Driffield 2011

Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired)

Judge: Mr Gerry McFaul

BEST OF BREED : 3525 HOLDEN Ms K Sengepabu Saint Valentine
Dog CC : 3525 HOLDEN Ms K Sengepabu Saint Valentine
Res Dog CC : 3518 HALLETT Mrs J Donnadoon Shadow Phantom cum Loretto
Bitch CC : 3513 GRAHAM Mrs D. A. Hillstar Lexzina Of Jadag
Res Bitch CC : 3529 JOHNSON Miss A B Charpurdy Just Iss
Best Puppy : 3524 HOLDEN Ms K Sengepabu Ares
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder :

Class 1105 MPD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3558 SHUTT Mrs M E Donnadoon Dare To Dream
2nd: 3551 OXLEY Mrs M P Dinkidax Donnovan
3rd: 3523 HOLDEN Ms K Ravenways Now Its For Real At Sengepabu

Class 1106 PD (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 3524 HOLDEN Ms K Sengepabu Ares
2nd: 3492 BROOKS Ms L Lyndarlea Latte
3rd: 3528 JOHNSON Miss A B Charpurdy's Gold McNugget
Res: 3514 GREEN Mrs W Neertanauf Callum the One
VHC: 3542 MEE Mr & Mrs W A Barlaine's Star Time

Class 1107 JD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3518 HALLETT Mrs J Donnadoon Shadow Phantom cum Loretto
2nd: 3538 LOCKETT-WALTERS, Mrs R & WALTERS Miss Ralines Here Comes The Sun
3rd: 3552 OXLEY Mrs M P Dinkidax Jack Flash
Res: 3505 CONNEW Mr R Fenellafleur Zorro
VHC: 3509 DICKENSON Mrs J Dinkidax Broxa Boy at Ribblesmere

Class 1108 YD (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3506 COOPER Mrs E T Jumanda's Antonio

Class 1109 PGD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3493 BROOKS Ms L Lyndarlea Bubbles
2nd: 3557 RENTON, Mrs A & BROWN Mrs L Garbosa Catcha Moonbeam
3rd: 3507 COOPER Mrs E T Jealroie Sir Percival At Jumanda
Res: 3497 BURR Mrs V J Burrdach Cream of the Crop

Class 1110 LD (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 3494 BROOKS Ms L Lyndarlea Raferty JW
2nd: 3534 KENNEDY Miss C L Denkena's Solar Flare
3rd: 3499 CHARNLEY Mrs M V Asbach Andreas at Northnook
Res: 3543 MEE Mr & Mrs W A Barlaine's Golden Striker

Class 1111 OD (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 3525 HOLDEN Ms K Sengepabu Saint Valentine
2nd: 3519 HALLETT Mrs J Ch Cagebrook Jimmy Choo At Loretto
3rd: 3490 BREESE Mrs J A Silkdown On Parade JW Sh.CM
Res: 3500 CHARNLEY Mrs M V Northnook Rafferty


Class 1113 MPB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3536 KING, Mr & Mrs P & KING Mrs J Kingsdax Penelope Pit Stop
2nd: 3517 HALL Mrs W P & Mr D B Cliffmere Special Edition
3rd: 3520 HALSALL Mrs J Kiddles Psalm
Res: 3510 DRADY Mrs K M Jumanda's Silver Sparkle At Indiko
VHC: 3547 MURPHY Miss M Classidax Silver Seraph

Class 1114 PB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3533 KENNEDY Mrs E & Miss A Denkena's Black Swan
2nd: 3515 GREEN Mrs W Neertanauf Lucia Rijker
3rd: 3489 BIRDSWORTH Miss M Ambyth Who's That Girl
Res: 3491 BREESE Mrs J A Silkdown Winter Sunset

Class 1115 JB (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 3553 OXLEY Mrs M P Dinkidax Dalby Diva
2nd: 3549 NORTON Mrs D M Halunke Dream Maker
3rd: 3532 KENNEDY Mrs E & Miss A Denkena's Lady Ga Ga
Res: 3559 SHUTT Mrs M E Longort Cassie Royal Donnadoon (Imp)

Class 1116 YB (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 3550 NORTON Mrs D M Halunke Sheer Magic
2nd: 3487 BELL Mrs L Tolberg Holly's New Edition
3rd: 3531 KENNEDY Mrs E & Miss A Denkena's Nefertiti
Res: 3535 KERSLAKE Mrs P Devonwood Lady Alexandra

Class 1117 PGB (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 3530 KENNEDY Mrs E & Miss A Denkena's Blae Berry
2nd: 3545 MEE Mr & Mrs W A Barlaine's Black Princess
3rd: 3554 OXLEY Mrs M P Dinkidax Rose Orchid
Res: 3496 BROWN Mrs L Dinkidudlor Tatsuta at Garbosa
VHC: 3548 MURPHY Miss M Classidax Follow The Dream

Class 1118 LB (12 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 3508 COOPER Mrs E T Jumanda's Silver Moonlight JW
2nd: 3503 CLEWES Mrs P. M. Torwood Declaration At Shardbeck
3rd: 3539 LOCKETT-WALTERS, Mrs R & WALTERS Miss Ralines Summer Storm
Res: 3495 BROOKS Ms L Lyndarlea Muffin
VHC: 3563 WOODALL Mrs C Rarewood Charlentina

Class 1119 OB (8 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 3513 GRAHAM Mrs D. A. Hillstar Lexzina Of Jadag
2nd: 3529 JOHNSON Miss A B Charpurdy Just Iss
3rd: 3560 SHUTT Mrs M E Chocolate Enchantress of Donnadoon
Res: 3527 JAMIESON Mrs M O Djeata Cosmopolitan CJW07
VHC: 3546 MEE Mr & Mrs W A Barlaine's Dark Delight

Class 1120 GCB (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3498 BURR, Mrs V J & ABBOTT Mrs J C Burrdach Any Dream Will Do
2nd: 3522 HELLENS Mrs K B Andynromadax Alanna At Lynbain


MPD(3) 1  Shutt's Donnadoon Dare To Dream. Very promising b/t with good head and  expression, well constructed front with good tight elbows, reachy neck, moved  freely covering the ground well. 2 Oxley's Dinkidax Donnovan. Very shapely b/t  baby with lovely flat coat, loved his head and expression, not just as good as  first on the move and topline should settle in time. 3 Holden's Ravenways Now  Its For Real At Sengepabu.

(7, 1) 1 Holden's Sengepabu Ares. BP, well  constructed puppy of good length with good tight elbows, prominent forechest  and excellent length of ribbing, scored in topline which was maintained on the  move. 2 Brooks' Lydarlea Latte. Quality chocolate of slightly taller type than  first, good head and expression with good reach of neck and well constructed  front, very well ribbed with plenty of depth and strong level topline, good  driving action and very well presented. 3 Johnson's Charpurdy's Gold McNugget.

(5)  1 Hallett's Donnadoon Shadow Phantom cum Loretto. RCC. An elegant, eyecatching  cr/br built on lovely lines, best of heads with lovely arched neck and  shoulders, impressive on the move with good length of stride, holding his good  topline, moved and handled well. 2 Lockett-Walters &Walters' Ralines Here  Comes The Sun. Another quality exhibit and close up to first, so well  constructed and had all the essentials, beautiful outline and I loved his  strong hammy quarters, very sound, smart mover. 3 Oxley's Dinkidax Jack Flash.

(1) 1 Cooper's Jumanda's Antonio. Stood alone but worthy of his placing,  correct head and eye shape with prominent forechest, good in topline with  excellent length of ribbing, well angulated rear and moved well.

(4)  1 Brooks' Lyndarlea Bubbles. Very well constructed, presented in lovely bloom,  excellent head with good neck and correct shoulder, lovely balance with strong  body and firm topline, a stylish mover with good rear drive. 2 Renton  &Brown's Garbosa Catcha Moonbeam. Good type, light red with good head and  expression, lovely outline in stance with strong topline, preferred body and  shape of first, moved with verve but a little happy with tail. 3 Cooper's  Jealroie Sir Percival At Jumanda.

(5, 1) 1 Brooks' Lyndarlea Raferty  JW. Another excellent cream from this kennel, good width all through with  excellent depth and ribbing, well angulated quarters and moved soundly with  lovely extension. 2 Kennedy's Denkena's Solar Flare. Cream of good type and  length, prominent forechest with good depth and keel, firm angulated rear and  moved well, preferred head and expression of first. 3 Charnley's Asbach Andreas  At Northnook.

(6, 2) 1 Holden's Sengepabu Saint Valentine. CC and  BOB. This quality red caught my eye immediately. A pleasure to go over with  correct front construction, excellent ribbing and lovely firm, well rounded  quarters, difficult to fault, good ground clearance and moved correctly with  great drive, delighted to hear that this was his crowning CC. 2 Hallett's Ch  Cagebrook Jimmy Choo At Loretto. A quality s/r with all the essentials,  beautiful head with well shaped eye, well angulated front and rear and good  length of ribbing, strong, firm body and short loin, excellent feet, a sound  mover. 3 Breese's Silkdown On Parade JW ShCM.

(5) 1 King &King's  Kingsdax Penelope Pit Stop. Pup of nice proportions. Best of heads with correct  eye, good front with prominent forechest, good keel with correct underline,  strong quarters and moves very well. 2 Hall's Cliffmere Special Edition.  Another quality puppy with good head and reach of neck, good front construction  and sweep of keel, topline strong and well angulated rear, moved well. 3  Halsall's Kiddles Psalm.

(4) 1 Kennedy's Denkena's Black Swan. Good  b/t, well developed exhibit with good width and depth, well shaped head, lovely  arched neck and strong topline with correct tailset, plenty of bone, well  bunched feet, good true mover. 2 Green's Neertanauf Lucia Rijker. Another  quality b/t and close up to first, well constructed with good keel and firm  topline, a stylish true mover. On the day just preferred the more compact shape  and length of winner. 3 Birdsworth's Ambyth Who's That Girl.

(6, 2) 1  Oxley's Dinkidax Dalby Diva. Fell for her straight away. Well balanced b/t of  good proportions, excelled in head, reach of neck and front construction, well  constructed throughout with good angulation, easily the best mover in class,  holding her good topline, a little unsettled on the table but one to watch. 2  Norton's Halunke Dream Maker. Quality exhibit with appealing head and  expression, strong well built girl with good oval shape and robust ribbing,  well rounded and good angulated quarters, good in stance and moved freely but  tended to loose topline. 3 Kennedy's Denkena's Lady Ga Ga.

YB (5, 1) 1  Norton's Halunke Sheer Magic. Strong, well constructed b/t, correctly shaped  head with good almond shaped eye and keen expression, firm body with good top  and underline, moved freely and held her topline. 2 Bell's Tolberg Holly's New  Edition. Another quality b/t and close up to first, pleasing head with reachy  neck and good layback of shoulder, well constructed throughout, handled well  and moved with drive, just preferred balance and head of first. 3 Kennedy's  Denkena's Nefertiti.

(7, 1) 1 Kennedy's Denkena's Blae Berry. Very  attractive cream with lovely dark points. So pleasing to go over with good  head, reachy neck and prominent forechest. I liked her depth and ample ribbing,  strong topline and well angulated rear, well handled and very fluent mover. 2  Mee's Barlaine's Black Princess. Lovely b/t of good size and type. Best of  heads and correct dentition, well constructed front with prominent forechest  and good sweep of keel and correct underline, a sound mover and showed well. 3  Oxley's Dinkidax Rose Orchid.

(12, 1) 1 Cooper's Jumanda's Silver  Moonlight JW. A top quality striking silver dapple of very sound construction,  very beautiful head with great reach of neck and well placed shoulders, very  well balanced and always standing four square, moved soundly and effortlessly  with good head carriage. 2 Clewes' Torwood Declaration At Shardbeck. Stylish,  neat, smaller type than first, well developed, correctly angulated front, well  boned and good well bunched feet, presented a clean cut image with immaculate  topline, positive true mover. 3 Lockett-Walters &Walters' Ralines Summer  Storm.

(8, 3) 1 Graham's Sillstar Lexzine Of Jadag. CC. For me this  b/t was the complete package, impressive in all departments, full of substance  with good breadth and depth, well constructed firm front and super  strong well rounded and angulated quarters, beautiful balance, just filled the  eye and swept effortlessly around the ring. 2 Johnson's Charpurdy Just Iss.  RCC. Another quality b/t, built on classic lines and of excellent type, scored  in head, reachy neck and correct front with prominent forechest, well ribbed  with strong loin, her strong quarters and short hocks enabled her to power  around the ring with good extension, presented in tip top condition. 3 Shutt's  Chocolate Enchantress Of Donnadoon.

(2) 1 Burrs &Abbott's Burrdach  Any Dream Will Do. 2 Hellens' Andynromadax Alanna At Lynbain.

    Gerry McFaul