Dachshund Club of Wales 2006

Judge: Mrs J H Wilson


 BIS was Armstrong’s Lauralee Under Milkwood. Standard Smooth. I judged this bitch last year, she has matured and muscled up since then. A really lovely example of the breed with well p,aced shoulders, superb ribbing and strong, powerful hindquarters. Good bone and feet, super on the move. Res BIS was Blackburn’s Ch Kanix Hilda at Stargang. Mini Wire Haired, a super little wire bitch. Lovely eye and oblique eye with everything in the right place. Good bone and feet and a hard wire coat - she’s lovely. BPIS Worswick’s Dolyharp April Evening. MLH red dog with a good head and eye. Excellent bone and feet, well balanced with a good hindquarters which enabled him to move with drive. Res BPIS was Marka-Novey’s Shemby Art Work. MS choc dapple. A little on the fine side but she won on conformation and movement, very well put together.

Mrs J H Wilson


AV V STAKES MR & MRS BOWEN MEMORIAL (14). I just love judging the veterans. It can show us all how we have improved and how we are failing our Dachsunds. The ages ranged from 7 years to 12 years of age and I must say that all must be complimented on condition. All the mouths (with two exceptions and you know who you are) were clean and tartar free, and I thank you for the compliment of your entry. Didn’t they love the sausages! 1. Davies’, Ch. Undeg Elenius. A smooth of lovely size and quality. Nearly 8 and apart from salt and pepper on his face he looked in fine fettle. Lovely front structure and he has hindquarters to drool over. He moved like he meant it with strength and enjoyment. I loved him. He even looked the part in the big ring. 2. McFauls’, Ch/Ir Ch. Glasvey Lilac. A red Longhaired from this formidable kennel. This bitch is red, beautifully angulated with elegance, balance and she is very ‘typy’ and one I should be proud to own. Moved well. A cracker. 3. Gordon’s, Ch. Silvae Gemstone at Cempsey. A wire carrying a revered affix. Enjoyed showing off his mumerous assets. Thank you all so much for your great sportsmanship.

Di Moate