Miniature Dachshund Club February 2011

Judge: Mrs Suzanne Metcalfe Bilgin

Miniature Longs

BEST OF BREED : MCALPINE & WALSH Ir Ch Walpines Queens Counsel
Dog CC : LOCKETT WALTERS & WALTERS Metadale Dick Turpin
Res Dog CC : WOOD Ch Wildstar Wrenowned JW
Bitch CC : MCALPINE & WALSH Ir Ch Walpines Queens Counsel
Res Bitch CC : MCALPINE & WALSH Walpines Brandy Cream
Best Puppy : LOCKETT WALTERS & WALTERS Ralines Here Comes the Sun

Veteran Dog or Bitch (8)
1st: WORSWICK Ch Dolyharp Don Basillo JW
2nd: BROOKS Ch Lyndarlea Choc Ice
3rd: COOPER Jumanda's Lily
Res: JAMIESON Ch & Ir Ch Djeata Riven Within the Ring
VHC: BREESE Silkdown on Parade JW ShCM

Minor Puppy Dog (8)
1st: LOCKETT WALTERS & WALTERS Ralines Here Comes the Sun
2nd: HOLMES Tammera Touch Of Class
3rd: OXLEY Dinkidax Jack Flash
Res: COOPER Jumanda's Antonio
VHC: DICKENSON Dinkidax Broxa Boy

Puppy Dog (3)
1st: POOLE Findowrie Mr Mc Duff
2nd: SHUTT Hillstar Brandy Snap Of Donnadoon
3rd: COOPER Jumanda's Antonio

Junior Dog (8)
1st:  BARROW Zarcrest Dancing on Ice to Frankanwen
2nd: BROOKS Lyndarlea Raferty
3rd:  TURNER Rafthouse Gee Whizz
Res: OXLEY Dinkidax Wild at Heart
VHC: McCARTHY Nagshall Oklahoma Sunrise

Beginners Dog 
1st: No Entries

Post Graduate Dog  (5)
1st: BROOKS Lyndarlea Bubbles
2nd: COOPER Jealroie Sir Percival At Jumanda
3rd: CHAPPELL Gleneddee Mister Cool Dude
VHC: BURR Burrdach Drummer Boy

Limit Dog (15)
1st: LOCKETT WALTERS & WALTERS Metadale Dick Turpin
2nd: HOLDEN Sengepabu Saint Valentine
3rd: GALLAGHER Galrhia Icing on the Cake
Res: POOLE Findowrie City Slicker
VHC: BROOKS Lyndarlea Atlantica JW

Open Dog (8)
1st: WOOD Ch Wildstar Wrenowned JW
2nd: BOYLE Ch Zarcrest Ice Conqueror
3rd: WALSH & MCALPINE Walpines Brandy Butter
Res: CAWLEY & KING Creekpit Black Opal At Summerview JW Sh.CM
VHC: BROOKS Lyndarlea Fizical Atracts JW

Minor Puppy Bitch (4)
1st:  MCCARTHY Nagshall Wings of Love
2nd: STEPHANI Walnutfarm Ebony
3rd: CHAPMAN Rafthouse Designed for Ellemich
Res: HOLMES Tammera Just Elegant

Puppy Bitch (10)
1st: WORSWICK Dolyharp Patience
2nd: HOLDEN Sengepabu Sammy Short Legs
3rd: THOMAS Shenaligh Sweet Susie
VHC: JURY Torwood Storm Warning

Junior Bitch (9)
1st: TURNER Rafthouse Painted Lady
2nd: WOOD Wildstar Wreflection
3rd: COOPER Jumanda's Silver Moonlight
Res: MCCARTHY Nagshall Sweet Caroline
VHC: JURY Torwood Candy Stripe

Beginners Bitch (1)
1st: Absent

Post Graduate Bitch (14)
1st: BOYLE Zarcrest Ice on Fire
2nd: STEPHANI Torwood Guns N'roses At Walnutfarm
3rd: McCARTHY Nagshall Puppet On A String
Res: MEE Barlaines Black Princess
VHC: WORSWICK Dolyharp Gypsy Music

Limit Bitch (10)
1st: MCALPINE & WALSH Walpines Brandy Cream
2nd:WORSWICK Indicott In Tune with Dolyharp
3rd: ROBERTS Denver Sugar Babe
Res: LOCKETT WALTERS & WALTERS Ralines Summer Storm
VHC: GONSZOR Medlicott Silver Dance Away

Open Bitch (10)
1st: MCALPINE & WALSH Ir Ch Walpines Queens Counsel
2nd: THOMAS Shenaligh Sweet Surprise
3rd: WAY Ralines Butternut Posh
Res: BROOKS Lyndarlea Dark Moment
VHC: JAMIESON Djeata Cosmopolitan


 Having taken over the entry as a replacement judge at the last minute from Mrs Winchurch who was unwell I would like to compliment her on her entry and hope she is soon feeling much better. I would also like to thank the exhibitors for allowing me to judge their dogs and accepting my decisions and hope they enjoyed the day as much as I did. My main concerns on the day were shoulder placement, length of upper arm and also the lack of well angulated quarters. Without these being correct you will not achieve either the correct topline or the lovely free driving movement which is such a pleasure to watch. Vet (8,2) A good class headed by two worthy champions. 1 Worswick's Ch. Dolyharp Don Basilio JW. Shaded cream dog who I judged before as a puppy. I liked him then and he didn't disappoint today. Masculine dog in good coat and condition for his age. Strong topline, good front and lovely rounded quarters which he used to advantage on the move. 2 Brooks Ch.Lyndarlea Choc Ice. Another very nice dog. Choc/Tan with a lovely head and outlook. Well constructed front, good ribbing and strong topline. Moved soundly coming and going and in profile but just lost out to the winner in drive and power in quarters. 3 Cooper's Jumand's Lily. MPD (8,0) 1 Lockett-Walter's & Walter;S Ralines Here Comes The Sun. Very exciting red baby of beautiful type and construction. A proper little dachshund in miniature. Good head, neck and topline. Excellent front and hindquarter construction which allowed him to move with drive and freedom. Still very much a baby but will only improve with maturity. Best Puppy and pleased to see him go Res. Best Puppy in Show. 2 Holmes Tammera Touch Of Class. Taller type of red dog puppy. Nice head and neck, very strong topline which he held well both standing and moving. Balanced throughout though not quite the angulation front or rear of the winner. Moved sound and true but just couldn't match the drive of 1 today. 3 Oxley's Dinkidax Broxa Boy. PD (4,1) 1 Poole's Findowrie Mr Mcduff. Quality compact red dog with a lovely head and eye. Good front and nice quarters. Good ribbing and bone. Strong level topline Moved really well keeping his shape and topline at all times. 2 Shutt's Hillstar Brandysnap Of Donnadoon. Red dog with a lovely head and expression. Good neck and nice length. Had a lovely balanced shape and outline when standing but was rather excitable on the move today and tended to lose his shape. Just needs time and patience. 3 Cooper's Jumanda's Antonio. JD (8,1) 1 Barrow's Zarcrest Dancing On Ice To Frankanwen. Glamorous black/cr dog. Very sound dog who never put a foot wrong. Lovely head and elegant carriage. Strong topline which he held at all times. Moved sound and true keeping a balanced outline and shape. 2 Brooks Lyndarlea Raferty. Lovely type of dog. Good head, eye and neck. Good length with balanced angulation at both ends. Looked really well when standing but seemed to lose his co-ordination and shape on the move today. 3 Turner's Rafthouse Gee Whizz. PGD (5) 1 Brooks Lyndarlea Bubbles. Very nice well balanced dog. Nice head and neck, good bone and ribbing. A well constructed dog who moved sound and true. Would just like to see him cover a little more ground on the move. 2 Cooper's Jealroie Sir Percivale At Jumanda.Red dog with a lovely head and strong neck. Good substance and ribbing. Well angulated front and rear. Moved out well but just tending to lose his outline and co-ordination on the move today. 3 Chappell's Gleneddee Mister Cool Dude. LD (15,2) 1 Lockett-Walter's & Walter's Metadale Dick Turpin. It was no surprise that this dog was very much my type of dog! Good length and height balance, lovely size, strong level topline, well laid shoulders with a good corresponding length of upper arm, prominent forechest and well angulated round quarters. Well presented and handled in full mature coat and body. Moved fluently covering the ground with ease. Very pleased and proud to award him his crowning C.C today. 2 Holden's Sengepabu Saint Valentine. Taller type of clear red dog. Lovely head and eye, good neck and topline. Well constructed dog who really was at his best on the move. Used all his assets to his advantage moving with drive and style. Still quite immature and maturity and full furnishings should complete the picture. 3 Gallagher's Galrhia Icing On The Cake. OD (8) 1 Wood's Ch. Wildstar Wrenowned JW. Top quality black & tan dog. Has style and presence. Good head and eye. Well constructed front assembly with deep forechest. Good depth throughout with ribs carried well back. Immaculate topline and profile which he holds at all times. Strong rounded quarters. Moved sound and true with ease but not quite the extension of the C.C winner today. Res.CC. 2 Boyle's Ch. Zarcrest Ice Conqueror.Very elegant cream dog of a taller type. Lovely head and eye with good dark pigmentation. Good shape and profile which he holds together standing and moving. Balanced angulation front and rear. Moved soundly with purpose and style. 3 McAlpine & Walsh's Walpines Brandy Butter. MPB (4) 1 Mccarthy's Nagshall Wings Of Love.Very pretty, well constructed shaded cream puppy with all the necessary attributes. Balanced throughout. When she settled on the move she moved really well. Now just needing time maturity, patience and confidence to pull everything together to make the most of all her assets. 2 Stephani's Walnutfarm Ebony. Very feminine black/tan with a lovely head and the darkest of eyes. Good shape and outline when stood properly and moved well when she settled. She's only a baby and her handler was obviously unsure. However, time is on their side and they just need time, practice and maturity for puppy and handler. 3 Chapman's Rafthouse Designed For Ellemich. PB (11,1) 1 Worswick's Dolyharp Patience.Very balanced red bitch of good type and conformation. Good head and eye. Nice bone and ribbing. Well angulated shoulders and quarters. Moved really well for a puppy and with time on her side and that little extra confidence she should be able to achieve her full potential on the move. 2 Holden's Sengepabu Sammy Short Legs. Another well constructed bitch of good shape and outline. Feminine head and expression and good neck into a lovely level topline which she held well on the move. Not as developed in front or quarters as the winner yet but moved easily around the ring. 3 Thomas's Shenaligh Sweet Susie. JB (9) 1 Turner's Rafthouse Painted Lady. Silver dapple bitch who was her own worst enemy. She looks lovely stood and she is very nice to handle with a good front and rear assembly, good ribbing carried well back, pretty head and strong topline. She moved sound and true and covered the ground well but must learn to look where she's going and get her head up! 2 Wood's Wildstar Wreflection. Another quality bitch who was determined to give her handler a hard time. Black/tan bitch who looked a picture standing. Lovely head, front and quarters giving her a well balanced outline. She moved well but was so excited and enthusiastic that she ruined her topline and balance. 3 Cooper's Jumanda's Silver Moonlight. PGB (14,2)1 Boyle's Zarcrest Ice On Fire. Elegant cream bitch with a lovely shape and outline. Good head, eye and pigment. Nice bone, substance and ribbing. Balanced angulation throughout. Firm topline which she maintained well. Moved soundly and freely at all times with that extra touch of presence. 2 Stephani's Torwood Guns N' Roses At Walnutfarm.Lovely type of bitch with a gorgeous head and expression. Lovely dark eyes. Strong bone and ribbing Well balanced throughout with good front, topline and quarters. Just needed to settle and make the most of her assets on the move. 3 McCarthy's Nagshall Puppet On A String. LB (10,1) 1 Mcalpine & Walsh's Walpines Brandy Cream. Delightful cream bitch. Very feminine. Lovely shape and outline. Good front and quarters and strong topline. Never put a foot wrong. Moved really well moving out with drive and freedom. You really felt this little bitch was enjoying her self and giving her all on the move. A little more furnishing will complete the picture. Res. C.C. 2 Worswick's Indicott In Tune With Dolyharp. Very honest brindle bitch of good type and substance. Well balanced outline, good head and eye, strong topline which she held well. Lovely rounded quarters which she used on the move. Moved really well with a good length of stride just not as positive as winner today. 3 Roberts Denver Sugar Babe. OB (10,3) 1 Mcalpine & Walsh's Ir.Ch.Walpines Queens Counsel. Beautiful elegant black/tan who stole the show for me. Very classy bitch with a beautiful outline and your hands just flowed in the right places when you handled her. Well angulated front and rear and she used this with power and style on the move. Gorgeous head and dark eye, long neck and strong topline. Very well presented and handled. As she flowed round the ring I was very proud to award her the C.C and B.O.B. 2 Thomas's Ch. Shenaligh Sweet Surprise. Another very classy black/tan bitch who was immaculately presented. Feminine head and outlook, strong topline which she maintained well and well muscled round quarters. Moved well with style and elegance but not just as positive as winner today. 3 Way's Ralines Butternut Posh

Suzanne Metcalfe-Bilgin