Lancashire and Cheshire Dachshund Club 2012

Miniature Long

Judge: Sue Ergis


My thanks to the officers and committee for their hospitality and  my steward Kath for her excellent work. I have to say I was a little  disappointed to find so many stuffy necks, upright shoulders, loose elbows and  flat feet. This led to choppy and sluggish movement, the breed standard calls  for the movement to be free flowing with a long stride which is what I was  looking for. On a brighter note, I thought the heads were good, conical with  good eye shape and ear placement. Ribbing and hindquarters were also fairly  good. MPD (3,1) 1. McCarthy's, Nagshall Just Santana. BPIB. 2.  McCarthy's, Nagshall Boogie Shoes. Shaded cream litter bothers. Preferred first  over second for his length and movement, they both have good heads with gentle  expressions. The winner has a neat forehand with tight elbows, well ribbed and  sound hindquarters. He moved freely with excellent hind movement, where he  scored over his brother. PD (2,1) 1 McCarthy's Nagshall Walking in the  Sun. Masculine head on this boy, nice almond eye shape. Elbows could fit  better, good ribbing and a level topline. Rather stilted in his hind movement. JD (9) 1 Walters' Ralines Just Ozzie. Liked this boy for his outline and balance.  Lovely head and expression, good neck and shoulder placement. Tight elbows,  well ribbed and a level topline. Nice hind angulation, moved freely with style.  Res CC. 2 Roberts'Denver Darling Jackpot. Good reach of neck, elbows fitting neatly  against a good ribcage. Good depth of body, topline has tendency to drop on the  stack but levels out on the move. Hind movement a shade wide on the day. 3  Norton's Halunke Special Edition. ND (1) 1 Barnsdale's Chriskims  Dreamcaster. Nice shaped head and a dark eye. Good depth of rib, sound  quarters. Moving rather narrow in frotn on the day. PGD (7,2) 1 Poole's  Findowrie Mr McDuff. This boy's movement won him the class. Good front assembly  and ribbing, level topline and well turned stifles. Nice outline, both stacked  and on the move. He went freely and with balance. Lovely outgoing temperament.  2 Johnson's Charpurdy's Gold McNugget. Nicely balanced dog, close up to the  winner. Masculine head, liked his forehand and length of back. Good hind  angulation, firm topline and moved well. 3 McCarthy's Nagshall Oklahoma  Sunrise. LD (4,1) 1 Holmes' Tammera Touch of Class. Showy red boy that  moved out really well. Lovely happy temperament and a good shaped head and nice  expression. Reachy neck, sound front and a level topline. Good ribbing and bend  of stifle. Balanced outline held on the move. 2 Brooks' Lyndarlea Latte.  Slightly shorter in back than the winner but a nice outline with good ribbing.  Tight elbows, good depth of keel and a level topline carried well on the move.  Preferred the free flowing movement of the winner. 3 Charnley's Asbach Andreas  at Northnook. OD (5) 1 Brooks' Ch Lyndarlea Raferty. Quality shaded  cream in excellent coat and condition. Masculine head, dark eye. Good reach of  neck and front assembly. Well ribbed with good depth of body, well bent stifles  and moved true fore and aft. Balanced all through, a lovely boy. DCC. 2  Bedford's Garbosa Simply Splendid of Dinkidudlor. Pleasing choc/tan boy, low to  the ground with a nice outline. Good forehand and ribbing, level topline and  moved well off sound quarters. 3 Charnley's Northnook Rafferty. MPB (2)  1 Jamieson's Dinkidax Marsybabe to Djeata. Appealing head of good shape and a  sweet expression. Nice forehand with tight elbows, well ribbed and parallel  movement. Slightly better behind than 2. 2 McCarthy's Nagshall Love Changes  This. Pretty baby of just 6 months, sound forehand, needs to firm up behind,  moved well in front. PB (2) 1 Brooks' Lyndarlea Thumberlina. Good length  of neck, neat front with elbows fitting neatly against a good ribcage. Would  like a little more bend of stifle. Coat coming along nicely - won over 2 on  maturity. 2 Jamieson's Dinkidax Marsybabe to Djeata. JB (4) 1  Barnsdale's Chriskims Dream Catcher. Attractive sh/cream, lovely head and  expression. Reachy neck, good shoulder placement and tight elbows. Well ribbed  with good depth. Level topline and sound quarters. Moved true fore and aft.  Good coat. 2 McCarthy's Nagshall The Power of Love. Good head shape and gentle  expression. Ribbing carried back, short loin and parallel movement in front and  behind. Well presented. NB (2) 1 Jamieson's Dinkidax Marsybabe to  Djeata. 2 McCarthy's Nagshall The Power of Love. PGB (9) 1 Poole's  Findowrie Rings N Roses. Sound and honest little bitch with a lovely outline.  She moved around the ring freely and with drive. Sweet expression, good  forehand and quarters. Well handled and presented. 2 Shutt's Longort Cassie  Royale of Donnadoon. Attractive head and a nice expression. Good reach of neck,  good pro sternum and a neat front. Level topline and well turned stifles. Good  length and depth, pity she is a little on the shy side. 3 Brown's Devoncream  Maid of Diamonds. LB (11,2) 1 Geeson's Abydachs Apparition. Super  forehand on this girl, excellent reach of neck and a good forechest and tight  elbows, good shoulder placement. Ribbing carried well back, well bent stifles  and a lovely free-flowing movement. True fore and aft, just a little tense on  the stack but came alive on the move. Res CC. 2 Holmes' Tammera Just Elegant.  Beautiful head and a kind eye. Good neck, neat front with tight elbows. Level  topline, good turn of stifle and a balanced outline, both stacked and on the  move. Super temperament. 3 McCarthy's Nagshall Puppet on a String. OB (11,2) 1 Brown's Ch Garbosa Chocolate Vogue. Gorgeous girl, balanced all  through and super front assembly. Excellent ribbing carried back, well bent  stifles and a level topline. Moved freely round the ring, parallel fore and aft  and a lovely long stride. Super outline both stacked and on the move. Well  handled and presented. CC and BOB. 2 Mee's Barlaine's Summer Star. Smart  outline, lovely head and expression. Neat front, tight elbows and a good depth  of body. Sound quarters, moved well and with drive. 3 Brace's Xemxija Starlight.
  Sue Ergis