Scottish Dachshund Club 2nd April 2011

Judge: Zara Boyles (Zarcrest)

Dachshund (Min Long-Haired)

BEST OF BREED : GRAHAM Hillstar Lexzina of Jadag
Dog CC : GALLAGHER Galrhia Icing on the Cake
Res Dog CC :  GRAHAM Jadag Forton's Caramel
Bitch CC : GRAHAM Hillstar Lexzina of Jadag
Res Bitch CC : GEESON Ch Abydachs Angelica
Best Puppy : CHAPMAN Rafthouse Designed for Ellemich

Minor Puppy Dog (8)
1st:  HALLETT Donnadoon Shadow Phantom Cum Loretto

Puppy Dog
1st: No Entries

Junior Dog (3)
1st:  BROOKS Lyndarlea Raferty JW
2nd: BUTLER Drymoor Black Prince
3rd:  WILSON Dinkidax Wild Thing of Willott

Post Graduate Dog  (2)
1st: BULMAN & KENNEDY Helenium Copper

Limit Dog (7)
1st: GALLAGHER Galrhia Icing on the Cake
2nd: GRAHAM Jadag Forton's Caramel
3rd: HOLDEN Sengepabu Saint Valentine
Res: KENNEDY Denkena's Solar Storm
VHC: CHARNLEY Asbach Andreas at Northnook

Open Dog (8)
1st: BUTLER Drymoor Sails Tregeagle Lad
2nd: HALLETT Cagebrook Jimmy Choo at Loretto
3rd: BULMAN & KENNEDY Stainesacre the Riddler
Res: JAMIESON Silver Ado by Djeata
VHC: CHARNLEY Northnook Rafferty

Minor Puppy Bitch (4)
1st: CHAPMAN Rafthouse Designed for Ellemich
2nd: BROWN Ralines Good Day Sunshine at Garbosa
3rd:  SHUTT Longort Castle Royale at Donnadoon (Imp)

Puppy Bitch (6)
1st: HOLDEN Sengepabu Sammy Short Legs
2nd: STEPHANI Walnutfarm Ebony
3rd: JURY Torwood Storm Warning
Res:  JAMIESON Dancing Boots to Djeata
VHC:  SHUTT Donnadoon Roxanne

Junior Bitch (6)
1st: BELL Tolberg Holly's New Edition
2nd: KERSLAKE Devonwood Lady Alexandra
3rd: JURY Torwood Storm Warning
Res: JAMIESON Dancing Boots to Djeata
VHC: KENNEDY Denkena's Lady Ga Ga

Post Graduate Bitch (7)
1st: HEISER Polinard Grace n Favour
2nd: KENNEDY Denkena's Blae Berry
3rd: STEPHANI Torwood Guns N'roses At Walnutfarm
Res: HUMPHRIES Rossglen Rozanova at Avonlea
VHC: JURY Torwood Candy Stripe

Limit Bitch (8)
1st: METCALFE Metadale Lallique
2nd:BROOKS Lyndarlea Muffin
3rd: BELL Tolberg Holly's Little Tilly ShCM
Res: MAINS Scotiablue Lily Bell
VHC:CHARNLEY Asbach Amelie at Northnook

Open Bitch (3)
1st: GRAHAM Hillstar Lexzina of Jadag
2nd: GEESON Ch Abydachs Angelica
3rd: JAMIESON Djeata Cosmopolitan


MPD (1) 1 Hallett's Donnadoon Shadow Phantom Cum Loretto. Cr Bri, of just six months, superb head and eye, very sound puppy, just needs time. BPD. JD (3) 1 Brook's Lyndarlea Rafferty, Sh Cr, excellent throughout, would have liked a better front movement, but a clear winner, well presented and handled expertly to his advantage.2 Butler's Drymoor Black Prince, Blk Cr, lovely type, superb outline, not settled. 3 Dinkidax Wild Thing of Willott. PGD (1) 1 Kennedy & Buchans Helenium Copper, Sh R, what a heavenly colour this lad is, excellent type and outline stacked, nice head and eye, superb leathers with wonderful old fashioned furnishings, unfortunately his front construction disappointed for further consideration. LD (7) 1 Gallagher's Galrhia Icing on the Cake. Ch Dap, I have long admired this dog putting my hands on him only confirmed my admiration! He excels in front construction with everything fitting very neatly, great length to his ribbing with a good turn of stifle, which shows when he moves so soundly, his presentation completes the picture. DCC. 2 Graham's Jadag Fornton's Caramel, Ch Tan, another superbly constructed exhibit, very similar to the winner, pleased to award the RDCC. 3 Holden's Sengepabu Saint Valentine. OD (8,1) 1 Butler's Drymoor Sails Tregeagle Lad, Sh Cr, well made male had good elbows and length of ribbing, good turn on stifle, moved well, just needs to moult excess coat. 2 Hallett's Cagebrook Jimmy Choo At Loretto, Sh Red taller type than the winner, beautiful coat and condition, superb head and eye, moved well, just needs his furnishings to finish the picture. 3 Kennedy & Buchan's Stainsacre The Riddler. MPB (4,1) 1 Chapman's Rafthouse Designed For Ellemich, Sh Red, has the most feminine of expressions, in super condition, superb soundness, good turn to stifle and excelled in ribbing which won her BPB & BPIB. 2 Brown's Ralines Good Day Sunshine At Garbosa, Gold, lost out to winner on his length of ribbing, presented and handled well. 3 Shutt's Longort Castle Royale At Donnadoon (Imp). PB (6,1) 1 Holden's Sengepabu Sammy Short Legs, Cl Cr, this puppy has come on well since i first saw her, well constructed throughout, moved very soundly, presented and handled well, just lost out to MPB on length of ribbing. 2 Stephani & Fletcher's Walnutfarm Ebony, Blk Cr, lovely to go over just lacks confidence. 3 Jury's Torwood Storm Warning. JB (6) 1 Bell's Tolberg Holly's New Edition, Blk Cr, excellent construction very nice expression, very good feet, excellent elbows. 2 Kerslake's Devonwood Lady Alexandra, My notes read, same remarks apply but not as refined in head and lacks neck. 3 Jury's Torwood Storm Warning. PGB (6,1) 1 Heiser's Polinard Grace'N'Favour, Sh Cr, feminine bitch, well made front, elbows and ribbing, moved soundly. 2 Kennedy's Denkena's Blae Berry Sh Cr, feminine bitch, lost to winner on length of ribbing and tightness of elbows, moved soundly sure they will change places. 3 Stephani & Fletcher's Torwood Guns'N'Roses At Walnutfarm. LB (8,1) 1 Metcalfe's Metadale Lallique, Sh Red type I like, with a regal head carriage, good head and eye, excellent turn to stifle, presented well. 2 Brook's Lyndarlea Muffin, Blk Tan, very nice bitch, well constructed to put your hands on, just didn't pull out the stops on the move. 3 Bell's Tolberg Holly's Little Tilly ShCM. OB (3)1 Graham's Hillstar Lexzina Of Jadag, A well made bitch all through, a true miniature of the standard, hands just flow over her with ease, she had the best fore chest and upper arm, good bend of stifle and moved most soundly and just gave that bit more performance at the end. BCC & BOB. 2 Geeson's Ch Abydachs Angelica, Blk Cr, another worthy winner, and again made well in front, RBCC. 3 Jamieson's Djeata Cosmopolitan.

Zara Boyle (Zarcrest)