Southern Dachshund Ass 2013

Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired)

Judge: Mrs Cindy Dare (Darsoms)


BEST OF BREED : LOCKETT WALTERS & WALTERS Ralines Diamond Cluster  Reserve Best in Show
Dog CC : BROOKS Ch Lyndarlea Raferty JW
Res Dog CC : GRAHAM  Jadag Heir Apparent
Bitch CC : LOCKETT WALTERS & WALTERS Ralines Diamond Cluster
Res Bitch CC : BOYLE Doujac Erin of Zarcrest
Best Puppy : LOCKETT WALTERS & WALTERS Ralines Diamond Cluster  Best Puppy in Show
Best Veteran : BROOKS Ch Lyndarlea Choc Ice

Veteran Dog (7 Entries)
1st: BROOKS Ch Lyndarlea Choc Ice
2nd: BREESE Silkdown on Parade
3rd: JAMIESON Ch/Ir Ch Djeata Riven Within the Ring

Minor Puppy Dog (2 Entries) Abs 1
1st:  BROOKS Ralines Romeo at Lyndarlea

Puppy Dog (4 Entries) Abs 3
1st: McCARTHY Nagshall Just Santana

Junior Dog (3 Entries) Abs 0
1st: GRAHAM Jadag Heir Apparent
2nd:WALTERS Ralines Just Ozzie
3rd: McCARTHY Nagshall Walking In The Sun

Post Graduate Dog (2 Entries) Abs 1
1st: CHAPPELL Gleneddee Mister Cool Dude

Limit Dog (6 Entries) Abs 2
1st: CAWLEY & KING Summerview Make Way for Roo
2nd: McCARTHY Nagshall Oklahoma Sunrise JW
3rd: BROAD Neertanruf Sea Magic JW
Res: POOLE Findowrie Mr McDuff
VHC: CHAPPELL Gleneddee Mr Harvey Moon

Open Dog (3 Entries) Abs 1
1st: BROOKS Ch Lyndarlea Raferty JW
2nd: NORTON Halunke Special Edition

Minor Puppy Bitch (7 Entries) Abs 2
1st: LOCKETT WALTERS & WALTERS Ralines Diamond Cluster
2nd: BROOKS Lyndarlea Pageant
3rd:  WELTON Eldmour Heaven Sent to Chelane
Res: MCCARTHY Nagshall the Rhythm of Love
VHC: CHAPPELL Gleneddee Miz Cool Chick

Puppy Bitch (9 Entries) Abs 1
1st: BOYLE Doujac Erin of Zarcrest
2nd: BROOKS Hanishan Eezzy Magic Nite at Lyndarlea
3rd: HASSALL Kiddles Brittania
Res: POOLE Findowrie Darica Rose
VHC: McCARTHY Nagshall Love Changes This

Junior Bitch (9 Entries) Abs 5
1st: MUGGLETON Doujac Blossom
2nd:BROOKS Lyndarlea Thumbalina
3rd: McCARTHY Nagshall the Power Of Love
Res:POOLE Findowrie Fascination

Post Graduate Bitch (12 Entries) Abs 8
1st: WELTON Chelane Chrissell
2nd: McCARTHY Nagshall Sweet Caroline
3rd: HASSALL Mousy Brew
Res: WESTON Glenedee Miz Popsicle

Limit Bitch (8 Entries) Abs 3
1st: HALL Cliffmere Special Edition
2nd: POOLE Findowrie Rings N Roses
3rd: NORTON Halunke Dream Maker
Res: McCARTHY Nagshall Puppet on a String JW
VHC: GREEN Eldmour Electra

Open Bitch (3 Entries) Abs 3
1st: Absent

I enjoyed my day. There were a lot of absentees because of the appalling weather. I found bitches were overall better than the dogs. Some had flat feet and some I found could not extend from the rear. I was thrilled to see my BOB awarded RBIS and BPIS. MPD(2, 1) 1 Lynn Brooks’ Ralines Romeo At Lynderlea. Very nice cream pup, good head and eye, correct shoulders, moved true, nicely compact little dog. BPD. PD(3, 2) 1 McCarthy’s Nagshall Just Santana. Cream with tight oval front, true in movement, feet ok, good ribbing. JD(3) 1 Graham’s Jadag Heir Apparent. Chocolate dapple. I loved this dog. He has lovely head framed with ears with long fringes, tight front, bunchy feet, correct ribbing, he is beautifully balanced, such a shame he hated the floor, he did enough for me to award him the RCC. 2 Walters’ Ralvies Just Ozzie. Really nice cream dog, head, eyes and front superb, excellent hind angulation which he used to advantage. 3 McCarthy’s Nagshall Walking In The Sun. PGD(2, 1) 1 Chappell’s Gleneddee Mister Cool Dude. Cream, lovely head, tends to be loose in elbow, moved out ok, in good coat. LD(6, 1) 1 Crawley &King’s Summerview Make Way For Roo. Small compact dog, tight deep front, super head, really good feet, moved well. 2 McCarthy’s Nagshall Oklahoma Sunrise JW. Similar type to winner, just preferred the more positive movement of first. 3 Broad’s Neertanrof Sea Magic JW. OD(3, 1) 1 Brooks’ Ch Lyndarlea Raferty JW. Very glamorous and elegant cream. Lovely head, tight front, feet tight and bunchy, ribbing well back, hind extension good, moved really well. CC. 2 Norton’s Halunke Special Edition. Another really nice dog, not quite the enthusiasm on the move as winner. MPB(7, 2) This was a lovely class of babies. 1 Locket-Walters &Walters’ Ralines Diamond Cluster. This little girl stole my heart! A real Dachshund in miniature. A black and cream of superb quality. My hands flowed over her tight oval front, head is beautiful, correct oval eye, ribbing supports correct length of back. She moves so true fore and aft on tight bunchy feet. Lucky breeder/owner! Wish she was mine. CC, BOB, BP, RBIS, BPIS. Congratulations. 2 Lynn Brooks’ Lyndarlea Pageant. This also was a lovely puppy, head and eye was good, front tight, moved well. 3 Welton’s Eldmour Heaven Sent To Chelane NAF ARAF TAF. PB(9, 2) 1 Boyle’s Doujac Eroz At Zarcrest. Beautiful compact cream, well angulated front and back, stands well on the move, lovely head, tight front, bunchy feet, well presented. RCC. 2 Lynn Brooks’ Hanishan Eezzy Magic Nite At Lyndarlea. Good head and eye, correct shoulders, good length to height, not as mature as winner. 3 Halsall’s Kiddles Brittania. JB(9, 4) 1 Muggleton’s Doujac Blossom. Well schooled, shaded cream, correct length of ribbing, good front, well angulated rear, moved well. 2 Lynn Brooks’ Lynderlea Thombalvia. Taller and narrower than winner, lovely head, shown in good condition, moved well. 3 McCarthy’s Nagshall The Power Of Love. PGB(12, 7) 1 Welton’s Chelane Chrissell. Gorgeous head, correct well laid shoulders, well angulated, good front, moved well. 2 McCarthy’s Nagshall Sweet Caroline. Elegant bitch with tight front, long ribbing, feet good, moved well. 3 Halsall’s Mousey Brew. LB(8, 2) 1 Hall’s Cliffmere Special Edition. Pretty head, framed with long fringed ears, compact well ribbed body, well angulated rear, lovely tight feet. 2 Poole’s Findowrie Rings N Roses. Another lovely bitch, not quite as balanced as winner, moved well with enthusiasm. 3 Norton’s Halinke Dream Maker.
Cindy Dare n