Southern Dachshund Club 2011

Miniature Long Haired

Judge Mr Jeff Crawford

BEST OF BREED : MCALPINE & WALSH Ch/Ir Ch Walpines Brandy Butter
Dog CC : MCALPINE & WALSH Ch/Ir Ch Walpines Brandy Butter
Res Dog CC : GALLAGHER Galrhia Icing On The Cake
Bitch CC : MCALPINE & WALSH Ir Ch Walpines Brandy Cream
Res Bitch CC : THOMAS Ch. Shenaligh Sweet Surprise.
Best Puppy : MOURTON Dinkidudlor Isha Aurog

Veteran Dog or Bitch (3)

1 Broad's Jenwood Ring Of Bells

2 Cooper's Jumanda's Lily.

3 Earley's Yelva Lady Wilhelmina to Warway


Minor Puppy Dog (6,1)

1 Holmes' Tammera Touch Of Class

2 Norton's Halunke Dragons Kiss

3 Bedford's Garbosa Simply Splendid


Puppy Dog (2)

1 Halsall's Kiddles The Maestro

2 Poole's Findowrie Mr. McDuff


Junior Dog (6,1)

1 Brooks' Lyndarlea Raferty

2 Turner's Rafthouse Gee Whizz

3 McCarthy's Nagshall Oklahoma Sunrise


Post Graduate Dog (6,1)

1 Brooks' Lyndarlea Bubbles.

2 Nagshall Oklahoma Sunrise

3 Burr's Burrdach Drummer Boy


Limit Dog (9,1)

1 Gallagher's Galrhia Icing On The Cake

2 Poole's Findowrie City Slicker.

3 Brooks' Lyndarlea Fizical Atraks


Open Dog (8,3)

1 Walsh & McAlpine's Walpines

2 Youngs' Willowheath Hendrix

3 Cawley & King's Creekpit Black Opal at Summerview


Minor Puppy Bitch (6,1)

1 Holmes' Tammera Just Elegant

2 Thomas's Shenaligh Sweet Susie

3 Worswick's Dolyharp Patience


Puppy Bitch (4) 1 Mourton's Dinkidudlor Isha Aurog.

2 Dutson's Rossglen Rosa Mundi

3 Poole's Findowrie Crème Caramel


Junior Bitch (7,1)

1 Cooper's Jumanda's Silver Moonlight

2 Turner's Rafthouse Painted Lady.

3 Murphy's Classidax Follow The Dream


Post Graduate Bitch (14,3a)

1 Cooper's Jumanda's Holly Berry

2 Bedford's Jealroie Marlene Boyce of Dinkidudlor.

3 Gonszor's Medlicott Silver Dane Away


Limit Bitch (7,2)

1 Walsh & McAlpine's Walpines Brandy Cream

2 Brooks' Lyndarlea Muffin

3 Earley's Rafthouse The Diva of Yelva


Open Bitch (9,2a)

1 Thomas's Ch. Shenaligh Sweet Surprise

2 Walsh & McAlpine's Ir. Ch. Walpines Queens Counsel

3 Geeson's Ch. Abydachs Absolution.



I hadn't judged this variety since Crufts in 2004 where I had over a hundred more from which to choose, so all but a veteran were new to me. I must admit I found the males much harder to sort out than the bitches, but that is usually the case with the miniature varieties. Size was much better in the girls and I found several under ten pounders that featured well but, again, that's a perennial problem with miniatures. Type seems all over the place and they seem to be paying the price for the very welcome DNA test for PRA becoming available in recent years; many breeders have probably tried to upgrade to "clear" too quickly and lost type in the process. I therefore had to be rather lenient with some shortcomings on which I would have been harder in the past in order to reward Dachshund type. Shoulders and fronts are always a problem in this variety and seem to be creeping up the neck again with elbows not fitting snugly. Hindquarters don't seem too bad on the table but get them on the floor and on the move and the majority "tummy-tap". When I bought my first Min. Long fifty years ago, that fault was largely confined to one kennel of otherwise superb type, but now the variety seems to have kept the fault and thrown away the type! Toplines were mostly good and firm and ribbing and underlines generally of good length. There were not too many with excessive coat and temperaments were good. Most mouths and tails were acceptable, but I found several with wet eyes. As I have always been rabidly anti those who colour-breed as a priority over construction and type, it was amusing to find myself putting up so many "colours", but that should be one of the last considerations when judging. All in all, an interesting entry of a very difficult variety to breed and I hope we can now see them forge ahead again. VD/B (3) 1 Broad's Jenwood Ring Of Bells. Nearly 9 year old red dog of lovely type and outline with a real Dachshund head and good neck, shoulder and topline. A free, easy mover who does it all so eagerly. 2 Cooper's Jumanda's Lily. Big-bodied red girl a year younger with a hard topline, balanced angulation and moved well. 3 Earley's Yelva Lady Wilhelmina to Warway. MPD (6,1) 1 Holmes' Tammera Touch Of Class. 8 months clean-cut clear red with beautiful coat quality. Good head, neck and shoulder placement, well let-down behind and all of a piece both standing and on the move which he did well. Best Dog Puppy. 2 Norton's Halunke Dragons Kiss. Red a month older. Well made, heavier coat and good top and underlines. Moved freely but not as positively in front. 3 Bedford's Garbosa Simply Splendid. PD (2) 1 Halsall's Kiddles The Maestro. B/T with a very good head and nice for type and outline. Scored in front and freedom of movement. 2 Poole's Findowrie Mr. McDuff. Better-bodied red, but I preferred the neck and freedom of movement of the winner. JD (6,1) 1 Brooks' Lyndarlea Raferty. Sturdy and solidly-made cream with good feet, shoulder placement, hard topline and good width all through. Better rear than most and kept his shape well on the move. 2 Turner's Rafthouse Gee Whizz. Thought this B/T would be my winner when he first came in, very nice for type, coat and topline, but rather skittish and seemed in a hurry to get somewhere! 3 McCarthy's Nagshall Oklahoma Sunrise. PGD (6,1) A lot of poor fronts in this not very strong class. 1 Brooks' Lyndarlea Bubbles. Chocolate dapple with minimal markings. Balanced all through with good feet, topline and body of good width. More positive in front on the table, but not so much on the move, but he held his outline better than the opposition. 2 Nagshall Oklahoma Sunrise. Shapely cream with a quality coat, good feet and outline standing and O.K. for movement. 3 Burr's Burrdach Drummer Boy. LD (9,1) 1 Gallagher's Galrhia Icing On The Cake. Just out of Junior. Beautifully evenly marked chocolate dapple of superb type. Lovely head and excellent mouth with rare, big, really punishing teeth. Good feet, length and balance and nice to go over on the table. Moved freely, keeping the same good outline. Very much my cup of tea for type and had he been a couple of ounces smaller, things might have ended-up quite differently. Reserve C.C. 2 Poole's Findowrie City Slicker. Smaller type red with a lovely coat but not as impressively masculine in head. A neat little package who moved eagerly. 3 Brooks' Lyndarlea Fizical Atraks. OD (8,3) 1 Walsh & McAlpine's Walpines Brandy Butter. Very, very classy cream who is not yet two. Very satisfying to go over on the table, beautiful type and outline which he projects well on the move with a good forechest, hard topline and all-round balance. Very positive mover coming and going with ideal width between his feet. Had to really nit-pick between him and the Limit and both could have a bit more rear-wheel drive, but I felt that they stood out in today's company. C.C. (his second) and B.O.B. 2 Youngs' Willowheath Hendrix. Stylish B/T rising four who was very close-up to the two ultimate winners. Lovely type and length and gave off a very nice outline going around. Not quite the head and neck of the winner. 3 Cawley & King's Creekpit Black Opal at Summerview. MPB (6,1) Best class so far, all under ten pounds and what a relief to get to the bitches! 1 Holmes' Tammera Just Elegant. Beautiful puppy, litter sister to the dog and they certainly are a pair to be proud to have bred. Clear red with lovely head, eye, bone and feet. A neat size and very well-made, balanced and bodied. Moved well enough but her owner could have jollied her along a bit more to advantage. 2 Thomas's Shenaligh Sweet Susie. 8 months black and cream who was very close-up. By Hendrix and impressed for feet, length and type, is well let down and moved well. 3 Worswick's Dolyharp Patience. PB (4) 1 Mourton's Dinkidudlor Isha Aurog. Good-headed 10 months shaded red, a big-bodied girl of super type who is all of a piece both standing and moving which she does very well. Best Puppy. 2 Dutson's Rossglen Rosa Mundi. Smaller shaded red, also very nice and moved freely and eagerly with good outline, forechest and bone for size. 3 Poole's Findowrie Crème Caramel. JB (7,1) 1 Cooper's Jumanda's Silver Moonlight. Beautiful big-bodied silver dapple of a very nice type. Good head, length and keeps her shape well on the move where she scores well coming and going. 2 Turner's Rafthouse Painted Lady. Exquisite little silver dapple of just over nine pounds. Much better-marked with very evenly-distributed real 3-D dappling. Soundly made front and everything in proportion. Just needs to get a few more shows under her belt and gain confidence. 3 Murphy's Classidax Follow The Dream. PGB (14,3a) 1 Cooper's Jumanda's Holly Berry. Typey B/T. Long, low and level and with a lovely head. Good length of ribbing and a free mover on good feet. All this breeder's dogs move and show so willingly which is nice to see. 2 Bedford's Jealroie Marlene Boyce of Dinkidudlor. Another lengthy B/T who moves very freely, but needs coat under the loin to complete the picture. More layback of shoulder than most. 3 Gonszor's Medlicott Silver Dane Away. LB (7,2) A hard-fought class of good bitches of differing types, one could justify placing them in almost any order. 1 Walsh & McAlpine's Walpines Brandy Cream. Beautiful bitch of intense quality and litter sister to the B.O.B. masculine and feminine versions of the same lovely type. As with him, she impresses with her very clean action coming and going and holding the same shape going around. Good head, neck, forechest, length of ribbing, bone and feet. Both could have darker nails, but that's so hard to get with this colour. C.C. her first. 2 Brooks' Lyndarlea Muffin. Big, roomy, lengthy B/T I also liked very much. Lovely head and a hard topline she keeps on the move. A really good all-round girl, but not the feet of the winner. 3 Earley's Rafthouse The Diva of Yelva. OB (9,2a) Another quality class with close contenders. 1 Thomas's Ch. Shenaligh Sweet Surprise. Another big-bodied B/T who is all of a piece on the move which she does well. Satisfying to go over with good width through the body, good bone and feet, a hard topline which ends in a good rump and made for a close final decision for the ticket. Reserve C.C. 2 Walsh & McAlpine's Ir. Ch. Walpines Queens Counsel. Another very impressive B/T. Prominent forechest if not quite the winner's layback. Very stylish standing and moving in a rather longer-cast mould, so not as firm to and fro. This kennel certainly has some nice ones at the moment and all three are by the same sire, Ir. Ch. Walpines Mozart. 3 Geeson's Ch. Abydachs Absolution.