The Ladies Kennel Association 2014

Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired)

Judge: Miss Heather Blackburn-Bennett 


BEST OF BREED : 9372 ROSE Mr S Ch Ridanflight Ricardo 
Dog CC : 9372 ROSE Mr S Ch Ridanflight Ricardo 
Res Dog CC : 9338 HAYWARD Mr T & Mrs B Foxearth Fiddler On the Roof 
Bitch CC : 9339 HAYWARD Mr T & Mrs B Foxearth Fatma Salkan 
Res Bitch CC : 9374 RUSSELL Mrs C Russteck I Dreamed A Dream 
Best Puppy : 9345 HOWELLS Mrs J Fallowmill Carolina 
Best Veteran : 
Best Breeder : 

Class 2407 MPD (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 9352 LEWIS Mr D M Bastlefords Toffee Crips At Trixhund NAF 
2nd: 9350 KIRKWOOD, Miss D J & KIRKWOOD Mr G & Mrs J Helydon Goharley 
3rd: 9342 HEATHER Miss W Ravensbeech Rossini With Whiteorchard 
Res: 9337 HAYWARD Mr T & Mrs B Metcroft Fields Of Gold At Foxearth 

Class 2408 PD (7 Entries) Abs: 3 
1st: 9358 MORRISON Ms B Benzden Guilty For Him 
2nd: 9352 LEWIS Mr D M Bastlefords Toffee Crips At Trixhund NAF 
3rd: 9350 KIRKWOOD, Miss D J & KIRKWOOD Mr G & Mrs J Helydon Goharley 
Res: 9379 STREATFIELD, Mr N F & STREATFIELD Prof P Barkleighs Mews 

Class 2409 JD (1 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 9349 KENT Mrs Y & Mr M Ch Barratini Teddyboy At Lokmadi 

Class 2410 PGD (7 Entries) Abs: 3 
1st: 9354 MARSTON-TEAL Mrs S F Lordscairnie Moment of Love 
2nd: 9335 GRANT Mrs P Barratini Ted Astaire at Granhoward 
3rd: 9369 POWELL Miss B High Flyer at Forbell 
Res: 9382 WEBSTER Mr D Foxearth Fieldgun With Webline 

Class 2411 LD (3 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: 9332 DUNN Mrs G A Barratini Danz On To Ashridge 

Class 2412 OD (7 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: 9372 ROSE Mr S Ch Ridanflight Ricardo 
2nd: 9338 HAYWARD Mr T & Mrs B Foxearth Fiddler On the Roof 
3rd: 9368 PHILLIPS Mrs I Ch Curtisey Boogy Woogy JW 
Res: 9327 BOYNS Mrs L Brindeckel Diamond Geezer 
VHC: 9340 HAYWARD Mr R S Taree Scoville at Wirefusion  

Class 2413 VD NO ENTRIES 

Class 2414 GCD NO ENTRIES 

Class 2415 MPB (2 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 9370 PRICE Mr P J & Mrs N F Samlane Belleza 

Class 2416 PB (6 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 9345 HOWELLS Mrs J Fallowmill Carolina 
2nd: 9367 OSBORN Ms G Kmai Fairydust For Elgert (IKC) 
3rd: 9328 CHUGG Mrs J J Templestowe On Line 
Res: 9360 MORRISON Ms B Benzden Sexy Shoo 
VHC: 9333 FRANKS Mr & Mrs G J Lordscairnie Posh Love 

Class 2417 JB (6 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 9373 RUSSELL Mrs C Russteck Wired To The Moon 
2nd: 9351 KIRKWOOD, Miss D J & KIRKWOOD Mr G & Mrs J Helydon Fabulous Freya 
3rd: 9356 MOBLEY Mrs J Jakanem What You Will 
Res: 9367 OSBORN Ms G Kmai Fairydust For Elgert (IKC) 
VHC: 9381 WALKER Mrs J E & Mr I J Roselle Irenee 

Class 2418 PGB (7 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 9347 JONES Mrs S J Bimini Out Of The Blue 
2nd: 9329 CHUGG Mrs J J Templestowe Sweet Dreams 
3rd: 9375 SELLEY Mrs A Ubu Cracklin Rosie For Heleanne 
Res: 9383 WILLIAMS Mr I G & Mrs C Brytonian Morwenna 
VHC: 9366 ORAM Mr D J & Mrs C M Fallowmill On The Spot at Rosswell 

Class 2419 LB (6 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 9339 HAYWARD Mr T & Mrs B Foxearth Fatma Salkan 
2nd: 9374 RUSSELL Mrs C Russteck I Dreamed A Dream 
3rd: 9344 HOWELLS Mrs J Fallowmill On The Button JW Sh.CM 
Res: 9355 MARSTON-TEAL Mrs S F Lordscairnie Rhythm of Love 
VHC: 9371 RIGBY Miss J M Waldmeister Maud for Rigadac 

Class 2420 OB (6 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: 9353 LEWIS Mr D M Trixhund Tati Romanova 
2nd: 9361 MORRISON Ms B Ir Ch Benzden Prada 
3rd: 9331 DAYKIN Mrs C H Barratini Hot Gossip JW 
Res: 9348 JONES Mrs S J Bimini From Russia With Love 

Class 2421 VB NO ENTRIES  

Class 2422 GCB NO ENTRIES  

I would like to thank the LKA committee for inviting me to judge at their show, which was so hospitable and well organised. I would also like to thank the exhibitors for entering under me, there were some real quality exhibits. Open Dog & Limit Bitch were particularly strong classes, I wished I had more CC's to give as in these classes there was more than one worthy winner. 
MPD (4) 1 Lewis' Bastlefords Toffee Crisp At Trixhund NAF. Lovely headed red puppy dog, acted like a baby but when he settled on the move drove out well keeping a nice steady topline. A little out of coat, but brilliant attitude and lovely body shape. 2 Kirkwood & Kirkwood's Helydon Goharley. This puppy more settled than first, trained very well but not quite as sound. 3 Heather's Ravensbeech Rossini With Whiteorchard. 
PD (7, 3) 1 Morrison's Benzden Guilty For Him. Liked this puppy a lot, he moved very well, powering around the ring. Would like to see him a little steadier but good head and well constructed. 2 Lewis' Bastlefords Toffee Crisp At Trixhund NAF. 3 Kirkwood & Kirkwood's Helydon Goharley. 
JD (1) 1 Kent's Ch Barratini Teddyboy At Lokmadi. Very smart young dog. Extremely sound fore and aft, presented to perfection, nice head and kept a good topline on the move. 
PGD (7, 3) 1 Marston-Teal's Lordscairnie Moment Of Love. Brindle dog, well constructed body shape, nice head, very sound front and back, keeping a good topline on the move. Would prefer a harsher coat and to be a little more confident. 2 Grant's Barratini Ted Astaire At Granhoward. Lovely head, stood very well, not the drive of first. 3 Powell's High Flyer At Forbell. 
LD (3, 2) 1 Dunn's Barratini Danz On To Ashridge. Lovely moving dog with masculine head, a little out of coat and would prefer more forechest but well laid shoulders, sound and moved well around the ring. 
OD (7, 2) A very difficult class full of worthy males, I could have given three CC's here. 1 Rose's Ch Ridanflight Ricardo. Just love everything about this dog. Lovely masculine head, well constructed forehand, excellent topline, good length of ribbing and keel, hammy well angulated hind quarters. However, what really excelled here was his superb movement, moving around with so much drive and purpose it looked effortless whilst being absolutely sound front and back. Flawless both stacked and moving. DCC, BOB and pleased to see this little star took the Hound Group too. 2 Hayward's Foxearth Fiddler On The Roof . Very close up to first. Different in type but loved this red boy too. The most superb head with perfect eye shape and lovely expression. Prominent forechest, nice tight feet, good length of ribbing and keel, longer cast than first but not over long in loin. Lovely well angulated hindquarters. Another dog who really excelled on the move, using his powerful hindquarters to drive out and keeping a lovely topline throughout. Well presented, harsh red coat. Res DCC. 3 Phillips' Ch Curtisey Boogy Woogy JW. This dog is also of excellent quality and again close up to first and second. More feminine in type, but his movement around the ring is wonderful to watch. 
MPB (2, 1) 1 Price's Samlane Belleza. I would like to see this puppy a bit happier, but had a nice head and body shape with well angled hindquarters, though a little close behind. 
PB (6) 1 Howell's Fallowmill Carolina. Very sweet puppy bitch who looked a baby, a little out of coat and not always co-operating with handler when stacked but really lovely on the move with a well constructed front, steady topline and hammy hind quarters. Feminine head and sound front and back. BP. 2 Osborn's Kmai Fairydust For Elgert (IKC). Another who looked a baby, finer boned than 1 but stood and moved well and well trained. 3 Chugg's Templestowe On Line. 
JB (6) 1 Russell's Russteck Wired To The Moon. Liked this bitch a lot, she stood out for me. Fantastic coat and beautiful head shape, moved around the ring well really driving out with fabulous back end. Plenty of bone and substance whilst still being feminine. Pushed hard in the challenge in good company. 2 Kirkwood & Kirkwood's Helydon Fabulous Freya. Moved well with good hind drive. Looked lovely stacked but would prefer a better topline on the move. 3 Mobley's Jakanem What You Will. 
PGB (7, 1) 1 Jones' Bimini Out Of The Blue. A clear winner in this class, well presented, pretty head and well constructed body shape. Moved around well. 2 Chugg's Templestowe Sweet Dreams. Nice head, well laid back shoulders and hammy hind quarters, more fine boned than first and not quite as co-operative with handler. 3 Selley's Ubu Cracklin Rosie At Heleanne. LB (6) This was such a difficult class to judge but for all of the right reasons. I knew even as these bitches were being put on the scales in front of me that it was a quality class. It came down to personal preference at that moment, and I'm sure that the top three bitches will change places. As in Open Dog, I wish I had 3 CC's to give here because they are all worthy. 1 Hayward's Foxearth Fatma Salkan. There was just something about this bitch that stole my heart when I first saw her. Stacked up she looked a million dollars, moving round she drove around the ring with her tail wagging the whole time sound as a bell, and her head and expression is so feminine and kind but still excellent in shape and size. Just loved everything about her. A shade thinner in coat when it came down to BOB but a close call. 2 Russell's Russteck I Dreamed A Dream. Another really quality bitch, lovely dark brindle harsh coat, fantastic head and eye, prominent forechest into well laid back shoulders, nice tight feet, good length of ribbing, short loin, beautiful hammy quarters with lovely hind angulation. Again, moved around beautifully with style and purpose, sound front and back. So close up to first. I think it came down to having a little excess coat for me on the day. 3 Fallowmill On The Button JW ShCM. This bitch is so lovely, she is so well contructed and moved around gracefully, so feminine and elegant. She just doesn't have that extra bit that first and second have in temperament and when I was making my final decisions she gave up. 
OB (6, 2) 1 Lewis' Trixhund Tati Romanova. Nice red bitch who won this class on her excellent movement. She moves around the ring so free and easy, using her lovely well angulated and well muscled hind quarters to power around effortlessly. Lovely head and eye shape too, and good prominent forechest. 2 Morrison's Ir Ch Benzden Prada. Another well moving bitch with a lovely head shape. Taller in type than first. Plenty of drive and kept a good topline. 3 Daykin's Barratini Hot Gossip JW.
Heather Blackburn-Bennett