saturday 2nd March    
West Riding Dachshund Ass Open      
Wirehaired Dachshund Club Ch Sunday 31st March    
Hound Ass of Scotland Open Saturday 13th April    
Smooth Haired Dachshund Club Ch Saturday 20th April    
Long Haired Dachshund Club Ch Saturday 20th April    
Lancs & Cheshire Dachshund Open Sunday 21st April    
WELKS Ch Sunday 28th April    
Birmingham National Ch Saturday 11th May    
Scottish Kennel Club Ch Friday 17th May    
West of England Dachshund Open Sunday 26th May    
Bath Ch Sunday 26th May    
Southern Counties Ch Friday 31st May    
Eastern Counties Dachshund Open Sunday 2nd June    
Three Counties Ch Friday 7th June    
Border Union Ch Saturday 15th June    
Miniature Dachshund Club Open      
Blackpool Ch Saturday 22nd June    
Southern Dachshund Ass Open      
Windsor Ch Sunday 30th June    
East of England Ch Saturday 6th July    
Hound Association Ch Saturday 13th July    
Midland Dachshund Club Ch Saturday 13th July    
Nrth Longhaired Breeders Open Sunday 21st July    
Leeds Ch Sunday 28th July    
Paignton Ch Sunday 4th August    
Bournemouth Ch Monday 12th August    
Welsh Kennel Club Ch Friday 16th August    
Scottish Kennel Club Ch Sunday 25th August    
City of Birmingham Ch Friday 30th August    
Richmond Ch Friday 6th September    
Smooth Haired Dachshund Open Sunday 8th September    
Long Haired Dachshund Club (All coats scheduled) Open Sunday 8th September    
East Yorkshire Dachshund Club Open      
Darlington Ch Friday 13th September     
Northern Counties Dachshund Ass Ch Friday 13th September    
Wirehaired Dachshund Club Open Saturday 14th September (TBC)    
Dachshund Club of Wales Open      
Driffield Ch Thursday 19th September    
Belfast Ch Saturday 28th September    
South Wales Kennel Ass Ch Sunday 13th October    
Lancashire & Cheshire Dachshund Club Ch Saturday 19th October    
Midland Counties Ch Saturday 26th October    
Eastern Counties Dachshund Open Sunday 3rd November    
Dachshund Club Ch Saturday 16th November    
West Riding Dachshund Association Open      
Great Joint Dachshund Ass Ch      
Ladies Kennel Ass Ch Saturday 14th December