Darlington 2012

Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired)

Judge: Mr S Parsons

BEST OF BREED : 308 HOLDEN Ms K Ch Sengepabu Saint Valentine
Dog CC : 308 HOLDEN Ms K Ch Sengepabu Saint Valentine
Res Dog CC : 313 LOCKETT-WALTERS, Mrs R & WALTERS Miss Ralines Just Ozzie
Bitch CC : 321 MOURTON Mrs V A Dinkidudlor Isha Aur Og At Eldmour
Res Bitch CC : 310 KERSLAKE Mrs P Devonwood Lady Alexandra
Best Puppy : 285 BROOKS Ms L Lyndarlea Thumbalina
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder :

Class 117 VD (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 280 BREESE Mrs J A Silkdown On Parade JW Sh.CM

Class 118 MPD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 324 OXLEY Mrs M P Dinkidax Goodsoul
2nd: 289 COOPER Mrs E T Jumanda's Rafferty

Class 119 PD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 272 BARNSDALE, Mrs C & HAYWARD-BARNSDALE Ms K Chriskim's Dreamcaster
2nd: 306 HOLDEN Ms K Ravenways One Voice

Class 120 JD (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 313 LOCKETT-WALTERS, Mrs R & WALTERS Miss Ralines Just Ozzie
2nd: 327 SHUTT Mrs M E Donnydax Secret Dream of Donnadoon
3rd: 295 GRAHAM Mrs D A Jadag Heir Apparent
Res: 312 KING, Mr & Mrs P & KING Mrs J Doujac Rufus By Kingsdax
VHC: 274 BEDFORD Miss L Dinkidudlor Jankay Tooray

Class 121 PGD (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 307 HOLDEN Ms K Sengepabu Ares
2nd: 286 CONNEW Mr R Fenellafleur Zorro
3rd: 290 COOPER Mrs E T Jealroie Sir Percival At Jumanda
Res: 325 OXLEY Mrs M P Dinkidax Jack Flash
VHC: 316 MEE Mr & Mrs W A Barlaine's Star Time

Class 122 LD (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 287 CONNEW Mr R Fenellafleur King Arthur
2nd: 283 BROOKS Ms L Lyndarlea Latte

Class 123 OD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 308 HOLDEN Ms K Ch Sengepabu Saint Valentine
2nd: 314 LOCKETT-WALTERS, Mrs R & WALTERS Miss Ralines Here Comes The Sun
3rd: 275 BEDFORD Miss L Garbosa Simply Splendid Of Dinkidudlor
Res: 284 BROOKS Ms L Ch Lyndarlea Raferty JW
VHC: 317 MEE Mr & Mrs W A Barlaine's Golden Striker


Class 125 MPB (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 285 BROOKS Ms L Lyndarlea Thumbalina
2nd: 300 HALSALL Mrs J Kiddles Britannia
3rd: 322 MURPHY Miss M Classidax Limited Edition

Class 126 PB (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 302 HEISER Mrs J Polinard Mindy the Minx

Class 127 JB (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 293 DRADY Mrs K M Jumanda's Silver Sparkle At Indiko
2nd: 302 HEISER Mrs J Polinard Mindy the Minx
3rd: 276 BEDFORD Miss L Garbosa Chocolate Cookie Of Dinkidudlor
Res: 303 HELLENS Mrs K B Kayzdax Lady Lara

Class 128 PGB (8 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 318 MEE Mr & Mrs W A Barlaine's Black Princess
2nd: 330 WOODALL Mrs C Rarewood Charlentina
3rd: 315 LOCKETT-WALTERS, Mrs R & WALTERS Miss Miriadachs Maggie Mae
Res: 301 HALSALL Mrs J Kiddles Psalm
VHC: 288 CONNEW Mr R Fenellafleur Boudica

Class 129 LB (8 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 321 MOURTON Mrs V A Dinkidudlor Isha Aur Og At Eldmour
2nd: 278 BELL Mrs L Tolberg Holly's New Edition
3rd: 320 MEE Mr & Mrs W A Barlaine's Summer Star
Res: 328 SHUTT Mrs M E Longort Cassie Royal of Donnadoon (Imp)
VHC: 298 HALL Mrs W P & Mr D B Cliffmere Special Edition

Class 130 OB (7 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 310 KERSLAKE Mrs P Devonwood Lady Alexandra
2nd: 291 COOPER Mrs E T Jumanda's Silver Moonlight JW
3rd: 279 BELL Mrs L Tolberg Holly's Little Tilly
Res: 309 JAMIESON Mrs M O Dancing Boots To Djeata
VHC: 297 GREEN Mrs W Eldmour Electra

Almost all were well covered & most managed to cope with the variable ground & the wind. Very few had correct front angles & many had loins too long in proportion to their ribbing.

VD (1) 1 Breese’s Silkdown On Parade, red, not too enthusiastic on the move but good to go over, super bone & substance, matching shoulder, upper arm & hind angulation, good ribbing, level topline standing & moving. MPD (2) 1 Oxley’s Dinkidax Goodsoul, refined quality pale red, good topline retained on the move, OK shoulders slightly forward placed, OK hindquarters, scored on the move using his back end to stride out smartly; 2 Cooper’s Jumanda’s Rafferty, houndier type b/t, more neck than 1, well laid shoulder, scored on forechest, masculine head, needs to settle behind, topline not as firm as 1. PD (2) 1 BPD, Barnsdale & Hayward-Barnsdale’s Chriskim’s Dreamcaster, attractive b/cream, good head type, enough neck, well laid shoulders, turns feet slightly more than ideal, plenty of ribbing, sound hindquarters, moved steadily, slightly close in front; 2 Holden’s Ravenways One Voice, shaded red, good neck, well boned, preferred 1’s shoulder, lengthy, needs to settle on the move but had moments when he showed some style, suspect maturity could make a big difference to this one. JD (7) 1 RCC, Lockett-Walters & Walters’ Ralines Just Ozzie, super cream, tremendous bone & substance in a small space, very well ribbed, strong powerful hindquarters, scored heavily gong round, free, easy & happy with proud head carriage; 2 Shutt’s Donnydax Secret Dream of Donnadoon, smart cream, had he put up such a calm performance as 1 might have presented a stronger challenge, good head type, plenty of bone, looked good going round, went slightly wide in front but a lovely shape; 3 Graham’s Jadag Heir Apparent. PGD (6) 1 Holden’s Sengepabu Ares, choc, not the most profuse coat but unlike many what he had fitted him well rather than hiding his shape, best neck & shoulder in the class, OK in front, well ribbed, strode out nicely, could be a shade more let down behind; 2 Connew’s Fenellafleur Zorro, silver dapple, plenty of substance, stylish on the move, good bone & substance, preferred 1’s forehand; 3 Cooper’s Jealroie Sir Percval at Jumanda. LD (2) Very different types. 1 Connew’s Fenellafleur King Arthur, substantial choc dapple, plenty of bone & substance, scored on neck & shoulder, well ribbed & balanced, could be a shade tighter at elbow; 2 Brooks’ Lyndarlea Latte, smaller finer boy with quality, kept his good topline on the move, makes an attractive picture, not quite bone or forehand of 1, hard decision. OD (5) 1 CC & BOB, Holden’s Ch Sengepabu Saint Valentine, not the smallest here but has so many exceptional qualities, caught my eye immediately for his style & attitude on the move coupled with absolute soundness and tremendous reach & drive, covering the ground with complete freedom regardless of the surface, all thanks to superb conformation with matching correct angulation both ends, ideal topline, loved him; 2 Lockett-Walters & Walters’ Ch Ralines Here Comes The Sun, excellent dog of great bone & substance, very good mover, all male, very close decision with his young kennelmate for RCC, the youngster’s head carriage just sealed it; 3 Bedford’s Garbosa Simply Splendid of Dinkidudlor.

VB (0). MPB (3) 1 Brooks’ Lyndarlea Thumbalina, handsome b/t, super type & balance, excellent head, super topline, well made hindquarters resulting in plenty of drive. A shade upright in front but has lots of style on the move. Easy BP & PG1; 2 Halsall’s Kiddles Britannia, neater type shaded red, decent front angles, well bodied, very feminine, a real baby & at this stage not so good in topline on the move, but liked her a lot & will be interested to see how maturity treats her; 3 Murphy’s Classidax Limited Edition. PB (1) 1 Hesier’s Polinard Mindy The Minx, quality b/t, has much to admire but needs more confidence in herself, looked much better in her second class. Attractive feminine head, good shoulders & front, enough substance, strode out well when she settled but needs to settle in topline on the move. JB (4) 1 Drady’s Jumanda’s Silver Sparkle at Indiko, scopy silver dapple, plenty of neck, clean shoulders, smart head carriage, moved out smartly, hocks could be a shade lower; 2 P Mindy The Minx; 3 Bedford’s Garbosa Chocolate Cookie of Dnkidudlor. PGB (8) 1 Mee’s Barlaine’s Black Princess, solid typy b/t, super on the table, good neck, very good front construction, correct length & balance, movement sound & true, hands-on reveals an OK neck, just wish she would use it on the move to give that shade more style & attitude; 2 Woodall’s Rarewood Charlentina, shaded red, quite a contrast, has masses of showmanship & makes the most of her chances, moved smartly retaining her topline, just preferred balance & forehand of 1; 3 Lockett-Walters & Walters’ Mariadachs Maggie Mae. LB (7) 1 CC, Mourton’s Dinkdudlor Isha Aur Og at Eldmour, such a pretty feminine shaded red, balanced front to rear, ideal topline, enough ribbing for size, steady sound mover really using her neat little hindquarters; 2 Bell’s Tolberg Holly’s New Edition, houndier type b/t, plenty of neck, well laid shoulders, plenty of ribbing, moved soundly but didn’t retain her shape as well as 1; 3 Mee’s Barlaine’s Summer Star. OB (5) 1 RCC, Kerslake’s Devonwood Lady Alexandra, b/t, similar type to CC winner who had a shade more front angulation, very neatly made, typical head, correct bone & topline, sound both ways, steady gong round; 2 Cooper’s Ch Jumanda’s Silver Moonlight, lengthier silver dapple, super type & substance, plenty of ribbing, good head carriage, not quite the topline on the move as 1 but has plenty of style; 3 Bell’s Tolberg Holly’s Little Tilly.