Long Haired Dachshund Club Championship Show 2015

Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired)

Judge: Dogs - Wendy P Spencer (Chelridge)   Bitches - Emily Mitchell (Bronia)

BEST OF BREED : BROWN Mystera Once Upon a Dream at Garbosa
Dog CC : BELL & ROWELL Tolberg Cream Dream
Res Dog CC : BARNSDALE & HAYWARD BARNSDALE Chriskim's Trail Blazer
Bitch CC : BROWN Mystera Once Upon a Dream at Garbosa
Res Bitch CC : SHUTT Longort Cassie Royale of Donnadoon (Imp)
Best Puppy : LOCKETT WALTERS & WALTERS Ralines Blind Date
Best Veteran : YOUNG Ch Willowheath Hendrix

Veteran Dog (3 Entries)
1st: YOUNG Ch Willowheath Hendrix
2nd: BROOKS Lyndarlea Silver Moon
3rd: PITFIELD Andynromadax Dave of Follyfield

Minor Puppy Dog (5 Entries)
1st: BEDFORD Devoncream Midnight Mirage of Dinkidudlor
2nd: MCCARTHY Nagshall Digby Mac
3rd:  PITFIELD Follyfield Farley's Fella
Res: JURY Torwood Please Turn Over

Puppy Dog (6 Entries)
1st: WESTON & JOHNSON Galrhia Twice as Nice at Ecotyne
2nd: EARLEY Lilacfen Sonny Delight of Yelva
3rd:  MCCARTHY Nagshall Digby Mac
Res:  PITFIELD Follyfield Farley's Fella
VHC: BROOKS Obdax Lynn Badger at Lyndarlea

Junior Dog (5 Entries)
1st: BELL & ROWELL Tolberg Cream Dream
2nd: HARRIS Zarcrest Frozen Assets
3rd: BROOKS Lyndarlea Kenny
Res: MACLAINE Pennygown Pilot

Yearling Dog (4 Entries)
1st: NORTON Halunke Going Dutch
2nd: MCCARTHY Nagshall Wotsitsallabout

Post Graduate Dog (5 Entries)
1st: EARLEY Yelva King of the Road
2nd: BELL Tolberg Super Ted
3rd: GREEN Neertanauf Jack Jones
Res: MCCARTHY Nagshall Wotsitsallabout

Limit Dog (9 Entries)
1st:  MCCARTHY Nagshall Just Santana JW
2nd:  EARLEY Yelva Mister Brandy Man
3rd:   ROUSE Doujac Simply Red
Res:  BROOKS Lyndarlea Cosmic Prince
VHC:  COOPER Jumanda Renaisssance

Open Dog (6 Entries)
1st: BARNSDALE & HAYWARD BARNSDALE Chriskim's Trail Blazer
2nd: PALIN Donnadoon Boo Gee Woogy
3rd:  BEDFORD Garbosa Simply Splendid of Dinkidudlor
Res: BROWN Garbosa Raising Cain
VHC: PITFIELD Andynromadax Dave of Follyfield

Special Open Black & Tan Dog (3 Entries)
1st: WESTON & JOHNSON Galrhia Twice as Nice at Ecotyne
2nd: PITFIELD Andynromadax Dave of Follyfield

Special Open Dapple Dog (3 Entries)
1st: CONNEW Fenellafleur Zorro
2nd: BROOKS Lyndarlea Silver Moon

Special Open Any Other Colour Dog (4 Entries)
1st: OXLEY Dinkidax Justin Credible
2nd: LOCKETT WALTERS & WALTERS Ch Ralines Just Ozzie
3rd: MCCARTHY Nagshall Oklahoma Sunrise
Res: BROAD Neertanauf Sea Magic JW ShCM


Veteran Bitch (5 Entries)
1st: SAINSBURY Boscolla the Lady Isabella
2nd: EARLEY Rafthouse the Diva of Yelva
3rd: GREEN Eldmour Electra
Res: JAMIESON Ch Djeata Spring Blossom
VHC: JOHNSON Ch Charpurdy Just Iss

 Minor Puppy Bitch (11 Entries)
1st: LOCKETT WALTERS & WALTERS Ralines Blind Date
2nd: PALIN Sanmik Chocolate Truffle
3rd:  CHAPMAN Willott Elsa at Pauntley
VHC: MCCARTHY Nagshall Hey Kari Ann

Puppy Bitch (11 Entries)
1st: LOCKETT WALTERS & WALTERS Ralines Blind Date
2nd: YOUNG Willowheath Little Charmer
3rd:  SAUNDERS & BUSCALL Daxhaus Amazing Grace at Houndsbay
Res: WHITNALL Cankasper Myss China Doll
VHC: CHAPMAN Willott Astra at Pauntley

Junior Bitch (9 Entries)
1st: BROWN Mystera Once Upon a Dream at Garbosa
2nd: GEESON Abydachs Americana
3rd: BELL Tolberg Dazzling Daisy
Res: POOLE Findowrie Dixie Rose
VHC: MEE Barlaine's Golden Delight

Yearling Bitch (3 Entries)
1st: NORTON Halunke Dutch Affair
2nd: MCCARTHY Nagshall Loralei

Post Graduate Bitch (13 Entries)
1st:  BROWN Mystera Once Upon a Dream at Garbosa
2nd: MCCARTHY Nagshall Just So
3rd:  LOCKETT WALTERS & WALTERS Ralines Kandi Kisses
Res: CRAWLEY Doujac Siamsu
VHC: CHAMBERS Rummerdax Harvest Moon

Limit Bitch (8 Entries)
1st:  JOHNSON Charpurdy Just Ification
2nd: MCCARTHY Nagshall Love Actually
3rd:  PALIN Sanmik Ice Queen
Res: BROOKS Hanishan Eezy Magic Nite at Lyndarlea
VHC: POOLE Findowrie Darisca Rose

Open Bitch (6 Entries)
1st: SHUTT Longort Cassie Royale of Donnadoon (Imp)
2nd: JOHNSON Charpurdy Just Willow
3rd: ROWELL Ch Tolberg Tia Drop at Emmajesk JW
Res:HOLMES Tammera Just Elegant
VHC: NORRIS Criscan Khesia

Special Open Black & Tan Bitch (3 Entries)
1st: SHUTT Longort Cassie Royale of Donnadoon (Imp)
2nd: NORRIS Criscan Khesia
3rd: JAMIESON Dinkidax Magsybabe to Djeata

Special Open Dapple Bitch (2 Entries)
1st: COOPER Jumanda's Silver Slipper

Special Open Any Other Colour Bitch (3 Entries)
1st: LOCKETT WALTERS & WALTERS Ch Ralines Popping Kandi
2nd: POOLE Findowrie Fascination


Thank you for the lovely entry. I was satisfied with all placings and hope that the winner of the CC will continue to do well. V. 1. Young's, Ch. Willowheath Hendrix. Lovely start to the day. This neat 8 year old b/t stood out confidently, bags of quality, a worthy Champion. Correct in most areas. Proud head, lovely length. Good front end and back end. Nice topline, balanced throughout. BVD and BVIS. Well done. 2. Brooks', Lindarlea Silver Moon. Another smart one. Longer in outline. Masculine head, good pigment. Would like a longer neck, but hind end well angulated and moved with purpose. 3. Pitfields', Andyanromadax Dave of Follyfield. MP (5,1). 1. Bedford's, Midnight Mirage of Dinkidudlor. Well behaved 9 month old puppy. Still quite immature but already nicely balanced. Good coat, lovely head, ears and eye. Good front but better hindquarters. Moved well in profile. 2. Mccarthy's, Nagshall Digby Mac. Another nice one. 8 months old and a very fidgety youngster on the day but could easily change places with winner when he settles into the job. Masculine head with good pigment. Lovely topline and underline and ribbing. Moved well. 3. Pitfield's, Follyfields Farleys Fella. P. (5). 1. Weston and Johnson's, Gairhia Twice as Nice as Ecotyne. Carrying lots of coat, hiding the good body underneath. Proud head, good neck running into nice topline. Good forequarters, plenty of ribbing and well angulated hind end. Moved well. Quite a sturdy puppy, hope he doesn't grow on. BP. 2. Earleys', Lilacfen Sonny Delight of Yelva. More compact, runing up a little standing but levels out on the move. Nice outline, but I hope his forechest will come with maturity.  3. McCarthy's, Nagshall Digby Mac. J (5,1). 1. Bell and Rowells', Tolberg Cream Dream. Stood out as he came in the ring. Absolutely flowed, really striding out holding his topline. Lovely size, nice head and neck, good body. Well sprung ribs and strong hindquarters. Such a well balanced picture standing and in most departments. Loved his sparkle. Once to watch. Well deserved CC and BD. 2. Harris's, Zarcrest Frozen Assets. What a pity these two were in the same class. Oozing quality, good bone, lovely front and ribbing. Mascline head with dark eye and good pigment throughout. Shoulders good and excellent topline. Strong hind end and another very true mover. 3. Brooks', Lyndarlea Kenny. Y. (4,2). 1. Norton's, Halunke Going Dutch. Very proud and confident in the ring. Shown in super condition, compact, lovely front, deep chest and good ribbing. Well tucked elbows. Nice topline and underline with strong hind end. Moved with enthusiasm. Overall a nicely balanced picture. 2. McCarthy's, Nagshall Wotsitallabout. This boy was very unco-operative, but his handler did well. Nice to go over. Well bodied under lots of coat. A little narrow in front spoiling his front action coming towards me, although good mover in profile. PG. (5,1). 1. Earleys', Yelva King of the Road. Nice size. Neat and compact, topline a little flat but ribbing good with strong hindquarters. Stood and handled well. Flowing little mover. 2. Bells', Tolberg Super Ted. A bit fidgety and not easy to handle but very sound mover. Lots of coat but plenty of body underneath. Liked the topline, good length finished off with well angulated hind end. 3. Green's, Neertanauf Jack Jones. L. (9,3). 1. McCarthy's, Nagshall Just Santana JW. Excellent mover and better front than many on the day, with well developed forechest and nicely tucked elbows. Good topline standing and on the move. Proud head and good shoulders. 2. Earley's, Yelva Mr Brnady Man. Slightly larger than winner and well angulated hind end. Masculine head, well placed ears and dark eye. Preferred movement of winner. 3. Rouses', Doujac Simply Red. O. (6,1). 1. Barnsdales', Chriskima Trail Blazer. Nice size shaded red, stunning coat. Proudly held head, muscular neck into good shoulders. Gentle sweeping underline and moved correctly and with enthusiasm. Showing to perfection and handled expertly. A very well earned RCC. 2. Palins', Donnadoon Boo Gee Woogy. Lots of fidgets on the day. Nice outline, lovely head, really masculine with excellent pigment. Good front and chest, plenty of ribbing and steady topline. Lots of good coat and a very sound mover. 3. Bedford's, Garbosa Simply Splendid of Dinkidudlor. SpO B/T. (2). 1. Weston and Johnson's, Gairhia Twice as Nice at Ecotyne. 2. Pitfields', Andynromadax Dave of Follyfield. Presented and handled well. A lot older than winner with good feet and bone. Good topline and hindquarters and moved well. Proud head, lovely outline and a credit to his owner. SpO DAPPLE (3,1). 1. Connews', Fenellafleur Zorro. A lot younger than second and with more body, smart and neat, well developed front, good length of topline and well sprung ribbing. Nicely balanced throughout and good mover. 2. Brooks', Lyndarlea Silver Moon. SpO AOC (4). 1. Oxleys', Dinkidax Just Credible JW. Nice size shaded red. Lovely outline and everything in proportion. Not too long, good head and equally well shaped hind end. Good feet. Nice little mover too. 2. Walter's, Ch. Railines Just Ozzie. Quality cream boy a worthy Champion. Longer than winner. Good front and rear angulation. Stood well, handled well and moved with enthusiasm. Just a very gay tail on the day. 3. McCarthy's, Nagshall Oklahoma Sunrise. 

MIN L/H – BITCHES – Thank you to all exhibitors for the lovely entry. There are some really lovely bitches in the breed at the moment. However, I did find far too many kinks in tails & issues with ribbing, both of which are easy to find. I also found that a lot of exhibits could do with more muscle & teeth cleaning.

V (5) 1 Sainsbury’s Boscolla The Lady Isabella, lovely cream bitch of 14 years. Elegant type with lovely head & neck. Balanced fore & rear quarters, good firm topline. Moved with fabulous extension keeping her outline at all times. In superb condition; 2 Earley’s Rafthouse The Diva of Yelva, nice choc dapple in good condition. Good head & eye, nice outline on the move & stack; 3 Green’s Eldmour Electra. MP (11) 1 Lockett Walters & Walters’ Ralines Blind Date, lovely, smart 8 month old cream bitch. Sweet head & expression, good neck flowing into correct lay of shoulder. Correct return of upper arm. Lovely depth in front with good ribbing. Balanced quarters. Very happy on the move & looked beautiful on the stack. BP; 2 Palin’s Sanmik Chocolate Truffle, another lovely bitch. Lovely head & neck, good lay of shoulder, lovely quarters which she used well on the move. Lovely outline. Would prefer a slightly longer upper arm; 3 Chapman’s Willott Elsa at Pauntley. P (11) 1 R Blind Date; 2 Young’s Willowheath Little Charmer, nice neat young bitch. Good head & eye, lovely elegant neck, good firm topline, lovely rear angulation. Preferred the forequarters of 1; 3 Saunders & Buscall’s Daxhaus Amazing Grace at Houndsbay. J (9) 1 Brown’s Mystera Once Upon A Dream at Garbosa, lovely neat cream bitch. Lovely neck, correct lay of shoulder with good return of upper arm. Good depth of keel, prosternum & ribbing. Lovely rearquarters. Moved with good length of stride, true fore & aft, keeping a lovely outline at all times. CC & BOB; 2 Geeson’s Abydachs Americana, very nice b/cr bitch. Balanced, kept a lovely outline at all times & moved with good extension, but not in her best coat on the day; 3 Bell’s Tolberg Dazzling Daisy. Y (3) 1 Norton’s Halunke Dutch Affair, elegant red bitch who looked beautiful on the move. Balanced fore & rear quarters but would prefer more depth & prosternum; 2 McCarthy’s Nagshall Loralei, pretty bitch with lovely rearquarters. Looked lovely on the stack but didn’t keep her outline as well on the move. PG (13) 1 M Once Upon A Dream at G; 2 McCarthy’s Nagshall Just So, very nice neat cream bitch. Lovely head & neck, good fore & rear quarters, kept a lovely outline at all times. Didn’t quite have the length of stride as 1; 3 Lockett Walters & Walters’ Ralines Kandi Kisses. L (8) 1 Johnson’s Charpurdy Just Ification, lovely neat compact bitch who kept a good outline at all times. Nice head, good forequarters, balanced & moved well with drive. Good firm topline & ribbing. Feet could be tighter; 2 McCarthy’s Nagshall Love Actually, nice bitch, a touch longer in body to 1. Good head & eye, nice in front, lovely rearquarters which she used on the move. Loses her topline a little on the move; 3 Palin’s Sanmik Ice Queen. O (6) 1 Shutt’s Longort Cassie Royale of Donnadoon, really loved this girl when a saw her stacked in the line-up, beautiful head & neck, good firm topline, lovely fore & rear quarters. She looks gorgeous on the stack but unfortunately did not co-operate with her handler on the move; 2 Johnson’s Charpurdy Just Willow, another lovely b/t bitch. Good size, neat, lovely head & neck. Good firm topline. Nice lay of shoulder & well constructed rear. Preferred the length of upper arm that 1 has but overall lovely bitch; 3 Rowell’s Ch Tolberg Tia Drop at Emmajesk. B/t (3) 1 L Cassie Royale of D; 2 Norris’ Criscan Khesia, lovely neat balanced bitch. Compact, well muscled, tight elbows & good firm topline. Preferred 1’s head but nice bitch; 3 Jamieson’s Dinkidax Magsybabe to Djeata. Dapple (2,1) 1 Cooper’s Jumanda’s Silver Slipper, neat young bitch with good head & good firm topline. Would have preferred more length of upper arm but moved true in front despite this. AOC (3,1) 1 Ch R Popping Kandi; 2 Poole’s Findowrie Fascination.