Houndshow 2012

Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired)

Judge: Mrs J Squires


BEST OF BREED : 688 BROWN Mrs L Ch Garbosa Chocolate Vogue
Dog CC : 718 HOLMES Mrs J Tammera Touch Of Class
Res Dog CC : 683 BROOKS Ms L Lyndarlea Raferty JW
Bitch CC : 688 BROWN Mrs L Ch Garbosa Chocolate Vogue
Res Bitch CC : 673 BELL Mrs L Tolberg Holly's New Edition
Best Puppy : 665 BARNSDALE, Mrs C & HAYWARD-BARNSDALE Ms K Chriskim's Dreamcaster
Best Veteran : 
Best Breeder : 

Class 151 MPD (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 751 OXLEY Mrs M P Dinkidax Good Soul
2nd: 739 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Walking In The Sun
3rd: 697 COOPER Mrs E T Jumanda's Rafferty

Class 152 PD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 665 BARNSDALE, Mrs C & HAYWARD-BARNSDALE Ms K Chriskim's Dreamcaster
2nd: 729 LOCKETT-WALTERS, Mrs R & WALTERS Miss Ralines Just Ozzie
3rd: 764 ROPER Miss S C Idirsholas Jazz's Gift
Res: 681 BROOKS Ms L Lyndarlea Rustic
VHC: 739 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Walking In The Sun

Class 153 JD (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 728 KING, Mr & Mrs P & KING Mrs J Doujac Rufus By Kingsdax
2nd: 746 NORTON Mrs D M Halunke Special Edition
3rd: 709 GRAHAM Mrs D A Jadag Heir Apparent
Res: 765 ROUSE Mr C M Doujac Simply Red
VHC: 687 BROWN Mrs L Garbosa Garfield


Class 155 PGD (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 715 HOLDEN Ms K Sengepabu Ares
2nd: 691 CAWLEY, Mr D & KING Miss J Summerview Make Way For Roo
3rd: 680 BROAD Mrs S A Neertanauf Sea Magic JW
Res: 694 CHAPPELL Mrs D Mr E Gleneddee Mister Cool Dude
VHC: 745 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Oklahoma Sunrise JW

Class 156 LD (12 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 718 HOLMES Mrs J Tammera Touch Of Class
2nd: 752 PALIN Mrs S Sanmik Tuvalk
3rd: 763 ROBERTS Mr R C & Mrs S C Denver Darling Jackpot
Res: 730 LOCKETT-WALTERS, Mrs R & WALTERS Miss Ralines Red Kuri
VHC: 756 POOLE Mrs M E Findowrie Mr Mc Duff

Class 157 OD (9 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 683 BROOKS Ms L Lyndarlea Raferty JW
2nd: 754 PALIN Mrs S Clary Concerto To Sanmik
3rd: 762 ROBERTS Mr A Ravenways Tornero At Dandydayo
Res: 710 GRAHAM Mrs D A Jadag Fornton's Caramel
VHC: 672 BEDFORD Miss L Garbosa Simply Splendid Of Dinkidudler

Class 158 SVD (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 678 BREESE Mrs J A Silkdown On Parade JW Sh.CM

Class 159 MPB (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 663 ANGEAR Mrs Y Ridgegrove Constance NAF
2nd: 684 BROOKS Ms L Lyndarlea Thumbalina

Class 160 PB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 779 YOUNG Mr D & Mrs P Willowheath Lulu
2nd: 757 POOLE Mrs M E Findowries Fascination
3rd: 740 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall the Power Of Love
Res: 692 CHAPPELL Mrs D Mr E Gleneddee Miz She Devil
VHC: 760 REES Mrs J M Yumares Victoria Jane

Class 161 JB (17 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 664 ANGEAR Mrs Y Ridgegrove Jasmine
2nd: 777 WORSWICK Mrs C Dolyharp Marcellina
3rd: 690 CAWLEY, Mr D & KING Miss J Little Miss Honeybun for Summerview
Res: 758 POOLE Mrs M E Findowries Flirtation
VHC: 778 YOUNG Mr D & Mrs P Nagshall Ivory Addition with Willowheath

Class 162 SBB (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 707 GONSZOR Mrs J Abydachs Aruffle at Variare
2nd: 701 DUKE Mrs C Chriskims Truly Yours
3rd: 700 DRADY Mrs K M Jumanda's Silver Sparkle At Indiko

Class 163 PGB (17 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 673 BELL Mrs L Tolberg Holly's New Edition
2nd: 719 HOLMES Mrs J Tammera Just Elegant
3rd: 731 LOCKETT-WALTERS, Mrs R & WALTERS Miss Miriadachs Maggie Mae
Res: 759 POOLE Mrs M E Findowrie Rings N Roses
VHC: 747 NORTON Mrs D M Halunke Dream Maker

Class 164 LB (15 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 674 BELL Mrs L Tolberg Holly's Little Tilly
2nd: 706 GEESON Miss E Abydachs Apparition
3rd: 748 NORTON Mrs D M Halunke Sheer Magic
Res: 713 HALL Mrs W P & Mr D B Cliffmere Special Edition
VHC: 753 PALIN Mrs S Sanmik Amulet

Class 165 OB (13 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 688 BROWN Mrs L Ch Garbosa Chocolate Vogue
2nd: 776 WOOD Mr R Wildstar Wreflection
3rd: 675 BLACKSHAW, Mr I & MITCHELL Miss E Ravenways Essence Of Peach
Res: 676 BRACE Mrs C G Xemxija Star Light
VHC: 723 STEPHANI & FLETCHER Torwood Guns N' Roses at Walnutfarm

Class 166 SpVB (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 767 SAINSBURY Mr & Mrs R M Q Boscolla The Lady Isabella
2nd: 699 COOPER Mrs E T Jumanda's Lily


I thoroughly enjoyed my judging which was able to be  held outside with just one shower at the end of the bitch classes. Thank you  for the good entry with very few absentees but I believe most people try to  attend this enjoyable show if they can. I think breeders deserve a pat on the  back, as after all the years of dealing with PRA restricting their breeding  programmes, I can now see a greater depth of overall quality amongst both dogs  and bitches. Well done. As in some of the other varieties, a few were short in  neck, lacked length of ribbing and didn't have the required lay back of  shoulders, but short upper arms were fewer. It would also be good to see more  of the correct bunched feet as some good dogs let themselves down with splayed  feet and weak pasterns. Temperaments were sound with only one who was slightly  uncertain and also the weights were pleasing with just one dog very heavy but  he was well covered. No thin animals and no thin overweight exhibits. In fact  there were many well boned and well covered 10 lb dogs and bitches. It was very  rewarding to see. A few dogs would have benefitted from a little more work on  presentation but I came away with very clean hands. There were some good dogs  (young and old) that I placed on the day that I feel have a lot to offer the  breed and will probably never be used at stud. Do consider them to broaden your  individual gene pool. Don't be afraid of using them, even if they are not a  Champion, as long as they complement your bitch and have had the relevant  health tests.  I hope you take these  thoughts as constructive criticism as I want the best for your miniature longs  as much as you do and will try to help you to preserve and better your variety  as much as I am able to do. I was very pleased with my line-ups and overall  winners and in some classes where the quality was high some good dogs had to go  cardless. Movement was the deciding factor in my placings and although the  grass was short the ground was very uneven and some coped better than others on  the day.

(4) All raw youngsters. 1. Oxley's Dinkidax Good Soul, 7  month red with pleasing head, adequate front, good shoulders and all over body  proportions lots to like about him. He moved out freely keeping a good topline.  Best mover of the class. 2. McCarthyNagshall Walking in the Sun, 9 month  lighter red boy with a good head, neck and topline. Longer cast than the  winner, a little narrow in front and not such a good shoulder placement as 1  but also moved out well for a young dog. Placed him over 3. Cooper's Jumanda's  Rafferty who didn't like the ground and didn't move as well.

(5) All  different types but will look forward to see how they develop. 1.  Hayward-Barnsdale's Chriskim's Dreamcaster Best Puppy. Very promising 10 month  bl/cr puppy with pleasing masculine head and eye and front, well boned body of  correct proportions, good turn of stifle and tight feet. Moved out well keeping  his topline. 2. Lockett-Walters and Walters Ralines Just Ozzie another  promising 10 month old puppy with good head, dark eyes and well balanced body  just a little narrower and not so well developed as the winner. Good topline  and moved soundly. 3. Roper's Idirsholas Jazz's Gift.

(7) A close  decision between the first three. 1 King's Doujac Rufus By Kingsdax, well  balanced red dog who was all of a piece. Correct height to length ratio. Good  head and eye, reach of neck, front assembly and topline which he held on the  move. Well bodied and angulated fore and aft and moved out soundly. 2. Norton's  Halunke Special Edition an elegant b/t of substance who I liked a lot but  wouldn't show off is attributes until I saw him walking out of the ring. Lovely  to go over with everything in the right place and well off for bone and  presented in gleaming condition. Good masculine head and eye and reach of neck  which he insisted on tucking into his shoulders like a naughty child both on  the table and on the move so he had to pay the penalty. Isure he will get over  it in time. Good length and depth of ribbing, front and rear angulation and  lovely rounded hindquarters. 3. Graham's Jadag Heir Apparent.

(7) 1.  Holden's Sengepabu Ares, well boned and bodied with pleasing masculine head,  good forechest, shoulders and turn of stifle. Good overall body. Moved out well  maintaining his topline. 2. Cawley and King's Summerview Make Way for Roo a  smaller lighter red boy with a lot to offer. Similar remarks apply as to my  winner but preferred the front assembly of Ares. Also moved well. I placed him  over 3. Broad's Neertanuf Sea Magic as I preferred the feet and front movement  of Roo.

(12) 1 Holmes' Tammera Touch of Class, a quality well named  elegant red dog with a lot to offer shown in gleaming condition and  sympathetically handled to get the very best from him.  Masculine head and eye, good forechest and  reach of neck going into correct shoulder placement and a firm topline standing  and on the move. Well balanced body, tight elbows and good bend of stifle. Kept  his good outline on the move as he drove round the ring. DCC. Had to give way  to the bitch for BOB as she was coping better with the cooler rainy weather in  the challenge. He preferred the sun on his back to strut his stuff. 2. Palin's  Sanmik Tuvalk, smaller, well constructed exhibit with appealing head, good  forechest and overall body shape and proportions. Correctly angulated in front  and behind and moved out steadily keeping his topline. Just preferred the  shoulders and overall elegance of Touch of Class and placed him over 3.  Robert's Denver Darling Jackpot as I preferred Tuvalk's front assembly and  feet.

(9) 1. Brooks Lyndarlea Raferty, Quality shaded cream with  handsome head, good reach of neck and adequate forechest.  Well constructed all through with correct  angles fore and aft and shown in a hard and well muscled condition. Confident  mover and covered the ground effortlessly keeping a firm topline. Pressed hard  in the Challenge but just preferred the overall masculine elegance of Touch of  Class but I'm sure they will often change places depending on other judges  preferences. RCC. 2. Palin's Clary Concerto to Sanmik, another very pleasing  bl/cr quality exhibit with sound overall construction. Well boned and moved out  with confidence keeping a good outline and topline. 3. Robert's Ravenways  Tornero at Dandydayo.

VD (1) Breese's Silkdown on Parade, stood alone  but well deserved his placing. Red 9 years old who still moved out well keeping  his topline. Pleasing to go over, with good length of ribbing and was well  balanced all through.

(3) Both very promising immature puppies of  different type enjoying their first experience of being in the ring. 1.  Angear's Ridgegrove Constance, a 7 month compact shaded red all there in a  small package. Good front assembly and sound hindquarters. Not so keen on the  ground but when she got going moved soundly.   2. Brooks Lyndarlea Thumbalina, 6 month b/tan also with a lot of maturing  to do. Higher on the leg than Constance but also one to watch for the future.  Two quality puppies who were both well handled. Just preferred the compactness  and underline of Constance.

(5) 1. Young's Willowheath Lulu.  Promising 9 month bl/t youngster who was well balanced all through and won this  class on her more positive movement. Pleasing head, well covered body and good  turn of stifle and low hocks. 2. Poole's Findowries Facination, 11 month old  puppy who came into her own when on the move. Attractive feminine head, would  prefer slightly longer neck. Similar remarks apply as to my winner except  Facination was a smaller package and was placed over 3. McCarthy's Nagshall The  Power of Love because of her more positive movement.

(17) Good class.  1. Angear's Ridgegrove Jasmine, quality well bodied b/t with all the  essentials. Considered her in the challenge. I'm sure her time will come.  Attractive correct head, good shoulders and forechest and ribbing. Well  angulated front and rear. Moved out well forward and back and in profile  retaining her good topline at all times. Well handled. 2. Worswick's Dolyharp  Marcellina another quality sh/c exhibit of sound construction but who couldn't  quite come up to Jasmine's front construction. Similar remarks apply. Again one  to be proud of and a lovely temperament. Really splitting hairs between these  three lovely juniors which augers well for the future. 3. Cawley and King's  Little Miss Honeybun for Summerview.

(3)1. Gonszor's Abydachs  Aruffle at Variare, pleasing b/t with a good forechest and overall body  proportions. Slightly higher on the leg than I prefer but covered the ground  well retaining her outline. 2. Duke's Chriskims Truly Yours, unplaced red from  an earlier class who wasn't so positive on the move as Variare. Pleasing head  and general outline but was a little narrow in body. 3. Drady's Jumanda's  Silver Sparkle at Indiko

(17) Good class. Splitting hairs between  the first five. 1 &RCC. Bell's Tolberg Holly's New Edition, quality,  elegant b/t who I closely considered in the challenge. Her time will come.  Attractive head and eye, good length of neck flowing into good shoulders. Good  front construction and length and spring of rib. Well angulated fore and aft  which enabled her to move stylishly and well. Firm topline and lovely outline  moving and standing. 2. Holmes Tammera Just Elegant, classy well made red  bitch, litter sister to my DCC winner sired by Ch. Halunke Just Jervis. Another  well balanced exhibit from this kennel.   Feminine head and correct shaped dark eye, good front construction,  angulation, ribbing and feet. Moved out well keeping her good outline and  topline. Just preferred her more positive movement over 3. Walters and  Lockett-Walters Miriadachs Maggie Mae, also a promising red bitch. LB (15)  Strong class. I would have liked more cards. Movement over the rough ground  finally decided the first five leaving some good bitches to go cardless.  1.Bell's Tolberg Holly's Little Tilly, another lovely b/c bitch sired by Just  Jervis with attractive head, elegant neck and good shoulder placement. Well  balanced and muscled all through with good front and rear angulation and moved  out well with good front extension and rear drive. Another who I considered  closely in the challenge. 2. Geeson's Abydachs Apparition, choc/t well boned  lady with so much to like. Good construction all through and moved out  confidently and well just like the winner. Similar comments about conformation  given for the winner apply to her. Well handled. Just preferred the head of  Little Tilly. 3. Norton's Halunke Sheer Magic.

(13) Good class of  different types. We had the start of light rain during this class which some  dogs handled better than others. 1. Brown's Ch. Garbosa Chocolate Vogue, a  quality choc. bitch of sound construction and movement and correct height to  length ratio. A dachshund in miniature who also scored in good, positive  movement with plenty of drive behind. She was a very good representative of the  variety in the Best in Show ring. Feminine head, good reach of neck, well  placed shoulders and good forechest and length of ribbing. Well angulated fore  and aft with strong hindquarters and she simply moved round the ring correctly  and smoothly keeping her good outline, firm topline and proud head carriage at  all times, even in the rain. Still in very good condition and bloom for a 6  year old. I had no idea that she was that age when judging. A credit to her  owner. Well handled. CC &BOB. 2.Wood's Wildstar Wreflection, smaller cast  b/t bitch with a lot to like and so well presented and handled as they all are  from this kennel. Feminine head and eye, good shoulders, ribbing and keel, low  hocks and well balanced and angulated front and back. Lots to like about her.  When stacked she has a lovely outline but although her movement was true she  enjoys herself so much she flies her tail and loses her outline on the move. 3.  Blackshaw and Mitchell's Ravenways Essence of Peach.

(2) Both a  credit to their owners 1. Sainsbury's Boscolla The Lady Isabella, an 11 year  year old cream with lovely head and eye and a full mouth of sparkling clean  teeth, better than some of the younger exhibits. A quality well muscled exhibit  with all the essentials in super coat and condition. Moved out well with a  spring in her step. She looked good in the challenge certainly not showing her  years. 2. Cooper's Jumanda's Lily a 9 year old red also in good condition and  with really clean teeth. Good head and eye and well balanced body. She also  moved out smoothly. Just preferred Isabella's general outline.

    Judy Squires